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The Best Unbounce Alternative? Choose From Our List!

The Best Unbounce Alternatives

Looking for an Unbounce Alternative? Let us show you some of the best Unbounce alternatives.

If you are involved in PPC and the world of digital marketing, you already know how important it is to have great landing pages. It can take time to code together with a page that is going to appeal to customers. Unbounce is a builder, but it still has some issues. Is there an Unbounce alternative? We will look at a few options you have if you are not satisfied with your landing pages’ current state.

What Could Be Better?

Building landing pages with Unbounce is easy. When they say you have the power of drag and drop, you really do have a great amount of control over where you place your elements on the page. Other builders won’t allow you to make those minute changes to your placement.

Putting together the page is not the full story, though. It would help if you still went beyond presenting pages to the customer. There is split testing with at least two different pages. You need to optimize the page and make sure customers understand what your layout. Many have tried multiple page builders to find the right one.

A/B Data

Unbounce is quickly becoming one of the leaders in the industry, but they still have some issues. When users go to check their A/B data, the website is not functioning. If you are on tight deadlines, that is going to be an issue.

We can’t blame Unbounce for the service going down. Even with some of the most dependable hosts for content, you will see a service outage. Still, though, there are other options. What is an Unbounce alternative you can try if you find they are going down too often? Are there other services where you will have better uptime?

Landingi - a great Unbounce review

1. Landingi

Think that Unbounce could be better? What about this Unbounce alternative? With Landingi, you can go far beyond just making landing pages. They cover it all. You have lead generation, top of the line support, and years of experience. With roughly a decade of making landing pages, this team has confidence in their product. If you don’t have time to do all of your marketing, outsource it to their team and let them take care of it for you.

Lead Gen

It seems like there is never enough time to accomplish it all when you run your own business. If you are starting, it can feel like you are customer service, product testing, and the main contact for your employees’ questions. How can you take away some of this responsibility?

A good solution is to contact a software company that provides services along with its award-winning service. You might have the best landing pages, but without time to run campaigns, you are going to end up just spinning your tires.

Hire Landingi, and they can design the landing pages for you. After that, they can tie in those landing pages to analytics. If you have tried working with Google Analytics before, we know how intimidating it can be. There are so many different views and different ways to filter the data. If you set up your analytics incorrectly, that data can not be retrieved. You need a master’s view that is always running and capturing the information in real-time. Let an expert do all this for you.

Graphics And Copy

When you have this team do the work for you, they know how to put together advertising graphics. Customers that visit your page will be greeted with nice popup graphics that will encourage them to use your landing pages and fill them out. This team can also write the marketing copy for you as well. You might be surprised to learn that high-level copywriters involved in writing can charge several hundred an hour. They know the right things to say if you want to motivate people to click on an ad. Don’t worry about crafting the perfect sentence. Go with a service like Landingi and have them put together the perfect landing page.

When everything is in place, they will go ahead and launch the ad campaign. Each step of the way, they will tell you how well you are doing to find your target group. Doesn’t that sound amazing compared to Unbounce?


Maybe you already had a bad experience with designing a landing page. Many people will try to do it all on their own. If you have a Photoshop file that you have been working on, don’t worry. All of that time is not wasted.

This team is equipped with all the latest versions of the Adobe collection. If you have a vision in mind that you started to build, bring that to life through the creative team.

At the same time, it is possible you started with Unbounce. The service kept going down, and you didn’t have access to your split testing data. You decide instead to go with Landingi. That is not a problem. If you want to import that as well, it will be simple for their experts. In a matter of minutes, it will be functional and hooked up to all your favorite programs such as MailChimp or AWeber.

A Great Team

If you are looking for a new Unbounce alternative, give Landingi a try. They have teams that are well versed in graphic design, copy, and importing any page into their system. If that doesn’t work for you, there is always our second alternative.

Leadpages - a great Unbounce review

2. Leadpages

Another Unbounce alternative is Leadpages. Leadpages prices start at just $27.00 for the month. Not only that, you can get your first three months with them for free. This includes the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Alert bars
  • Pop up ads
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited conversions

Other companies will try to put restrictions on your traffic. That is going to be a huge issue if you have an ad going viral. Who wants to hear that you just had your best month ever in sales to have it shut down due to your tier? Don’t let the sudden flood of clicks end just because you have the base tier with other landing page builders.

Leadpages gives you a wide variety of ways to connect to customers. They don’t just give you the ability to make great pages that convert. You also have access to a large number of resources that they provide for free.

When you head on over to their main page, you can see they have a large variety of informative blog posts and images that can train you to get more sales and more leads.


One of the main reasons you may be looking for an Unbounce alternative is to improve PPC. If you are not familiar, PPC can be defined as follows:

PPC – This stands for pay-per-click. It is a model that can be used for advertising. You pay for each click that is done by a user. A price is set for each click, which you will pay every time your ad is triggered. This can be used to buy more traffic in a sense.

If SEO and article writing is not working for you, it may be time to consider PPC. When you access Google and type in a term you are looking for; you have already been exposed to this type of PPC advertising. For example, if I am interested in learning more about gardening, I might search online to read up on flower beds or tools. When you do this, you will be presented with advertising on Google related to what you just typed in. You skip writing articles and hope that people searching for gardening will like your product.

When you work with Leadpages, you can improve your PPC. You, as an advertiser, will bid for ad placement. When somebody clicks on a sponsored link, it will take them to a landing page you constructed with Leadpages. One of the reasons why people give up on PPC and search engine marketing is because they didn’t take the time to optimize the PPC landing page.

Customized Landing Pages

When you look at several landing pages that are all put up side by side for comparison, you quickly see they are not all the same. Just because your competition uses a landing page builder does not mean it is customized to appeal to your demographic.

Leadpages will help you make a landing page that stands out. They understand a good landing page is supported by the following:

  • Unique selling point
  • An offer that compels you to act
  • Nice visuals
  • A call to action
  • Proof involving reviews or ratings
  • Urgency

All of these combine into the perfect landing page. Do you have a current landing page that checks all these boxes? Probably not. It takes a lot of effort to put together a copy where people respond, nice looking graphics, and countdown timers to create a sense of urgency.

Unbounce Alternative Conclusion

Unbounce is a great company to work with. They will not only help you create a great lead capture page, but they can also show you how to build pages for upsells and squeeze pages. If the monthly price is too expensive, we looked at alternatives that can also provide a wide variety of services. If you are interested in learning more, explore the pages for Landingi and also Leadpages. You can see the advantages that they present, and their tier system may work better for you. To see more software alternatives and reviews, continue to come back to Superb Themes.

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