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5 Tips From Successful Dog bloggers: Learn How To Become A Popular Pet Blogger

5 Tips From Success Dog bloggers: Learn How To Become A Popular Pet Blogger

A large proportion of our readers are bloggers or dream of becoming bloggers. We have started a series of articles with tips on how to become a successful blogger or streamer. This is the second article with inspiration and tips on how to become a popular pet blogger. The first one was about how to become a successful Twitch streamer, and the last article in the series is about how to monetize your blog.  

In this article, we have asked some of the most popular dog bloggers in the world about how they got started as bloggers and succeeded in creating a popular and high-quality blog. To succeed in high competition markets such as pet blogging, it takes skills. Here is some advice on how to get there. Dogs are the most popular topic for pet blogs, and the niche is defined by high traffic and high-quality content on the blogs. So, this is How To Become A Popular Pet Blogger.

Pet blogs 

It is hard work to create a blog and constantly write new content. You must always find new ways to increase the number of visitors on the blog. The first piece of advice from a pro is always to consider if you are willing to invest the necessary number of hours on your blog.

For some topics like travel and online sales, there are opportunities to make a lot of money by doing a blog if the blog manages to sell enough goods and services to readers. The pet industry is another area where money can be made on blogs. People invest heavily in their pets, and the market value rises year after year. We wanted to focus on dogs since that is the most popular niche and generates a lot of revenue each year.

For the love of dogs 

We have asked some of the leading dog bloggers how they got started with their blogs. There are many different reasons for getting started, but the underlying reason for all the bloggers was a love for dogs. All the interviewed bloggers have a real love for the animals. You got to be a fan of the subject of your blog; otherwise, it will not appeal to the target group. If you are not a fan of dogs, just switch your topic to what you love. It might have a smaller audience, but a cat blog will do well if you know a lot about the topic.

“We (Steph and Mike) launched Django Dog Blog in late 2016 before launching DJANGO, a travel and adventure dog gear company. At the time, we were living and working remotely in Portland, Oregon with our long-haired dachshund Django (@djangothegent on Instagram). Every weekend we’d leave the city and go hiking and camping throughout the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia. In mid 2017, we took Django on our honeymoon to Europe.

All of these travels and adventures with our adventure dog inspired us to launch Django Dog Blog and focus our content largely on pet travel and adventure. In the past few years, we’ve also expanded our content to cover important dog health topics and high-quality product finds. With every Django Dog Blog article, we aim to answer important questions we ourselves have had as loving dog owners who take their four-legged family everywhere”


Find a niche market

Besides loving dogs, the bloggers all found a niche that made the blog famous in the right circles, making it easier to appeal to the right target groups. Dogs are popular and include a lot of different niches. Pick the niche you know about! So one of the secrets when wondering how to become a popular pet blogger is apparently to choose the right dog-related niche.

“The UK is a nation of Dog Lovers, and so is everyone here behind the blog. With such a broad range of topics, it lends itself to a never-ending list of content ideas”

Dan Jaques

The interviews underlined that in time, your niche could be expanded to more competitive topics along the way as your blog begins to gain readers. 

“Try and find a niche within a huge topic and drill down for some of the less competitive areas not covered by the big players in the niche. At least do this until your site matures and gains plenty of visibility. You can then move into more competitive topics.”

Dan Jaques

But what is a “niche topic”?  

When bloggers talk about niche areas, they refer to areas with a limited but dedicated number of readers. The broader topics are competitive areas that have a lot of readers and very often great commercial value. For example, keywords such as “pet blog” or “dog blog” have many readers and great commercial potential. For keywords like “buy dog ​​food online,” the number of searches is smaller, but the commercial value is high (by the commercial value, we refer to the opportunity to make money with a good Google ranking).

It goes without saying that many bloggers want traffic and the opportunity for financial gain, and therefore the competition on these commercial keywords is high.

Content is king 

When you have found your niche, you should think about the content on your blog. The advice given to us more than once is that besides writing great articles, your content must reflect your personality. No matter how small a niche market you are in, there is still competition, and the readers buy into personality and good stories more than just facts. 

“Write about important, interesting, and relevant content. Pour your personality into every article. Personality is what makes you unique and special. It’s what will help your content stand out from the pack. Lastly, share personal content when relevant – something your readers can relate to and emotionally connect with. Your audience will love getting to know you through your writing.”


It goes without saying that content is important, but according to the experts, good content will be articles that show off who you are and your unique knowledge.

Technical skills are an advantage  

Most bloggers have to set-up their blog themselves, and it is important to be able to be a kind of front-end designer to make everything work.  

“We have other blogs and Ecom stores so we had some experience with themes and plugins and an insight into what works and what doesn’t. We do our own in-house design and setup.

Dan Jaques

“… we built Django Dog Blog ourselves over the past few years. Since the dog blog is part of our dog gear company’s website,, we use Shopify’s blog platform. We upgraded to a theme by Out of the Sandbox to give our website and blog a more custom look.”


Many people learn along the way, but it takes time away from the most important part of a blog – good content.

If you are not a technical wiz, you can hire a designer on Elance or one of the many freelance platforms on the market.

A hired web designer should be able to guide you on the way to how to become a popular pet blogger.  

Promotion 1-2-3

Promotion 1-2-3 

Finally, the promotion of your blog Is maybe the most crucial element of becoming a successful blogger. Organic traffic (natural traffic from other platforms or Google traffic) is the most rewarding commercial wise. Please remember that organic traffic is also the hardest to get, and SEO is a topic. 

“The majority of traffic is free, organic search traffic achieved through SEO”

Dan Jaques

Another possibility for promoting your blog is through Social Media.

It is very effective to gain a large group of followers on social media, which may lead to sales and help your Google ranking.

“We promote Django Dog Blog content immediately after the article goes live, sharing it with our 120k+ friends and followers via Instagram and Facebook and also linking to the article on our @djangobrand Pinterest page. Additionally, we send out certain articles to our email audience – this includes our DJANGO customers, social media friends, and other followers of our content. Lastly, we link each Django Dog Blog article to other relevant and popular articles that are already live on our website. This immediately increases the new article’s visibility and boosts overall reach and results.”


We hope that the advice from other successful bloggers on how to become a popular pet blogger will help you in your own way to becoming a successful blogger yourself.

Best of luck!

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