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Web Hosting Comparison 2022

If you want your site to be successful, you need to use the best host. The best host is relative, though. Each site will have different expectations and also needs. With this in mind, we wanted to make a web hosting comparison. By looking at five of the top hosts over several different categories, we can better understand how they stack up compared to each other.

How To Judge With A Web Hosting Comparison

When making a web hosting comparison, we wanted to look at the areas that will impact consumers the most. With that in mind, we looked at the areas of price, features available, the impact on the environment, and uptime.

How To Judge With A Web Hosting Comparison

1. Kinsta

Best in our web hosting comparison is Kinsta. But Why?

Price – The price for the base level of Kinsta is a bit higher than many hosts. The lowest tier they offer comes in at thirty dollars for each month. With that, though, you do get access to 20K visits, which means you won’t hit your cap unless your site starts to gain popularity. You also will be given 10 gigs of space, which should be more than enough to handle any sort of video or images that you want to display.

Uptime – Insta has strong uptime which is good if you are running a business. Since June of this year, we have seen an uptime that is perfect with 100%. If you go back to May the score dropped to 99.95% which is still excellent. Going back one more month and April had a score of 99.92%. You will not find a company that is perfect so we feel that these scores are strong.

Features – With access to SSL for security, you are going to be protected when you do transactions with Kinsta. They also offer access to their CDN. Their content delivery network was set up so that you can easily handle giant jumps in traffic and not see an outage. We recommend you always use a CDN or host that provides one.

CO2 Neutral – Kinsta is aware of the impact their service has on the environment. They put out information that shows you can estimate your carbon impact depending on how your page stacks up. They also promise that they write very clean and efficient code. This gives advantages in terms of not using as much data and electricity for transmission. This is a company we can get behind for our web hosting comparison.

The price for Cloudways is very reasonable

2. Cloudways

Price – The price of Cloudways is very reasonable. When you go with managed hosting and the Digital Ocean, the price comes out to just ten bucks each month. On top of this, you can pay as you go. That is a huge relief if you are unsure if your product or idea will be successful.

Uptime – Uptime ranks up there with most hosts of this caliber. The load time ranges from 400 – 600 milliseconds. Cloudways has relationships with Digital Ocean, Google, Cloud, Vultr, and AWS. These are all strong providers, but when they have issues, so will Cloudways. Cloudways provides regular updates when there are outages and when they are fixed.

Features – Similar to our first choice, you have a CDN that will protect you if you experience a sudden tidal wave of interest. We should all be so lucky! You also will be protected to run a business with the Secure Socket Layer running to shield data. The stage features before you go live to stop your site from going down.

CO2 Neutral – In terms of staying neutral with carbon emissions, Cloudways is tied to its use. With this in mind, Google has made large strides to be carbon neutral with its services. Cloudways also uses Amazon, which is still struggling to provide services that will be completely carbon neutral. Keep this in mind when you utilize this service.

You get a lot of great features at Inmotion when you go with their WordPress hosting.

3. Inmotion

Price – This is where Inmotion really shines. You will get a ton for just $6.99 a month when you start with this great company. You can have up to 50,000 visitors, and you get a personal version of JetPack, which will help run your site smoothly. A great deal for everything they include with this lower-tier package.

Uptime – How does Inmotion rate when it comes to uptime? Like most hosts, they say that they can provide 99.9% uptime. Is that accurate? As with most hosts, it appears it is a bit lower than that. When reviewers looked at the company over a span of two years for an accurate reading, the true number came in at 99.95%. This is still great and on the same level as many other hosts in this price range.

Features – You get a lot of great features here when you go with their WordPress hosting. JetPack will normally cost you, but they include it for free with their plan. Right there, you are going to save close to forty dollars. On top of that, they have more visitors who can access your site compared to other hosts in this price range.

CO2 Neutral – Inmotion is based out of California, where it can get hot. How do they address their carbon output? Well, they have a clever idea for their data centers. Instead of the normal form of HVAC to cool off their servers, they push the warm air outside and pull in the fresh air at a lower temperature. This saves money on the cooling of all the servers and helps the environment. On top of this, they also committed to planting 5,000 trees with a plan called Trees for the Future.

Bluehost has an amazing deal if you act right now

4. Bluehost

Price – Bluehost has an amazing deal if you act right now. When you sign up, you will get in at a rate of just $2.95 for the month. Keep in mind that this price will increase to $7.99, but that is still very low compared to what you will be getting in return.

Uptime – Many hosts will boast about near-perfect uptime. Most of the time, they are not quite what is advertised. With Bluehost’s case, many reviewers have discovered their uptime is one of the big selling points. Some have reported that their site was up 99.99% of the time, while others said they saw a slight dip to 99.98%. Either way, this is a big plus for Bluehost

Features – Like so many other hosts on the list, we will get access to SSL for privacy and protection. You also will get a free domain name. That is great and will save you some money if you are just getting started, and you don’t have a domain picked out yet.

CO2 Neutral – This is an area where Bluehost could improve. We would like to see them adopt a cooling system similar to Inmotion. If they could find a creative way to mitigate the cooling needed for all their servers and racks of machines, it will help them become carbon neutral.

The price starting off with Hosting Forest is under three dollars for the month.

5. Hosting Forest

Pricing – The price starting with Hosting Forest is under three dollars for the month, so it is comparable with Bluehost, one place above them. Of course, be careful as this price is just introductory. It will increase with time.

Uptime – Uptime is strong, and loading time for pages was fast when reviewed. It is not a huge selling point like big hosts such as Bluehost and HostGator, but Hosting Forest has good uptime stats. You should feel confident about this choice for hosting your business.

Features – Confident and competent staff. When you pay for hosting instead of going with a free option, you expect to get something for your investment. This company is going to have staff that is ready at all times to help you. Make sure that before you sign a contract, you are going to be taken care of later on. Some hosts might charge lower fees, but their customer service is usually on par with the lower price point as well.

CO2 Neutral – Just looking at the name Hosting Forest, we already know this will be a nice selling point for this company. They really work hard to make sure that people understand hosting can impact the environment. When you are looking for a host, it may seem strange at first to think about the impact you will have on the environment. Hosting Forest does a good job of informing people about the impact that you have on the environment.

A company like Amazon will usually have the fastest delivery times and adequate customer service. If you use them for hosting, though, you have to know that their bottom line comes before Earth’s health. With Hosting Forest, it is the opposite. They made sure to center their whole business around this idea of living in harmony with the world around us. They give almost a quarter of profit toward planting more trees. When you work with them, you actively employ people in other countries and give back to the world—an excellent choice.

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