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Does it feel like visitors only stay on your landing page for a few moments before moving on? How can you lower your bounce rate? Unbounce is a software company that is based in Vancouver, BC. The Canadian company wanted to focus on making landing pages that consumers will not leave right away. Is there a way to try the program for free or get the Unbounce coupon code? We will look at both as well as why you might want to try this program if you have trouble with your bounce rate.

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A Generous Company

Not only do the creators of Unbounce aim to make your landing pages better, they also host a big industry event known as the Call to Action Conference. Rick Perreault and five others founded the company because they saw a need for pinpoint accurate advertisements. They were one of the first teams that would encourage visitors to hand over their contact information for something free like an e-book. This strategy was very successful and got them a lot of notoriety.

Due to the new success, they were able to start a second office, this time in Quebec. At this point in time, they had gone global with the ideas spreading out to other continents. Marketers were seeing results and they liked the increase in sales. Not ones to rest and relax after success, Unbounce soldiered on and started to put out webinars to inform marketers and website owners. They also started to create podcasts that would give tips on how to get customers to stay on your page longer as marketing was changing rapidly with so many different software developers. Even today, it is great to go over these videos and podcasts as they pit landing pages against each other. It will help you figure out how to make your landing pages better.

Call To Action

If you are already familiar with marketing on the Internet, you have come across this term of a Call to Action. This is the action you want the customer to take. It might be that you want them to add your product to a shopping cart. Maybe you just want their email so you can follow up later and go for that upselling opportunity. Perhaps you want to pack out a conference room

Unbounce wanted to have a place where people in marketing would feel confident and comfortable. They started the Call to Action conference for professionals. If you wondered about the latest tech that you should be aware of, this conference is a great one to help you. It is also an awesome place to make contacts in the industry. Marketing is scary on your own. You might as well make some friends that can understand your frustrations and help you later.

Is It Right For Me?

If you are wondering if you should invest into Unbounce and look for an Unbounce coupon code, let’s see some of the highlights.

  • No coding is needed
  • Make a mockup easily
  • Many templates to pick from

Right when you think of making a landing page, people are wondering how they are going to code it. Many of us specialize in just one thing. It is difficult to find somebody that is a great coder, business owner, and can also write amazing copy. You need to pick what you want to be good at and pursue it. With Unbounce, you can just focus on what you like and what you are good at. If HTML and CSS are not your wheelhouse, there is no need to worry. With this builder, you can put it all together and not have to even look at one line of code.

Streamline Landing Pages with a Unbounce coupon code

Streamline Landing Pages

If you feel like your team has been slow about putting together landing pages, give them a free trial for Unbounce. It is simple enough to use so that any person on the team can take control and start moving forward. Maybe a person on your sales team has a great idea that they think could really push conversions. In the past, the salesperson would have had trouble translating their ideas to the web page. Most of your sales team won’t also have the skills to code a landing page.

Now, with the technology at hand, even the average person can make a landing page that will look great. If the sales team thinks using a certain image or video accompanied by great sales copy is just what you need, let them try it! If the landing page doesn’t work, there is no problem. Just start over and you will have a new landing page up in no time. When it is this easy to put together, you can get experimental. Try a variety of sales tactics and see what sticks. You might be surprised and find that the guy in the mail room has some winning ideas but he just never had the chance to show his skills.

Bulldoze Obstacles

Unbounce is good for pushing traditional obstacles out of the way. Not only will anybody in your company have the ability to start making landing pages, they will also have the skills to make sticky bars and popups. For older web designers, they can tell you that in the past these could be a real pain to code. Some platforms had to be coaxed along so that you got your sticky bars to work properly. There is no need to worry about that now since these functions are all built in.

Not only that, but you can quickly throw together a mockup. Maybe you are actually part of a marketing agency. It is your job to make the websites for all sorts of companies. They demand a meeting at the 11th hour. You are already nervous because you have to present to them and you have had little time to put together a speech.

Unbounce has you covered. It is going to be a simple thing to present to them a nice looking set of landing pages when you have so many templates at your fingertips. Brand looks and mockup sites don’t need to keep you up all night. Pick from a variety that Unbounce gives you right out of the box. At the same time though, if you have the time and want to try something new, you of course can make the whole thing from the ground up.

Drag And Drop

Does it feel like everything now is drag and drop? When you make your website, drag and drop builders are very popular. Same with forms where you can capture information from your customers. Everybody wants a system where you can easily pick out the elements that you want and pull them onto the page that is going to show you changes in real time.

Unbounce continues with this new tradition of having things that display changes right away. You can use it just by pulling in the elements you want to really give a boost to how fast you can put together a new site. Popups that have been proven to convert better can be added along with sticky bars that only take a couple minutes. An awesome system!

Unbounce Coupon Code

For Unbounce, you want to always check with sites like Superb Themes that keep you informed about new coupon codes. If you can find an Unbounce Coupon Code that is current, it will allow you to save even more in comparison to the already low price.

At the base tier, it is only eighty dollars each month. With that you get up to 500 conversions. It is not hard to do the math on that one. Say that each conversion just earns you a simple twenty dollars even. Maybe you are selling a small course on how to be a better real estate agent. Perhaps you have a service that ships out vitamins that are picked out by customers on your landing page. It is not difficult to imagine for any of these scenarios you are going to bring in a flat twenty dollars in profit each time you get a conversion.

In that case, the software pays itself off in just five conversions. If you have more high end products where conversions are more valuable, you can pay it off in just one conversion. You won’t need to worry about the cap of 500 for conversions. Once you hit this target, you are going to be making much more than the eighty dollar price tag that you pay to the creators of Unbounce. You are going to be in a very enviable position.

Unbounce pricing with a coupon code or Free Trial

Free Trial

If there is not a current coupon code for Unbounce, a free trial is the perfect way to see what you can do with the software. It is so easy to get started with the software, you will have a few new landing pages up in under an hour. From there, launch a couple of different concepts. See which landing pages appeal more to your consumer set. The ones that don’t work you can just cut and then have a new one to take its place. The free trial lasts for two weeks which gives you a lot of time to experiment before you put down the eighty dollars each month. Continue to check back with Superb Themes to see which products are offering coupons where you can get deep discounts.

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