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toddle and SuperbThemes Join Forces — Get Ready for Web App Themes!

WordPress is 20 years old! In the online space, WordPress is like a dinosaur; only a few software products manage to persist for so many years on the market. More interesting is that WordPress looks like it hasn’t yet reached its peak! Gutenberg is permanently improved and the plans for the future are fantastic—better interfaces and collaborative work while preserving its easiness of use!

The focus on non-coding users is a WordPress feature that makes it so famous. WordPress democratized publishing because it allows everyone to set up a website and create a community around it. Suddenly, there is no limit to creating outstanding websites, even if you don’t know how to code. WordPress has evolved and it’s become even simpler to create highly complex websites. 

WordPress needs to integrate with third-party apps to grow its market share while preserving its focus on non-coders. It’s not simple, but visionaries will find ways to do it. WordPress is open source so everyone has a chance to bring their own contribution and create cool WordPress-based apps and websites.

No-code Development Platforms

It’s not only WordPress that targets the no-coding community. In fact, non-coders are the vast majority, so it makes sense to develop tools for them. Plenty of no-code development platforms help people create cool sites and apps without writing a single line of code.

No-code development platforms are on the rise both in terms of quantity and quality. These won’t ever replace the work of an experienced coder, but they are more than enough for most entrepreneurs and content creators. Practically, a no-code development platform saves time and money. Thanks to these tools, anyone can create a decent website in a few hours for free.

Introducing toddle – A Game-changing No-code Platform

The beta launch of toddle started on May 1, 2023, and since then, users may create astonishing apps and websites without writing code. It’s a promising platform that impresses with its user-friendliness and rich set of features. It makes the building of apps and websites a delightful activity. Yet, it can be a solution for development teams, too. toddle supports collaborative work and live data manipulation. Moreover, it has plenty of advanced customization features, and the upcoming library will help you store and share templates.

A huge community on Discord, Twitter, and YouTube is interested in using toodle to create cool websites and apps. Therefore, there are obvious signs that toddle is an excellent platform, so it should be on your radar. 

toddle + SuperbThemes = Love & Upcoming Cool Stuff

We are happy to inform you that toddle and SuperbThemes have started a fruitful partnership. The growing community of toddle needs more sophisticated templates and our talented design team is happy to start crafting them for toddle users. We have developed dozens of highly-appreciated WordPress themes, so it’s a natural decision to work on creating toddle templates. It’s a step forward and we are delighted to bring our contribution to the toddle growth. We are strongly committed to providing top-class templates that cover all users’ needs.

We join forces and you will certainly hear more about our partnership. Our experience and the enthusiasm of the toddle team is the perfect foundation for great achievements. 

Full Release and Additional Features Coming Soon

toddle targets a full release in Q4 of 2023 and will continue adding new features to their platform until then. In the meantime, you can join the beta now by visiting to start creating professional-looking web apps without writing a single line of code.

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