Top 3 WooCommerce Plugins 2021 – Best Rated & Most Used!

Top WooCommerce Plugins

You want to grow your online store but save money on plugins. That can be a hard balance to find. With the global market changing rapidly, we have seen a huge jump in online commerce. How can you take advantage of this jump in online shopping? We are going to look at the top WooCommerce plugins. That will give us a great idea of which plugins to try and also how to implement them. Let us get started with our guide that will go over the top WooCommerce plugins. You are going to enjoy learning about some new ideas that you can start today.

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Yith Themes Top WooCommerce Plugins

1. Yith – The Top WooCommerce Plugin

One of the best creators out there is Yith. They have an independent marketplace. If you go onto another page, the plugins might all be designed by different teams. That can create some real issues.

Webhooks are used to link together various applications. A plugin you are using might be using a programming language different from PHP. When you write a plugin, you will hook into an action that WordPress can do. That might mean displaying some content, such as reminding a reader to subscribe to an RSS feed. Many different actions can trigger your application and then start to interact with visitors and readers.

Does all of this sound complicated? In many ways, it is. Developers have to understand how to use webhooks properly to integrate the plugin they made with WordPress using the already set hooks. If something goes wrong, it can create a conflict between a plugin and a theme. Plugins can also create conflicts with each other!

To avoid this, it is important to use Yith. The same team made every plugin that they offer. They understand how to present the data properly and avoid those pesky conflicts. You don’t need to worry about using nine or ten different plugins from this one team. They will all work well together. That cuts down on the wasted time you can spend doing productive things.

Updates Are Possible!

On top of just one team making all your plugins, you also have the advantage of them doing all the updates as well. Sure, your site might be working great right now, but what about later on? Many of us are using over a dozen plugins. As your store grows, things get more complex. WordPress is also changing. The core version will continue to update, and you need to be ready.

When a plugin needs a new update, will it break what you currently have? That is a risk you run when you don’t have a singular team doing all your updates. The team with Yith will test their software very closely. They observe how everything interacts. On top of this, they are always looking to improve the software. They are the only ones that offer that steady service that you can depend on. Quality is paramount in the minds of these experts, and prices are still very reasonable.

Free Versions Are Available

Yith is kind enough to provide free versions of the products that they offer. This gives you a good opportunity to get used to how the plugin functions. If the free version is working for you, the chances are that you are going to like the paid version even more.

Take, for example, the wishlist that they offer to WordPress users. You can find this free plugin over at In fact, you can find many free plugins there. The collection is constantly growing! With the wishlist, you can bump up the number of sales you are going to make. This is because it is now easy to share a wishlist with friends and family. That makes buying a present for a wedding or an anniversary much easier. On top of this, you also can remind your customers about what they wanted to buy. People are busy. At times, they need small reminders so that they can remember what they wanted to purchase from you.

Loyal customers will want to buy from you, and the wishlist can be shared with social media accounts as free advertising. This one plugin has 800,000 active installations. That makes it the most popular wishlist plugin that has ever come out. Pretty impressive when you consider the number of plugins that you have out there. Even better, they are releasing new versions. These improve upon old designs, and they are growing the brand. If you have not checked out what Yith can offer, we highly recommend you check out the site.

Many Ways To Increase Sales

When you work with Yith, they have many ways that they can boost revenue. These include the following:

  • Plugins for WooCommerce
  • Themes to improve your image
  • Training for your employees

With the wide array of plugins, you can see Yith can help you do many things. Set up an auction site. Become the next big auction site for a niche that you love. A store locator is another awesome plugin that can be used to help customers find you. Maybe you need to send out products to more than one address. No problem. They make a plugin that will help with that as well. They pair well with all your normal payment options. This can be PayPal, Stripe, or all the major credit card companies. If you are looking toward the future, you will want to download several of these plugins.

On top of this, they also offer training. This comes in the form of video training so that your team understands UI and UX. The user experience is important. Many large companies will pay out six figures to team members that are good at creating a good website. It can’t just work well with desktop, though. You also need to include mobile now. All of that will be much more simple when you use Yith and the training they set up. Download the videos today, and you can save big when it comes to hiring UX experts.

Another thing that we really like about Yith is the fact that none of these plugins are expensive. Most are under a hundred dollars. If you sell high-ticket items, you will make that back very quickly. That is going to be excellent if you are looking to invest in several of these plugins. Try out the free version first and upgrade later once you see that it is earning additional sales for you. A really great deal!

WooCommerce Plugins at it's best

2. WooCommerce

While exploring the top WooCommerce plugins, we can’t forget all of the extensions and plugins you have on These include a stacked list of all designed applications to help your business run more smoothly and generate more income.

Use WooCommerce Shipping, and you will find that it integrates well with all the delivery companies you already use. With functions that mesh well with USPS, FedEx, and DHL, you can do more in less time. Some found that their time to ship products decreased by a massive 90% once they started using it. That is amazing, and you will find so much more when you browse the long list of plugins.

You also have plugins that will help you with taxes. If you are focused on growing your business, you might not always have time to consult your accountant. Let this plugin help you while you focus on expanding into new markets. If you are selling software as a subscription, it just got a lot easier. You can utilize a plugin that will start to generate revenue for you each month. Explore all the plugins to see which ones that you like.

Semrush the WooCommerce Plugin SEO Experts

3. Semrush – The Master Of WooCommerce SEO

You can’t just have a great looking store. With WooCommerce, that will handle most aspects of running your online business. You can get themes from them and plugins that are going to integrate well with all the major payment providers. Still, something is missing.

On top of a good looking store with features like wishlists and store locators, you also need to get people over to the site. When we consider the top WooCommerce plugins, you also need to think about SEO. Even if you have the best site out of all your competitors, people still need to find the URL.

In comes Semrush. This is the perfect tool to help boost how many people visit your site. Get your fingers warmed up because you will be doing a lot of writing once you target your niche’s right keywords. Semrush will help you target the words that will get customers from Google over to your buy box. That is important since we need the maximum amount of customers to visit if we want to increase sales. If you have been struggling with what you want to write about, use Semrush to guide you and boost your numbers.

Top WooCommerce Plugins Conclusion

In conclusion, you can see many ways for you to get an edge in your industry. We like Yith since they provide so many free tools that you can try out before you buy. On top of that, has provided many plugins that will also work well with the CMS. Last, of all, we can’t forget about SEO. Through SEO, we can get the customers over to our store. By putting all the pieces together, you will find that this quarter will be the best for your sales.

For more in terms of reviews and guides, continue to visit Superb Themes. We always have the latest in terms of tips and tricks.

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