UpdraftPlus Coupon Code 2020

Updraftplus coupon code

UpdraftPlus is one of the most used backup plugins for WordPress. The premium version is quite pricey, however it’s completely worth it, the features you gain access to are worth every penny. But why not save some money? You can reduce the price of your first purchase by using a coupon code. Click the green button below to visit their website and view available coupon codes & discounts!

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Backup, Clone & Restore easily with UpdraftPlus Premium

UpdraftPlus is known for many things, and the most common ones include the benefits of efficient backup and restoration of data. It is also the world’s highest-ranking platform for its effectiveness, and that is how it gained its popularity as well. It is famously known for being a very effective scheduled backup plugin. 

At the present time, it also has around two million installers too. With UpdraftPlus, you can back up all your files and your database into the cloud. After that, all this data can be effective restored using a single click. 

Choosing to use UpdraftPlus is a wise decision as it helps in the prevention of loss of valuable data, and people tend to install it for this very purpose. The backup is done into the cloud storage directly like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 (or any other compatible source), UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, and email as well. These are the storage spaces that are used by the free version of UpdraftPlus. 

However, the paid version has additional storage spaces as well. These include Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV as well. These options make the price of the service a lot more cost-effective.  

Why is backing up the data so important?

Any CMS can be vulnerable to glitches. And just like them, WordPress may also face setbacks such as server crashing, hacking by others, security breaches, bad updates of theme and plugin, or insecure hosts of the web as well. If any of this happens to you, then you might have to deal with the loss of a considerable amount of money and your reputation as well. 

Even though the maximum amount of security is important, one of the major steps to prevent these issues is having a reliable system of data backup. It provides the ultimate insurance. If you were to undergo any setback, their website and its content would remain safe. All of it can easily be restored.

Customers Trust in UpdraftPlus

The WordPress backups are extremely important, and they are absolutely worth the entire investment made into your whole website. If you save any of the setbacks like hacking, server crashing, unfavorable updating, etc., you can prevent your loss of data through UpdraftPlus. Its effectiveness and usefulness are the reason why customers trust it immensely. With a larger customer base, the platform rarely releases coupon codes to deal with potential buyers or installers.  

Save money, use a coupon code

Coupons are generally used by people when they are in search of a hefty discount. They can easily be used to save money when installing a paid version of a plugin or a feature online. However, UpdraftPlus does not need to release coupons a lot often because their provided features are already considerably cost-effective. 

Discounts are only available during promotions and events

Discounts for UpdraftPlus are seldom available, but when they are, that is often during special occasions or events as well. The promotions with discounted prices help in making sure that the users of the plugin that are already present are able to purchase the premium features more readily. Promotions that reduce the prices are actually considerably effective this way. Other times when the existing prices are lowered are during the times for Christmas or Thanksgiving etc. These are the occasions when people are more ready to make purchases because they already expect a reduction in the existing prices. 

UpdraftPlus does not usually release coupons or discount codes, but customers can enjoy the reduced prices on special occasions. One of them can easily be Black Friday. This is when the prices are greatly reduced so that the existing users are tempted to purchase the extra features.  

Is it worth waiting for a coupon / voucher code?

Often the coupons and discount vouchers are worth waiting for because they help in lowering the prices of features that are otherwise very expensive when purchased in full-price. However, most of the useful features of Updraft are generally free of cost. The paid features provide added benefits to the users, but they are very cost-effective, depending on the benefits they bring along with them. The amount paid for these extra features is reasonable compared to the other options that are already available on the market. This is why it is not major advice to wait for a coupon or promotional discount when purchasing the extra features of UpdraftPlus. 

Sometimes it is better to purchase the item than wait for the discounts because the chances are that someone else may purchase the item until it runs out of stock. However, a more likely situation here can be that the plugin or the feature would become obsolete and what are the chances that you will find the upgrade just as useful too.  

updraftplus discount

Is UpdraftPlus worth the money?

Updraft is considered the best-rated and extremely important plugin for WordPress users. It helps in saving their precious data at all times. Not only is the popular plugin known for its comprehensible features, but people also prefer it due to it being more user-friendly. 

You don’t need to know any programming or technical knowledge in order to use this plugin because it is intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to the large user base, the plugin is also tested in a wide range of different scenarios and unique situations.  

What Sets UpdraftPlus apart?

Updraft is highly effective in creating large backup stores, and it helps in regaining the data that is lost in detail. Since all users are unique and have a wider array of choices with having backup sources, this is why UpdraftPlus provides a great number of options to save your data. The feature also allows you to set up schedules for your backups as well. This creates an extremely convenient situation for users. 

What truly sets this plugin apart from the other plugins in the market is the faster speed of completing the tasks. It is extremely fast due to the fewer number of server resources being used. UpdraftPlus is extremely reliable since it has been tested on over a million sites worldwide. 

UpdraftPlus Premium has its own benefits

This version of the UpdraftPlus allows you to have free upgrades for a year. During this time of the year, you can also have full support for a year as well. Along with that, the users can also have a gigabyte of the UpdraftVault storage too. This easily means that you can back the site up without actually needing to pay for the whole space. This is done with a separate remote storage location, such as the Dropbox. 

The free version for the UpdraftPlus is also fine for usage. If you need additional features and options, you can purchase the Premium version for it. The Pro version comes with benefits like the incremental backups. You can also easily duplicate and migrate the websites. A Migrator can be used for it. This feature also lets you back up the non-WP files and databases to multiple remote destinations. It is also multisite and multi-network compatible. Users can also enjoy the free dedicated expert support, and since there are several benefits provided, the service can also be very cost-effective too.  

UpdraftPlus Free 

The free version of this plugin is also fully functional as well. Along with that, the developers have provided customers with a brilliant range of features that make it even better. The good thing about this is that you can unlock everything with the paid version, including the clone or migrate tool to multiple online storage options as well. Other benefits include reporting and encryption, as well.

You can create instant clones of your site

Running on your servers, there is an instant copy of your website. It is known as a temporary clone. Instead of testing and developing your live site, you can make the clone go live and discard the clone afterward.

UpdraftPlus premium discount

Restoring, Recovering and Migrating

It is known to conveniently back up the WordPress entities easily. These entities include the database, themes, plugins, etc. All of these can be managed from the control panel of WordPress. The databases can easily be decrypted in the WordPress control panel, and this can be done through the feature of drag and drop if they are made elsewhere. There is also an unlimited option for the size of the file when uploading. When imported from elsewhere, the search and replace migrate the site database too. 

Another point is that you are able to restore the backed-up entities from the console with only single-click access. One can also easily import and restore from other backups that are usually made using other backup plugins as well. This allows a person to have maximum flexibility as well. Features like these ensure that the plugin has a wider customer base, and that is why they don’t feel the need to release a lot of coupons to attract the customers as well.

Click the button to visit UpraftPlus for the most up to date status on coupon code availability!

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