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Themeforest Alternative

Looking for a Themeforest Alternative? Get inspired here!

Themeforest has been around for years and helped make many entrepreneurs a lot of money. It is part of the Envato Market and allows you to buy templates from others and sell them. It has all the products that you would need to have a great CMS with WordPress options and some of the other platforms. This means that even if you are still using Joomla or Drupal, you can be covered and have a nice selection to choose from. Items are priced out with a variety of scales. Obviously, if a theme is more complex and integrates well with an API that is difficult to code, this will cost more, and then the developer will be rewarded for additional work. 

One thing to keep in mind when you are selling or buying with Themeforest is the fees. From Amazon to eBay, every online marketplace is going to charge fees to sell on the platform, even if they are not apparent at first. This goes toward hosting costs and making sure the servers will display your content quickly when a potential buyer starts browsing. Themeforest has turned into a bustling place of business full of premade that will allow you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

StudioPress is the best Themeforest alternative


One great Themeforest Alternative is StudioPress. Are you an agency that has been looking for some new themes to try out? Have you been on the website WP Engine has set up? They will give you a free WP Engine agency account plus all the StudioPress themes and the Genesis framework for free. A great deal for an agency that is just getting started, and they need to try out several themes. 

Taking a look at their selection, you have Agency Pro, Magazine Pro, and Author Pro. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you go through everything available, you will notice a site already made that will fit almost every situation. Not only that, you get all this for free, which is a value of $2,000. 

$499.95 is all you need for a one-time payment and access to all the offer themes. This pro plan is a great deal and an amazing way to save money. When so many themes, just on their own, can cost around a hundred dollars, getting access to a huge library for just five hundred dollars is amazing. Not only that, but they also give you support for the first year and unlimited updates. A great company!

SuperbThemes - an alternative to Themeforest

Superb Themes

Have you checked out Superb Themes yet? They have some of the best deals out there when it comes to buying themes. With a large variety of premium themes, you can create blogs that look like glossy magazines, author websites, or slick landing pages that will convert potential customers.

Take, for example, one of the premium themes that they offer. Publishable-mag is a great looking layout that you can use to start writing about any industry. While you would often expect to pay hundreds for a single theme, you can get this theme for just $29.00. That is a great deal considering it supports one domain, and you have access to all child themes. If you run into trouble, premium support is also included, and they can help guide you through all aspects of using the themes. Check out Superb Themes today, and you will be impressed with the awesome deals they have to offer.

Elegant Themes - an alternative to Themeforest

Elegant Themes

Want to start using one of the most popular themes out there? Check out Divi. This builder is popular because it is so easy to use! Just drag and drop elements onto the page where you want, and the code behind the scenes will be generated for you so that you don’t have to worry about manipulating the HTML and CSS. Not only that, but they also offer Extra, which is a great theme if you are looking for a magazine layout. Monarch is also an excellent plugin that they offer, making sharing content over Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest much easier. They have thought of everything with Elegant Themes, and the multiple plugins are great because you know they will integrate well with the Divi theme. 

Are you worried you won’t have enough variety? When you use Divi, you will automatically have access to a huge amount of free layouts. Farmers’ markets, yoga studios, and even digital agencies will all have layouts set up to help you save time and look professional. If you sign up as a Divi customer, you can expect 157 layout packs. The savings here are huge, and you will want to try out as many layouts as you can while you decide on the best way to launch your next big business idea. Give Elegant Themes a shot and see why many have picked them over Themeforest.

Themeisle - an alternative to Themeforest


Need a theme that is mobile friendly? Check out Neve, which is mobile-first and supports AMP. Hestia is perfect for a one-page site that can support almost any business. Zelle Pro utilizes the one-page layout but takes it to new heights with parallax scrolling. Don’t worry about complicated coding when you use the Zelle theme since it has already been done for you. These are all great choices, and the best part is there are free versions for Neve and Hestia that you can work with before you decide to get the pro version. Very nice work and an excellent company.

Continue to check back with the experts here at Superb Themes. We are always reviewing the best alternatives and new emerging technology to jump-start a business or personal blog. 

Finding The Best Themeforest Alternatives

If you are searching for something specific, there are many ways to go through their large collection of themes. You search by the author if there is a specific developer that codes well. You can search for popular to see what everybody else is using. Even searching by keywords is a viable option that allows you to pinpoint terms like a restaurant, fashion show, or law firm. 

Themeforest goes beyond just supplying you with nice themes. You can speak directly to the people developing these and ask questions or make suggestions. This is an amazing way to interact with the community and make your voice heard. Perhaps you see a user on the forum doing something really cool with a theme that you already have. Contact that user and ask them how they were able to pull off that parallax site. Like anything in technology, people are more than happy to share what they are working on and give you tips for your own site. Envato also runs a valuable blog that helps you keep up with news in the industry and new tips from their community of users. You have to check back often to keep up with everything that is happening in this industry!

Downsides of Themeforest

Even with a marketplace as solid as Themeforest, sellers have reported some downsides that are difficult to deal with. For example, one developer tried to sell a WordPress theme that was based around the idea of alumni for college. The process for getting a theme submitted and accepted was complicated with Themeforest. They have both hard rejections as well as soft rejections. With a hard rejection, you are rarely told why it was turned away, and you are left to consult the community to try and puzzle out what went wrong!

It wasn’t until this developer teamed up with another more experienced coder that they even started to get soft rejections. You see, it is rare for Themeforest to accept anything first try. How many rejections did they have to go through to get a theme up? The article says six soft rejections went on before they finally were able to breakthrough. Each time it was kicked back, Themeforest asked them to take a second look at the typography, layout, buttons, and forms to make sure that they looked unique. It can be frustrating when you get feedback like this that can be vague at best. 

In total, it took six months before the theme was finally accepted. That is a huge time investment to deal with, considering how valuable a developer’s time is. It was calculated that companies now waste 300 billion in technical debt each year, having programmers work on legacy code to keep it running. That is a staggering number and shows how much coders are valued now.

Keep in mind, Themeforest is not always consistent with rejections. Some coders reported that they had six soft rejections only to have the first design accepted. Obviously, the standards are not the same across the board. This causes frustration, and many people have thought about alternatives where they can sell themes and buy some to try out a new look.

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