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The Best WordPress Plugins for Affiliates

Using an affiliate network is an excellent strategy for bloggers who want to gain extra income or to start making money from their site. There are several options available when it comes to affiliate marketing as well as various strategies in order to maximize your affiliate. In this article we will showcase the best WordPress Plugins plugins for affiliates websites. The point of using these plugins is to manage and increase your sales, conversion & SEO. Below is what we believe to be the best WordPress plugins for affiliates:

Coupon Reveal Button

Coupon Reveal Buttons

Many affiliate programs provide bonus codes, coupons, and discount codes. When a user enters the code it rarely gives you the affiliate sale unless the user clicks on your affiliate link as well. A great solution is having a reveal button.

With Coupon Reveal Button your coupon codes are hidden until the user clicks the button. When clicking the button your user can see the code and gets redirected to the website as well, so you are guaranteed that you get affiliate revenue. The plugin has lots of features so you can customize the design; choose your own CTA text and everything. It’s a perfect plugin for an affiliate website.

Coupon Reveal Button

Responsive Schema Tables

When comparing products it’s essential to present them in a list to make it user friendly. The Responsive Table plugin is SEO optimized, it comes with schema markup, which is great. The code is lightweight and beside that it’s of course responsive. The plugin is easy to use, it comes with multiple beautiful designs you can use. You can insert HTML in the table columns so you can add images, stars & buttons for example. It has a free and a paid version, so you can test it before you invest too much time and any money in it.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the most popular performance framework for WordPress available today. It is the only one plugin that is recommended by thousands of publishers and developers. If you seriously want to improve the performance of your WordPress website then W3TC should be your first choice. W3TC will not only improve your website’s performance with caching but also sustain huge traffic loads without crashing. You can improve the user experience of your site by making your page load 10 times faster and reduced download times. W3TC supports a transparent integration with most CDNs that improves SEO rankings, visitors time on site and live conversions. Unlike other basic caching plugins, W3TC provides features like: Minification of JS & CSS, Reverse proxy support, Maximum server scaling, Advanced architecture and Server stack integration.



The process of removing unnecessary characters from source code is called minification. Characters like white spaces and comments increase your page load time. It is one of the best ways to improve your website response timing by minification. Autoptimize helps to minify assets of your site, like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and optimize your WordPress site performance. You simply have to install the plugin and select the codes which need to be minified and leave the rest to autoptimize. When using this plugin we recommend that you disable minification from W3 Total Cache. Generally speaking the minification works better in this plugin.



Redirection is the most popular redirect manager available in WordPress. It is a free WordPress plugin with a great history of over 10 years has been recommended by millions of users around the world. With this you can easily manage all types of redirection including 301 and also keep track of the 404 errors. Use of redirection will not only tidy up the loose ends of your website but also help to reduce the existing errors of it and help you improve the ranking of your website.

It’s a great idea to keep your affiliate links minified so it looks less spammy, for example if your affiliate link is you can instead make it look like



AMP is the short form of “Accelerated Mobile Page”. It is the free plugin available in WordPress for making your site load much faster for mobile devices. It is the only easiest way to make your site fast and quick on any mobile device. Faster loading sites means great user experience and huge traffic. Using minimal HTML and limited JS, AMP will help you to place your site in a higher rank in Google. AMP is created by the people who made WordPress, it is a plugin of great quality. Please do note that not every theme is compatible with this plugin though.


Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets is the coolest plugin for WordPress that will let you get beautiful results in search engines with the most popular schemas like reviews, events, articles, etc. It helps you provide your viewers with important information about your site in the search engines. This detailed information extracted by the plugin helps users to make the right decision. Rich Snippets is very interactive and it has the features to use pictures, star ratings, author, price, etc and this will make you at the top of the competition. Not only this plugin will help you improve your search rank beside it helps to display social media sites like Facebook to display proper information about your site when your viewer shares your link.

WordPress AdSense & Affiliate Plugins

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from your blog or site. It’s the way most influencers make their money through their blogs and Instagram profiles, typically through coupon codes. Without a huge investment and without spending too much time one can make a certain amount of revenue. You are only using your website to advertise the product and refer it to your audience. You don’t need to hassle about the payments or after sales support.

The most popular affiliate program currently is Google AdSense, possibly because it’s so easy to get started with and set up. After signing up, you get a piece of code you insert into a widget or article on your WordPress site, it will automatically display ads relevant to your readers interest and every time one of your readers click the advertisement you’ll get a certain amount of money.

WordPress is typically the first choice as a blogging & affiliate platform. Whether you are a professional blogger or a beginner WordPress provides the functions of all types.

You don’t have to be a code digger or a geek to start your affiliate network. Just a few informative contents and a huge amount of your praisers who’ll surely not mind at all to buy the products using your network will fuel up your money printer. Using the mentioned WordPress plugins will help you make your WordPress site more appealing and let it always remain in the top of the competition.

What is Affiliate marketing?

As mentioned throughout the article, affiliate marketing is the process of selling others products using your network. It spreads the responsibility of marketing in various channels. It manages the marketing burden into various effective marketing strategies sharing the profit to its contributors. In relation to affiliate marketing there are main 3 main parties involved:

  1. The seller or product owner. The seller or product owner: The seller or the product owner is the one who created the product/services and sells it to the end-customer. Whether an entrepreneur or large enterprise, merchant, a vendor, or retailer with a product to market is a seller in affiliate marketing. The product may be a physical product of a company or even a service of a provider.
  2. The affiliate marketing agent. The affiliate marketing agent is the one who takes part in the affiliate program and plans strategies for marketing of the products or services. Affiliates can be a single person or even a group of people and a company also. They promote the products and enjoy the share of profit they get from the seller. The affiliates have a specific audience to whom they promote the product and sell goods.
  3. The buyer/ consumer. The buyers or consumers are the one who buys a product or services from the affiliate links. They may not know but they are driven to the affiliate network. Affiliates use links to promote the product using social media sites, websites, or even blogs. When they like the product and buy it, the seller and the affiliate share the profit. The consumer will rarely pay more for the product because of the affiliate links because the seller has already added the upfront price in the product itself. The affiliates are earning profit without any effort, therefore they will not markup the price of the product in their link. The consumers visit the link, pay for the product and receive the product. The consumer will not get any hints about the affiliate marketing setup behind the scenes.

What are the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

There are many benefits of being an affiliate marketing agent, below are some key points we have picked and discussed for your convenience:

  • Work from anywhere at any time: Affiliate marketing is a good choice if you hate going to the office every morning. Affiliate marketing makes it possible for you to work from any place and at any time. You can even do this while enjoying your favourite TV shows. This is the job you can do from your favourite place.
  • Passive Income: You have to go to the office daily to get paid on a regular job but affiliate marketing will provide you the power to make money even while you are sleeping. You just have to invest an initial amount of time to launch your marketing strategy and then you will be getting continuous returns from it. You’ll be paid every time your network will be used to buy or sell other products, even if you are not working at your desk.
  • Cost Effective: There is no specific investment required to start affiliate marketing. You don’t need to put a huge amount in your business. Affiliate marketing can be done at a very budget and without any hassle. There are no any charges or fees connected to joining an affiliate program.
  • No sales support required: Every company or product owner has to deal with his or her customers’ satisfaction. They have ensured that their customers are satisfied with the product they have purchased and the support they provide. But wait, you normally don’t need to bother about all these in the affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing you are connecting buyers with sellers therefore you do not need to take care about anything besides this. All products related support and complaints are handled by the product owner themselves.
  • Rewards based on performance: In your daily job, you’ll end up getting the same salary at the end of the month even if you work 60 hours a week. But in affiliate marketing you’ll get what you put in. More time you invest in making your campaign more, you will be your revenue.

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