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VPNs With Free Trials 2022

A VPN is important for individuals that want to protect their personal information and guard their digital fingerprints. We all know how important it is to stay on guard online, where just a simple download can cost you a lot of it from a malicious source. With that in mind, though, who else does a VPN apply to? And not least, which VPNs With Free Trials are available out there?

A Must Have

While a VPN is integral for individuals, it is even more important for a business. Think about this. As an individual, if you make a mistake and get hacked, it is just your personal information on the line. You can freeze your credit. You can even get another Social Security Number if things get too bad.

When you own a small business, suddenly, a VPN is something that you must have. There is no way around it. If you are not armed with the correct information about security and don’t have any safeguards in place, the result to a small and local business is going to be devastation.

Startup Cost

We can see why it is so important for a company to maintain security. How can a small business pick the best VPN that will also give them enough cash later to expand and reinvest? The prime way to find a VPN that will work for your company will be a free trial. We have put together a list of VPN providers that offer free trials, so you can see if the technology is right for you.


1. NordVPN

NordVPN has the content you desire, and they are going to give you a free thirty-day trial to prove it. This VPN will keep your company and employees secure, and it can all be done with just a few clicks of the mouse.

On top of the security advantages, why not take advantage of the extra content you will have access to when you use a VPN? Streaming sites with content that was blocked before suddenly open up when you are working with a VPN. There may also be file-sharing services that you were curious about that your Internet Service Provider blocked. A VPN can open those up to you.

Servers all over the Globe

There are a vast amount of servers all over the world that support NordVPN. Think of it like a huge network that is spread out over many countries and cities so that there is also a spot close to you that you can use. They have thousands of servers which means when you access a streaming service, the performance won’t stutter or buffer while you are watching it.

The service is also easy to figure out. NordVPN supports Apple devices, Android, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Every major phone manufacture and web browser is supported to make sure that the process will be smooth. Don’t worry about finding a workaround since NordVPN is already compatible with all your favorite devices.

ZenMate VPN

2. ZenMate VPN

Looking to connect multiple devices to your VPN at your home office or for personal use? Check out ZenMate VPN, and you’re going to be impressed with how fast you understand the system and how quickly you can get it running. If you are on mobile, your computer, or router, you will find that the setup for ZenMate VPN makes sense, and you can always contact them for help with technical questions that don’t have a guide to follow.

Even a Fire TV stick can be added to the list of products supported by VPN providers now. For people serious about their entertainment, you will really like live sports from wherever you are in the world or watching a TV show from another country on the day it launches. There doesn’t have to be a lag with your shows when you subscribe to ZenMate VPN.


3. Windscribe

Is Windscribe good for downloading on their free trial? Reviewers have used the service in conjunction with torrents and other Peer to Peer services. You get ten gigs that you can use for no cost. That is roughly five or six high quality and high definition movies that you can see, and there will be no risk or cost to you. That is an awesome deal.

Windscribe will even allow this cap to reset every month. That is huge, considering you can download gigs and gigs of data for free each month. Using their servers at no cost to yourself is a hack that many don’t know about, and they give you way more than most free VPN services.


4. ExpressVPN

Last but not least on our VPNs With Free Trials list we have ExpressVPN.

Coming in last for VPN providers that will give you a free trial is ExpressVPN. They have a 30-day money-back promise that allows you to test the service. You must test each VPN service before you lock in for a contract that may extend for years. Each VPN will have a different network of servers and data centers. While one user might find the service flush with speed and high performance, another user that is further away from the servers may struggle.

After you try out the download speeds from ExpressVPN, feel free to continue the service after the thirty day period is up, or cancel and get a full refund. They will also give you credits when you refer friends who can add up to even more free service and a longer period to experiment with different download speeds and times.

A VPN for Small Companies

Small companies always need to have a VPN connection available to their employees. The cost is small compared to what can happen if you don’t have a good VPN in place. Consider this for a moment. If hackers start to track your footprints online and decipher the packets sent back and forth through the air, what would the result be?

Hackers that break into your personal account may get away with all of your funds, but that is insured. The FDIC insures personal funds so that if something dramatic happens, everything can be restored up to the insured amount. Think of this as insurance from the Federal Government. Business funds are not always insured by the FDIC, especially funds invested in stocks for the company.

The Stakes For Small Business

Not only do you run the risk of some funds not being insured, but you also have to worry about litigation as well. A small business has a responsibility to all of its customers to protect their vital personal data such as credit card information.

If you know you have been hacked, you will need to inform your customers and think of a way to retain them still. Your customers that you could not protect may now be eligible to get identity theft insurance through your company. It will not cost the customer anything, but you will be on the hook.

Similarly, if you discovered you behaved in a way that was not responsible and have your system hacked, customers may also be entitled to free credit monitoring. If you think back a few years, you will remember that we have three major reporting agencies for credit in the United States, and one of them was hacked. There was a large class-action lawsuit, and everybody that was affected is eligible to receive compensation. Do you want that to be your company?


Keep in mind that many countries have a litigious environment. If you live in a country that does not have laws to protect your company, getting hacked is a huge fear. The main problem is not always winning the legal case.

With lawsuits, high priced lawyers can bankrupt you even if you successfully win the case. With professionals charging several hundred each hour, an intensive legal battle may require hundreds of hours to research and resolve. Just the discovery process alone can be thousands of dollars that a small business will not afford. If the breach was your fault, courts will also not side with you no matter how much you spend on your legal team. It is better to take precautions and then not worry about hiring an expensive team of lawyers later to defend yourself.


In line with the above paragraphs, you have to worry about fines as well. When you don’t protect yourself and your company with a VPN, the cost of your lawyer might be the least of your concerns. Think about the penalties you will face if you did not take appropriate action to protect your customers.

When your credit card is stolen, most of the time, the bank will inform you quite quickly when they see strange charges coming from a new part of the country. The credit card company will confirm that the cardholder’s charges were not made, and you are reimbursed for the cost.

The bad news is when your company is at fault for the fraud. If your WordPress site is hacked or your company has somebody analyzing your traffic to the point they can steal your passwords and crack your database, you are going to be the one that is reimbursing customers! Charges will also be passed down to the company that had the breach. Innocent customers will not need to foot the bill when a company that didn’t take security seriously!

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