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Themify Review

Themify Review

Would you like to add 42 themes to your library all at the same time? The price is actually much lower than you think. In our Themify review, we are going to look at what you can expect from Themify. What are the best aspects of the WordPress themes? Are there any ways that this could be better? Once you are done reading this guide and Themify review, you will be ready to use your free trial for Themify to see if it will fit into your toolbox for site creation.

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A Huge Library

It is not uncommon to pay several hundred dollars for just a WordPress site builder. Many of us have paid out fifty or a hundred dollars for one theme that is touted to be effective for converting or in tune with users. When you go with Themify, you will have access to a huge collection of not only themes but also plugins. Take, for example, one of their most popular themes, which is Ultra. You will get:

  • A flexible theme for almost any situation
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Demo sites you can experiment with
  • Multiple ways to change headers and footers

These are just a few of the selling points for Ultra for one theme out of 42. We are sure you are already starting to see the possibilities for what you can accomplish through Themify.

Very Customizable

Going back to Ultra, one of the most popular themes they offer, you won’t have to worry that the theme will only apply to one concept or industry. We have all seen themes that are geared toward travel sites or displaying the latest news. When you try to use them to shift toward another industry, the layout looks wrong.

Ultra clears up these issues with how much you can customize things. Start with a demonstration site that already works and looks great. Pull in widgets that you want to help promote your business, such as countdown timers that can alert your visitors about sales that are about to end. Use a visual representation to demonstrate how far along in a process your user is. Maybe you want to display how many steps it takes to sign up for an online learning course, or you want to remind people they only have a few steps left to register for a webinar. All of that is easy with the built-in plugins and addons that you get through Themify.

If you are low on time, this will jump-start your development process. When you try to set up a nice looking header, you won’t need to code anything by hand. This can be time-consuming, and many times you get results that you aren’t expecting. Instead of tweaking the code and going back and forth to see what happened, see what the headers will look like using Themify.

Less Time Spent Building

It saves a ton of time when you can visually represent what your header will look like before you apply it. This makes sure you aren’t wasting time and flipping through multiple layouts so that you can settle on a good one. Keep in mind Themify also comes with fifteen different header styles and six different header background options. You are going to get six footer layouts and six archive layouts. If you have never tried a builder that gives you this customization level, try it out today.

You will really like the free trial when you start to put together your first couple of sites. If you have a background in making sites from scratch using HTML and CSS, you know how long that process can take. Think of Themify as a shortcut past months and months of schooling. This is very handy if you need a website fast for a presentation or pitching to a client. We still recommend learning what is happening behind the scenes with your code, but when you need something done fast, the best solution is using a builder that comes with layouts, add-ons, and plugins done for you.

Themify theme Ultra

Modern Navigation

Many web designers are looking for something to wow a visitor to catch their attention. Animated graphics and clever navigation can stop people from quickly scrolling on to the next site. For example, think about parallax scrolling.

Parallax scrolling has a background image move past the viewer at a slower pace than images in the foreground. For visitors to the site, it creates an optical illusion. In many cases, it seems like there is a feeling of depth in your two-dimensional image. This has been used to great effect in games and some forms of advertising.

You can immerse your visitor into your world using something like parallax scrolling. The main issue is, even for somebody very familiar with web design, it can take hours or longer to set up your website with parallax navigation. If you are just a normal user with no background in coding or design, it could take you days or weeks to learn this technique.

They provide a great solution when you sign up for their 42 theme collection. You will also have access to parallax landing pages. This is just one of the numerous features you can use to capture attention, reduce your bounce rate, and keep people navigating around your page.

Themify Audience

Who will best benefit from Themify? We have listed out some of the groups that are going to get the most use out of their Lifetime Club.

  • Agencies
  • Web designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce professionals

If you are looking for just one theme in particular that you like, it can be had for only $59.00, and this price is in line with what you will pay through many companies.

Where Themify really shines is when you need to develop a large number of sites that have a lot of variabilities. When you run a digital marketing agency, the 42 different themes for one low price is where these services pull away from the rest of the pack.

It is good to remember that you are not getting just themes for industries ranging from construction to yoga studios. It comes with general and all-purpose themes that can be applied to any discipline and any vertical. You are also going to have access to plenty of e-commerce tools to encourage sales. This is why we highly recommend this for entrepreneurs with many sites and need to make more in the future. Online sites generate money in a similar way to a landlord collecting rent from tenants. Wouldn’t you want to boost the speed at which you can get up and running?

Cons For Themify

It would not be fair to strictly list out all the advantages that you will get through Themify. What are the downsides of using this product? Reviewers noted a few things you should be aware of using the free trial to test out the software.

Ultra is great in how customizable it is. There are enough options with just that one theme to accomplish most jobs that a client would be looking for. For somebody not familiar with layouts, it can be daunting. What do all of these different layouts do? How does your header interact with the rest of the page? Which way should you organize your footer when you have so many choices?

For users that are not experienced, it can be a hard learning curve utilizing something so versatile. If you think of your basic guitar, it can make a wide variety of tones and be used to play a variety of genres. It takes time to figure out the intricacies to make the guitar produce what you are looking for. Ultra is similar to many choices that you need to learn before you can use it to cut down on development time.

Themify Review: Best In Class

Themify Updates

Another issue that some reviewers noted revolved around updates. Some updates would end up crashing the site. With WordPress as an open platform, there are so many options that it would not be possible to compare your exact setup against the update from Themify. If you are running software that conflicts with the changes to the themes or plugins, you might find you need to revert to an older version. Some found a good rule of thumb was to wait for the bugs to get worked out of an update before applying it. After several weeks, any tweaks that needed to be made had been taken care of, saving time and energy.

Themify Review: Best In Class

We covered some of the major advantages that you are going to get through Themify and shortcomings. It will be difficult to find a wide collection of themes and plugins that were all created by the same developers for one low price. Perhaps in the future, there will be more of a move toward this style of selling themes and plugins, which will save consumers time and money.

Overall, with this Themify review, we recommend this for any user that needs access to multiple themes that are simple and will convert well. Ultra may take some time to learn all the intricacies, but it will be faster than coding all of the plugins and navigation tricks by hand. Continue to visit Superb Themes, where we give you realistic reviews and help you decide which tools to use on your next project. Thanks for stopping by.

Are you ready to give Themify a try? Click the button & try out Themify for free.

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