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Visual Composer Review

Visual Composer Review

Need to create a website quickly but you are low on funds? Why not try out Visual Composer? This builder makes it simple to put together sites using elements. Need a graph to visualize your earnings? Use an element. Need to show a video from the last fundraiser? Use an element. It is really that simple. In this Visual Composer review article, we take a look at some of the best features of Visual Composer and break it all down. Is this the right plugin for you?

Cutting Edge Technology

In our review of Visual Composer, we want to investigate why you should invest your money into this platform.

In terms of plugins and builders, Visual Composer is the new kid on the block. It did not take long before it started making waves, though. Everyone in the WordPress community has now taken notice of what you can do with this excellent plugin. It has never been easier for the average person to put together a website.

If you have gone past the stage of being an amateur blogger or running an online store, you know that Visual Composer is important to use with your setup. A site has to be pleasing to the eye. We are no longer in the early ’90s, where you could have random graphics scattered over the page with mostly giant blocks of text. Those days are over, and consumers now expect you to have a nice and clean look. The site still needs to be functional, though, and bring all the normal perks you would see with a modern-day site.

The elements used by Visual Composer are what will keep your readers and viewers engaged. This will catch their eye and keep them on the page. Once you have secured their attention, then you can start to present your valuable product or service that you offer. Visual Composer, just like the name implies, gives you the option of making very visually stunning sites quickly.

Are you ready to install the Visual Composer page builder? Click the button to download the plugin!

Customer Engagement

Visual Composer is going to give you better customer engagement. Why can we say this with such certainty? Look at some of the highlights that will get consumers interacting with you more.

  • Consistent Branding
  • Video Content is easy to add.
  • Stunning Images
  • Sleek Design

One of the main ways you keep the interest of a visitor is that the site looks cohesive. When you got dressed this morning, what did you decide to put on? You wanted to make sure all of your clothes match, and the colors went together well. If a person walked into your office wearing a black dress shoe and a red sandal on their feet, you would really question where they are coming from. What if they had on dress pants and a summer tank top for hanging out by the pool? This person is going to get a lot of odd looks. It is because the clothing doesn’t match. Things were just put together at random. A website is very similar.

With your site, it should look consistent. What colors are you using? What themes are you trying to invoke when people come to the site? Maybe you want to go for a nature theme, so your color palette will be dark and light greens with hints of a muted brown. Something like Visual Composer helps you accomplish this since there are so many layouts and ways to keep your vision cohesive with this builder.

Call to Action

Another aspect we looked at with our review of Visual Composer is that you can easily make sites that direct users to your call to action. Visual Composer offers a grid system to construct things. Everything can be broken down into just rows and columns. This makes your job easier because you won’t have to worry about elements overlapping or covering things up when you add them. If you want to stretch out your row to cover the screen’s width, Visual Composer can make sure your content doesn’t also get stretched out. This means images will maintain the right look and resolution.

With Visual Composer, it is simple to keep all your color schemes, fonts, and details looking the same day-to-day. You can save all these various elements that you are importing so that anybody can start adding to the site. If you have a new employee come onboard, you just give them the list of fonts and logos you were already using. Visual Composer will remember all the color schemes used before, which makes it easy to make sure you are keeping the same aesthetically pleasing design, and your style won’t change between pages. It makes it easier to highlight your call to action and get users to commit to your goals!


Visual composer pricing comparison

In our review of Visual Composer, one of the things that stood out the most was the price. We all know how the drag and drop builders on the market will charge several hundred dollars if you want to have lifetime access. Divi may have a huge market share, but keep in mind that Visual Composer is quickly catching up with them. With over a million users, the number of installs for Visual Composer shows that people are very price-conscious.

For just one site, you can pay just $49.00, and you will have access to the software for a full year. That is more than enough time to perfect your site, get it running properly, and optimize with load times. If you run more than one business, you are in luck. You are going to be saving money with three sites. That will only run you $99.00 for the year.

On the agency side, that is where you will see the most in savings. Paying $349.00 for the year is going to give you access to a thousand different copies. With that many copies, you can give them away as part of a way to promote your agency! Obviously, this is also the best way to save money with the plugin.

Visual Composer for Free

Another great thing about this plugin is that you can try it before you buy it. The free version will continue to update so that you are always on the latest version. You also get thirty elements that you can experiment with, as well as 10 different layouts you can pick from. If there is any question about if you are going to like the product, they have given you access to the page builder for free. Don’t spend money on plugins that you are unsure about. Try out Visual Composer for as long as you like before you get access to everything with the Pro version.


Why is Visual Composer so easy to use? Just look at the graphics below. You can insert anything you would need to make your site look great. Need icons for your navigation bar? No problem. Use the row element to insert a new row. Then use your icon elements to add icons that are going to make navigation a snap.

Visual composer elements review

Looking at this image, you will get just a small sample of what is offered when you get the full version of Visual Composer. It really will take your company to the next level when people see you have inserted an element with Google Maps. Show everybody where your office is located and make it easier for consumers to stop by.

If you have an FAQ section to help visitors with commonly asked questions, Visual Composer will give you a toggle to look professional. Is there really a need to pay big bucks to a designer now that you have access to Visual Composer? For simple websites, you have everything at your fingertips now.

Save Money On Plugins

It will be easy to train yourself in how to use these elements, but you are also going to save money on other plugins as well. Say you run an online store, and the Summer Line for 2021 just came in. You want to show off the new clothes, and you decide to go with an animated carousel. A great choice to catch the eye of buyers!

Instead of buying a new plugin that will give you the ability to make a carousel for your images, just drag in the element for Visual Composer. You don’t need to spend extra for plugins that do things like rotating images when you have this plugin. Even better, since it all integrates, there won’t be any conflicts. You won’t have to worry about the carousel plugin overlapping with something or breaking a different element. It is all self-contained.

Conclusion of our Visual Composer Review

In conclusion, you will want to try out the free version of Visual Composer to check out what they can offer you after this review. This builder is very simple to use and will save you a lot on plugins with all the different options they offer. The agency tier is the most cost-effective and will give you enough copies to spread the love. Continue to check in with Superb Themes to get the latest in plugin reviews!

Are you ready to install the Visual Composer page builder? Click the button to download the plugin!

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