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The Fastest VPN Services 2022

You use a VPN to encrypt your email and conversations that you have when you don’t want a third party to see what you are typing. The service works great and you feel more secure online, but how can you take your VPN experience to the next level? Using a VPN, you can save money on plane tickets, watch shows that are restricted to only certain regions, and even play video games online that you normally would not be able to access. What is the catch though? For all of these, you are going to need a high-speed connection that is also secure with low packet loss. 

There’s a bunch of awesome VPN services available. One reason is the debates and general focus on online privacy and security, that’s where a VPN comes into play. It’s difficult to find the right one, some only works for Windows, some are slow but very secure for example. But that’s nothing you have to worry about. We have done the research for you, in this article, we’ll be listing the fastest VPN services available. All of them work for Windows, Mac & Linux. They are secure and all have apps that work on iPhones & Android phones. Without further introduction, here’s our list.

ExpressVPN, a fast VPN provider


Topping many lists when it comes to the fastest service, ExpressVPN is our number one pick for speed. Comparitech is an online site that reviews and compares services. When they did a head-to-head test with all of the other VPN services out there, ExpressVPN was the clear winner by a large margin. The other services were not even close to how fast this VPN was.

Comparitech noted that ExpressVPN was more than capable of showing a video call in high definition over a secure and encrypted channel. High definition movies streaming in 4K were also no issue for the quick service. Users that like to play fast-paced video games where every millisecond counts noted that there was no noticeable lag in their games and minimal packet loss. Now they could concentrate on the game and not their VPN service. 

Why is the service so quick? With over 94 countries and 160 cities, unless you are in a very remote area, there is going to be a server that is close to you. In terms of speed, ping is king and when you have this many countries to choose from, users from all over the globe are going to enjoy crystal clear movies and high-speed gaming. An awesome choice that we have ranked number one. Test out their service yourself and see the difference.

Cyberghost, a fast VPN provider

CyberGhost VPN 

CyberGhost came in first for our list of the best VPN services for Windows and came in second for Linux users. This awesome service has blazing fast speeds putting it at second for the speed test as well. With thousands of servers creating a web across the world, their software is feature-rich and easy to use at the same time. 

The servers total over 6,000 with 90 countries represented. The best part of the network though is how distributed it is. If all of the servers are just concentrated in a few areas such as North America and Europe, only those users will be able to enjoy the fast speeds. CyberGhost has done a wonderful job of making sure that everything is spread out evenly so that users in Asia, Africa, and South America are also able to use the service adequately. When users ran speed tests, they found the only place to have disappointing results was Australia. 

Has CyberGhost always been a leader in speed? In the past, reviewers noted that the service was slower in comparison to other VPN services. Upgrading their network, growing their number of servers, and also upgrading to version 7 of their software has made them much faster. As CyberGhost continues to gain in popularity, we will only see their speeds increase which could result in them taking the number one spot from ExpressVPN. With so many features like split tunneling and a kill switch in place, we will likely see them continue to gain market share.

HideMyAss, a fast VPN provider

HideMyAss VPN

Coming in third place, this service not only promises to cover your tracks, but also allow for lightning fast speeds so that you can use your VPN for almost any task. How does their server network look so that we can get an idea of what our ping will be? The network spans all six continents so you won’t have to worry about slow speeds even if you go on vacation and want to stream your favorite shows while using a laptop by the beach.

HMA boasts over 930 servers that are spread out over 190 countries. With such a large number of countries accounted for, they can reach remote areas such as Africa and the Middle East. The VPN even works on small islands in the Pacific to give you an idea of how broad the scope is.

Some VPN companies will centralize a good portion of their servers in North America and Europe, but HMA has done a great job of showing that they are supporting users from as many places as possible. Give them a try today and see how they match up with your current provider. You may find with a server near you that they are your best choice.

ZenMate, a fast VPN provider

ZenMate VPN

ZenMate ranks fourth on our list. With a good-sized network, their speed will be fast enough for most users and they support a large variety of devices. There is a free option that is available that you can try out if you are curious to see how close the servers are to your location and they also include a kill switch in case of emergencies.

Their speed is limited by the fact that they only have servers in 31 countries and the total number of servers is 298. Users that tested the service also reported IP leaks were detected so this service may not be as secure as advertised. Based out of Germany, this company is subject to various surveillance jurisdictions. Another thing to be aware of is that the company will keep logs of your activity. All of these factors add up to the number four spot on this list.

NordVPN, a fast VPN provider


NordVPN takes the number five slot on this list with a healthy collection of 5,600 servers located over 60 countries. This network is not the largest on the list or the smallest and adds up to adequate speeds for most users. Users that reviewed the service noted that they were able to connect to every server first try which included 52 separate attempts. There were minimal latencies and every server is located where NordVPN advertises that they are. If you check out their server map and they have a data center near you, users can be assured that they are going to get fast speeds.

Most parts of Europe had speedy connections, but the service lagged when trying to stretch to Indonesia. For more remote areas, the speeds will probably be too slow for streaming high quality video for video chats and high definition movies. Even though NordVPN is not the fastest out there, they still have many added features that might capture your interest.


Surfshark VPN is one of the cheapest & fastest VPN Services on the market. It comes with apps for every device, even Linux & Amazon Fire TV. It has a built-in kill switch, secure protocols, encryption, and most important of all no-logs policy. It allows you to browse the internet privately and securely. You can use it for torrenting and ad-blocking on an unlimited amount of devices. Most VPNs have a strict limit on 5-10 devices you can use it on, but not Surfshark. 

When you have a subscription with Surfshark then you have 24/7 support available in case you face any issues. Support comes as email & live chat support. Choose between 1700 different servers in 63 countries to ensure your internet speed doesn’t slow down when you’re browsing with a VPN.

Surfshark has more than 5.000 reviews on Trustpilot & scores an average of 4.5, that’s rare for any software – especially VPNs.

Windscribe, a fast VPN provider


Based out of Ontario Canada, this company offers a plan that is completely free and still can get you fast speeds. Ontario, which is subject to various surveillance jurisdictions, means there is a loss of privacy. Still though, Windscribe has a kill switch that you can trigger if your network comes under attack and their service also sports split tunneling which means you can give encryption priority to the devices in your home and office that need it the most. 

How is the speed? Coming in last on our list, they are in 66 countries with over 480 servers. This contributes to the lack of speed they have in comparison to other services higher on the list. Obviously, the larger the network, the faster your speed test will be because the probability of a server being close by goes up. High-speed VPN services are typically going to be used to watch high-definition movies and play games where a lot of data is moving back and forth. Windscribe is great for both of these things since there are no data caps for their paid plan. If you want to try out the service and see if it will meet your needs, they have a free tier that allows up to 10 GB. 

Overall, Windscribe is a great company, especially if you are tight on cash and want to speed test the service before signing up for a monthly or even multi-year plan. As their company expands and they are able to take over more market share with their free offerings, we are going to see even faster speeds out of this great service.


As technology continues to evolve, society will continue to expect more from their VPN connections in terms of speed for both upload and download. Movies, games, and video chat will require more data to be streamed in the future so we will see these VPN services continuing to grow out their networks to accommodate more users. By using this guide to compare and contrast the speed and features of all these services, potential customers can figure out what service would best suit their needs. You can have the best of both worlds now with high speeds and complete anonymity.

  1. Doesnt really matter which vpn you use but the server you are connecting to. I choose the german server as it is the closest and not so crowded on my VPN.

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