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Top 4 VPN Services For Mac (Paid and free)

Top 4 VPN Services For Mac (Paid and free)
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Mac has long been the right choice for many creatives. Providing some push back to the monopoly that Windows has in many areas, Mac is a great alternative if you are looking for an operating system that is secure and easy to use.

While Mac has less threats from various trojan programs and potential viruses, your operating system is still able to be hacked. Online threats are always looking for a way to take over your machine. When you install a VPN, you are taking a stand for your own privacy and also protection.

What is the Best VPN for Mac?

How can you choose the best VPN that will be compatible with your Mac? You will want to look at several features that show the service is quality.

  • Secure
  • Private
  • No logs
  • Easy to use
  • Good performance

It can be difficult to find a VPN that works with Mac and can also check off all these boxes. You will need a client that was built from the ground up to work with a different operating system. For those out there that are not technically savvy, if it is too difficult to use the client, it is easy to give up. Once you have put a lot of money into your iPhone and Mac so that everything works together, you will not want to go out of that world.

We have compiled a list of the best VPN services that are compatible with Mac so you can easily compare all the services and see which ones are going to be good for your company or personal use.

ExpressVPN for iOS

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for anybody that wants to cover their tracks and also stay secure from hackers. They have a privacy policy that is easily understood so there is no question what kind of service you will get when you sign up. If you want, you can use this VPN to stream shows that are restricted and even use the service in high definition.

Can I download torrents with ExpressVPN?

Torrents are an interesting topic in many ways. While they are legal many times, some people use the technology to pirate material. With torrents, a file is split up into many different parts and users can seed or serve up different kinds of content to another user who is a leecher. This ecosystem of both seeders and leechers has proven to be an excellent model to distribute everything from movies to music to even software.

Can you use your ExpressVPN service to download torrents on your Mac? The answer is yes. Many people prefer this method of distribution for files since it reduces the load on servers and spreads out content to the other users who have already downloaded the file.

Can you get ExpressVPN for Mac for free?

There are many different versions of the operating system for Mac which range from Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and Yosemite. When you sign up to work with ExpressVPN, you can feel confident that you are going to get solid service no matter what version you are on.

ExpressVPN works perfectly with the Safari browser so there is no need to download additional software. Your connection will be secure and every communication will be encrypted to protect you and the people around you. Can you get ExpressVPN for free when you use a Mac? The answer is surprisingly yes.

With ExpressVPN, they are so confident in what they offer, you have a thirty day money back guarantee with them. If you sign up right now, the start of your thirty days will begin. Use the service as much as you would like. Stream your favorite television shows and see what kind of quality you get when you are on a server based in another country. Download torrents without any fear and watch how quick the download and upload speeds are. If at the end of the thirty days you are not completely satisfied, simply let them know and they will refund your money. A very simple process.

NordVPN for iOS

2. NordVPN

Does NordVPN work on Mac? Absolutely. Coming in on our list at number 2, it is a great service that is perfect for users that want to stay anonymous on their Mac. You are going to have all the normal features that you normally see with so many VPN services such as unblocking HBO, ESPN, and also BBC. Along with that though, you are using a native application to connect directly with their servers that are spread out all over the globe and ready to keep you secure.

NordVPN designed their work meticulously with options such as Double VPN and onion over VPN servers. What is onion over VPN? This is a very clever application that takes your privacy to all new levels.

Onion over VPN

With a normal onion router, you can download a special browser. The TOR browser can access websites that were previously blocked to you and these sites no longer use typical URLs. With onion routing, it has even been used for criminal activity since many times, even the police can not track your data.

NordVPN provides protection with their onion over VPN service. Don’t worry about downloading a special browser since it is not needed. Just select the option to get connected to the onion router and feel relaxed since your data is now going through twin layers of protection.

Cyberghost VPN for mac

3. CyberGhost

When you are looking for a VPN, you need a service that has been around for a long time with plenty of experience. CyberGhost is perfect in this respect with cutting edge security features and 256bit encryption that give you peace of mind.

There are no DNS leaks when you use this service. Many tests were run on the service to determine some sort of physical location for the user in the real world, but all of the attempts at trying to figure out where a person was failed. This is because CyberGhost designed things with security in mind. Hackers and rogue governments will not be able watch over your shoulder when you have the level of encryption that CyberGhost can provide.

Kill Switch for Mac

Does CyberGhost have a kill switch when you use a Mac? You also have that protection as well. This is great when you feel your connection might disconnect and leave you exposed. At times, when your internet disconnects, your ISP will automatically have you connect again. This can put you in danger. When you reconnect, you might not have the protection of the VPN anymore. By having a kill switch in place, you are going to be ready for anything.

Your digital persona needs to be behind 256-bit encryption and you have the IKEv2 protocol when you are using a Mac VPN. This protocol is especially designed to work with AES encryption so that your privacy is at the highest level. You will never have to worry about checking your mail on an open connection again now.

Atlas, a free VPN for mac

4. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN has it all. Does it work with your Mac machine? 100 percent. This service is free which is best of all. When compared with similar services, you can get so much more with this VPN and it is no cost. You will be protected from malicious links, have 24/7 support to help you, and also streaming in 4K.

This is an amazing deal when you compare Atlas VPN with all the other services out there. They are adding servers to their network on a regular basis which is excellent because it lets you spoof your own location from any country. Make it look like your computer is based in Africa, Canada, or even parts of Europe when you use this slick service.

What are the advantages of a VPN for Mac?

VPN programs on Mac have become popular because of all the different things they allow you to do. If you are behind a firewall in a country that is oppressive or in an office that wants to keep tabs on you, a VPN connection might be just the thing to allow you to bypass restrictions.

A VPN also gives you the ability to watch blocked TV shows from other countries where you normally would not have permission. Avoid having your ISP watching your every move when you have your data trail encrypted and secure.

With an increase in cyber crime everywhere, it makes sense to always use a secure line. This will keep you off the radar of anybody that might be watching you to get an idea of who you bank with or other pieces of vital personal information.


Mac is a very secure operating system that is known for having tight security and few viruses written for the system. Users of Apple products have come to expect a certain level of protection from hackers and also malicious software. When you combine the already very secure and stable operating system that you get with Mac along with a VPN, you are going to have many additional layers of protection.

We looked at the top VPN services that you can use with your Mac. They were as follows:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. Atlas VPN

There is a good mix of paid services and free here. Continue to check back with Superb Themes where we always have the latest in technology and reviews.

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