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Unbounce Review: Our Honest Opinion After 1 Year

Unbounce’s Story

In this Unbounce Review, we want to look at both the pros and cons for using this landing page builder. There is a lot of competition out there from other companies like ClickFunnels that are trying to corner this market. What are the best aspects of this product and how can it help you? We are going to cover that and more with our Unbounce Review.

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Unbounce – A Short Introduction

All marketers and website admins struggle to drive as much traffic as possible to their sites. Still, the majority of them don’t get the most out of the traffic generated. Attracting people to a site is a waste of time and resources if you don’t get an advantage from this traffic. Unbounce can help you take advantage of the traffic. This is our Unbounce review.

Do you want to convert visitors into paying customers or convince them to download an ebook? You need a clear strategy to convert traffic before the first visitor lands on your site. Unbounce is a piece of software aimed at creating high-converting landing pages.

The marketing tools market is overcrowded, so you may be tempted to believe that Unbounce is just another ordinary tool, but it’s so much more than that. Read this review to decide if Unbounce is for you. Dozens of famous brands have successfully used Unbounce, so that it might help your business too.

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Unbounce’s Story

No Unbounce review without an introduction to the company.

Unbounce started back in 2009 from a huge frustration. Rick Perreault was frustrated that developers needed so much time to create sites and pages for marketing campaigns, so he decided to speed up the process. Initially created by a small group of friends, Unbounce became a profitable business with around 170 employers and, more importantly, 20 cute office dogs.

Unbounce’s main aim is to empower marketers to develop good-looking, high-converting landing pages without writing a single line of code. The results of some campaigns that have used Unbounce prove that this tool must be in the arsenal of a professional marketer.

New Balance’s marketers used Unbounce, and the results were impressive: 200% more sales at the company’s brick-and-mortar store in Chicago. Campaign Monitor’s marketers also used Unbounce and managed to convert 10.8% of abandoning users. Workshop Digital did a fantastic job with Unbounce; they manage to grow conversions by 400%!

Unbounce Pros And Cons

There is a lot to celebrate with Unbounce. Reviewers found that for the most part, it surpasses similar plugins for your WordPress site. What can you look forward to?

  • Good support
  • Text replacement
  • Relevant to your customers

We also want to point out that there are some flaws as well. Some reviewers noted that there were a few areas where they could do better. These include the following:

  • Unable to download and upload pages at times
  • At times the service will go out
  • The website would go down

These are all common issues you are going to see with a product like this. There is a page that was put up so you can check on the status of incidents like these. When the page is down, you will see it listed on the status page. Once it is back up, everybody is notified and you can get back to work building up your landing pages. It is handy to have a status page like this because you can see a history of incidents. If you are going through history and you feel like they go down too often, go with another service. There are many different companies that are making landing pages easier now. Go with one where you feel like they are able to keep the service live for longer.

What Unbounce Is For

It makes sense to look carefully at Unbounce. If you are new to digital marketing, you might ask yourself what a landing page is and why it is so important.

Briefly, a site’s home page isn’t created for conversion, no matter how good it looks. Don’t be disappointed. It’s the same for almost every site. A landing page, however, has the strict role of making conversions. For example, let’s say you run a cool fintech blog, but your subscriber list is pretty small. Write a compelling e-book, offer it for free to anyone who provides their email address, and create a landing page to promote the book. Optimize the landing page and eventually use paid advertising, and interested people will certainly give you their email address to get that book.

It looks complicated, but Unbounce makes creating a landing simple and quick. You can craft a beautiful landing page without any special training in just a few hours.

Unbounce Support

Support is a place where Unbounce shines when compared to ClickFunnels. You have to be careful when you lock yourself into a long contract for any of these companies. Reviewers found that when they tried both services, at first the support was great with both Unbounce and ClickFunnels. As time went on though, that started to change.

Unbounce kept consistent support several months after the user signed up. Users found that ClickFunnels was good for the first few months, and then quality started to drop off. They were new to landing pages and didn’t understand all of the ins and outs. When they kept contacting support, it almost seemed like ClickFunnels didn’t provide the same level of support later on. The support team would just copy and paste answers that were generic and from their website. If you wanted help like that, you can just Google it. People expect better quality support when they are dealing with technology. Not everybody is adept at using these builders and integrating it into their ad campaigns.

For our Unbounce review and the review for many others, they found that the crew for Unbounce did take the time to provide good answers. The responses were fast enough and people were not waiting longer than a few minutes for help to get back to them. Answers were tailored to the user instead of just sending over generic links. This goes a long way with users and it is why we recommend Unbounce. Don’t lock yourself into a contract for a year with these companies until you see what the support is like many months later. They may start off strong and then start to pass you off to just the help pages that they set up.

Start Your Free Unbounce Trial

First, with our review, we want to get a better idea of pricing. This product will run you $80.00 each month. This is for just the lowest tier which means it gets more expensive as you move up. While this price is not cheap, you have to consider what it can do for you. By putting together better web pages and landing pages for customers, if you can raise conversions by more than the cost, it will benefit you.

What will you get when you go with the lowest tier? They will include the following:

  • 500 conversions
  • 20,000 visitors
  • 1 domain

How will you know if this product is going to pay off? Will you be making more in comparison to the monthly price you have to pay? A good way to check would be a free trial.

We would have liked to see the trial go for the full month so you can at least see if you can surpass the eighty dollars that you need to pay monthly. Still, the two-week trial should be enough to get a good idea of how the system works and how the builder functions. If you have doubts about building landing pages, give it a try for the full two weeks and compare your data on sales.

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Worth-Mentioning Features

Now, it’s time to dissect Unbounce and highlight what’s cool and uncool about it. There are more positive aspects than negative ones, but there is room for improvement.

Proved Efficiency

Proved Efficiency

While the testimonials and good ratings aren’t features per se, these factors convince potential buyers that Unbounce is a reliable product. New Balance, The New York Times, Campaign Monitor, and many other companies have used Unbounce, and the results were good. Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz and SparkToro), Brian Davidson (founder of Match node), and Adam Arkfeld (founder of ParaCore) all endorse Unbounce.

Software review sites feature Unbounce as a top-class solution for creating landing pages in their Unbounce Reviews. Marketers, content creators, and other Unbounce users have rated it almost perfectly, and the majority consider Unbounce subscriptions to be a real deal. Once again, these opinions work considerably in favor of Unbounce.

Your business and expectations are unique, and Unbounce may not be a good fit for you. However, Unbounce has been a profitable acquisition for most users.

No Coding Skills Required

No Coding Skills Required

Behind every modern landing page are many lines of code. Creating a decent landing page from scratch takes designers and developers days. Clearly, this delay isn’t acceptable today. However, a poor landing page simply destroys a brand reputation. Why would you struggle to drive people to a page you are not proud of?

Unbounce successfully fills this gap by providing a platform aimed at crafting wonderful and effective landing pages in no time without writing code. No matter the complexity of your landing page, you can use Unbounce’s visual editor to design it. The interface is a little bit cluttered, but it includes many customization options, so the clutter is understandable. Luckily, Unbounce lets you give its builder a try for free.

Smart Traffic

Marketers constantly tweak their landing pages to grow their conversion rates. They use multiple versions of a landing page to identify the best one. Unbounce allows users to A/B test their landing pages so that they can constantly improve them. On top of that, Smart Traffic, a new AI-powered feature, automatically determines the viewer’s profile and delivers the most suitable version. Marketers who have enabled Smart Traffic have seen considerably better conversion rates.

Customizable Pop Ups

Popups and landing pages go hand in hand. I don’t know anyone who loves popups, but marketers unanimously agree that they convert pretty well. Popups are the best way to attract new email subscribers, inform users about deals and discounts, and promote the latest products.

Unbounce lets users design and uses popups on their landing pages. Start from scratch or use any of the templates conceived by marketing and design experts. Use the visual editor to add your personal touch and make the popup fit the landing page’s design. You have plenty of options to create an original popup, and it won’t take much time to put it into action on your landing page.

Not only is the design of the popup customizable, but so is its functionality. You decide how often the popup appears and which kind of action triggers it (click, arrival, scroll, exit, or after a set period), and you can target readers by URL referring to or location. For instance, you can set the popup to appear when the user intends to exit the web page. Additionally, you can configure the popup to trigger only users who came to your site from social media or other channels.

Do you want to add a time-limited discount to your landing page and make sure that every viewer sees it? Do you want to offer a coupon and want everyone to see it? A sticky bar is the best solution for these scenarios.

Unbounce allows users to create a sticky bar for their landing pages. Of course, you are free to create your own sticky bar, but you have tons of visually appealing options fitting for a large array of purposes at your disposal, such as

  • Webinar registration
  • Trending content
  • Early bird tickets
  • Instagram contest.

High-Converting Templates

High-Converting Templates

I mentioned the popup and sticky bar templates, but the Unbounce collection also includes many impressive landing page templates. These templates cover all the possible uses—you will find at least one page for every kind of project. Whether you want to sell a book or generate leads for a real estate agency, there is a template for you.

Once you select a template, add your personal assets, such as your logo, images, videos, and content. Next, launch the page online and be prepared for a huge conversion rate!

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Multiple Integrations

Unbounce’s competitors may offer a similar degree of customization options, templates, or security, but none of them beats the number of Unbounce integrations. Do you want to have a bird’s eye view of your landing page’s traffic? Connect your Unbounce account to your Google Analytics account. Do the same with Google Sheets to generate automated reports in a spreadsheet. Do you want to add a live chat to dialogue in real-time with your customers? Unbounce is compatible with Live Chat. Follow these instructions to add a live chat to your page.

Check out this list of tools compatible with Unbounce for more details.

Security and Backup

No Unbounce review without mentioning security and backup. Facebook, Amazon, and other tech giants have suffered a lot from hacker attacks in the last few years. Dealing with user data is no joke, and you have to take into account the security level of each tool used in your workflow. Luckily, Unbounce packages multiple security layers to avoid data breaches.

All landing pages use an SSL encryption, so all the information between the server and users’ browsers is encrypted. Enable two-factor authentication to make the login process more secure. Another effective method for strengthening page security is limiting the users’ privileges. You can classify users as “Viewers,” “Authors,” or “Admins,” so not everyone has full rights to edit the page.

Don’t worry if you want to revert to an earlier version of your landing page. Unbounce comes with an easy-to-use version-control system. In plain English, you are a click away from the desired version.

The most expensive Unbounce license sails with an audit log, so site admins have full control over each user’s activity.

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

If you aren’t sure about its potential, don’t purchase without testing Unbounce for free for 14 days. Unbounce provides value for your money, but even the cheapest subscription plan isn’t for every budget.

Here are the pricing plans:

  • Launch: $80/month for up to 500 conversions
  • Optimize: $120/month for up to 1,000 conversions
  •  Accelerate: $200/month for up to 2,000 conversions
  • Scale: $300/month for up to 3,000 conversions

Choose annual billing to save 10% on any subscription.

Who Should Use Unbounce

We should address who this product is for. With a price tag that is close to a hundred dollars every month, you would not want to invest in this if you have low margins on products. Take for instance you are specializing in phone cases that you import from China.

Each phone case you bring in costs roughly seven dollars to import and then you sell them for between ten to fifteen dollars. This product is very common and easy to import. Many other companies will be in this space and that will push down margins. It may not be the best idea to pay for a product that is going to cost you around a hundred every month when you are making so little on each sale. It would be better to create your own landing pages at first and see what you can do with those.

A better way to use this plugin would be services and products with higher margins. Take for example a lawn care company where every account that they accumulate can mean recurring revenue of over a hundred dollars. In cases like this, it is much easier to make a business decision. You know that if you can get just one customer each month with these custom landing pages, it will pay itself off. Your revenue will keep coming in each month and pay off your outgoing expenses very easily.

In a similar way, if you are an attorney that specializes in high profile cases such as personal injury that can drag on for years, that would be another case where you need custom landing pages. Landing just a few large clients every year will more than make up for the cost of this plugin. Take a look at your finances and figure out what category you are in. While you might not have large margins now, you can still work up to that and take advantage of Unbounce later.

Unbounce is good for marketing agencies. It saves them time and resources, creates high-converting landing pages without writing code, and integrates with many other third-party applications. Agencies that run marketing campaigns should consider Unbounce for these advantages.

Design agencies make up another segment of Unbounce users. Nowadays, design and marketing teams must collaborate to scale a business. Most likely, clients who need a website are interested in running a marketing campaign.

Unbounce is also a good addition for small and medium businesses that don’t have a solid marketing budget. The person in charge of marketing at these businesses can create landing pages to generate new leads or promote the latest products using Unbounce’s landing page templates.

I don’t consider purchasing an Unbounce subscription profitable for blogs, online shops, and portfolios without a reasonable budget.

Unbounce currently has a 40% coupon code, click on the green button to claim it!

Dynamic Text

If you want to make more sales, what is the number one way to show customers you care? Your ads need to speak to the customer. They should seem personal. You could be presented with the best pair of hiking boots in the world, but if you never go hiking the product will not appeal to you.

With Unbounce, they do their best to make sure your target audience and the message connect. A great way to do this is through DTR or Dynamic Text Replacement. What is this and how does it work when you are working with Unbounce?

What Is DTR?

Dynamic Text Replacement allows you to customize your approach to each customer. You can imagine it this way. If you were a salesperson in a typical store and then you saw your customer looking at the sports section, your first instinct will be to start talking about sports with them. This is a common sales tactic that gets good results.

Dynamic Text Replacement will change the text for your landing pages so it fits the customer. The text can change depending on a large number of factors. Set the text up so that it will swap out depending on the keywords the customer typed in. You could also have it change depending on PPC or the specific pay-per-click campaign that they clicked on. Even the website that they came from is in play. Make sure if you have a specific URL that funnels in traffic related to a certain hobby, your landing page reflects that.

In the end, using the dynamic text feature with Unbounce along with inserting keywords from Google ads can greatly increase your sales. If you have never tried this, we urge you to try out their two week trial. That makes it easy to see if your conversions are going to rise higher than the cost each month you pay for Unbounce.Unbounce Review Conclusion

Unbounce Review – Conclusions

This product has a ton of great things about it. With our Unbounce review, we wanted to go over DTR and how awesome their support is. If you think you could use help with landing pages, give them a try. The two week trial is very generous and a good way to see if the cost makes sense. For all things WordPress, keep it here.

The Unbounce conclusion is clear. Unbounce is a leading platform for creating effective landing pages. Unbounce practically replaces the role of a developer and helps marketers design high-converting pages. If you are in the marketing or web design field, then you have to look at Unbounce.

Have you ever used Unbounce? What are your impressions of it? Please leave a comment on our Unbounce review with your interesting thoughts.

Unbounce currently has a 40% coupon code, click on the green button to claim it!

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