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Web Hosting Coupon Codes [2022 Deals]

The landscape of the internet is changing quickly and all of us are transitioning in how we communicate, do business, and look for products. Having your own domain has never been more important, but with so many different potential hosts, how can you choose the one that is going to meet all your needs and not cost a lot on a monthly basis?

If you go with the wrong host, it can be costly to migrate a business and all your content over to a new host, so we reviewed our top four hosts along with discounts that can save you big! As always, we recommend that you head on over to these sites to make sure that we don’t miss any opportunities for savings. Let’s jump right into the list and see which one is going to be the best for your set up.

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A2 Hosting
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Why We Recommend SiteGround

First on our list for hosting is SiteGround. A very popular hosting provider that comes with a large variety of options if you want to run a high-level e-commerce business, or just have a small hobby site that you blog on to share milestones with others. There are multiple tiers with SiteGround so that you can go with a shared option if you are more mindful of cost, or dedicated servers for the users that are running large stores on the web that need to have lightning-fast load times and be very responsive for customers.

WordPress hosting is available which means you won’t need to know a lot of HTML5 or CSS3 to quickly put together a webpage and have it look great. Even a novice when it comes to web design will be able to watch a tutorial on WordPress and have a great-looking site in just a matter of hours.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is also available for users that are running a successful business and want to take things to the next level. When your site starts to outgrow what shared hosting can do, move over to the cloud to get more computing horsepower. The cloud platform will give you dedicated resources to make sure that your business is always running at 100% and it is also scalable so no matter how large your business gets, SiteGround can always add more processing power and memory to keep things running smoothly.

Starting at just $80.00 a month, that will get you 2 CPU Cores, 4 GB of Memory, 40 GB of SSD space, and 5 TB for data transfers. This is a great deal on a monthly basis and would be perfect for a business that wants to try out cloud hosting without investing a lot into it on a monthly basis.


One of the most interesting features of cloud computing is auto-scaling. Say you are running a small e-commerce store that sells toys for children. For most of the year, your sales are steady, with very few sudden jumps in business. Around Christmas time though, fourth-quarter sales start to spike for toys which means you have to be ready to handle the sudden influx of business. With SiteGround, they offer a cloud platform that is going to grow with you and make sure that you are always covered. With just a few clicks, you can start adding CPU and RAM to make sure your site can accommodate all those parents looking to do last-minute Christmas shopping. A site that can auto-scale is really a game-changer. When you are busy running a business, you can’t always monitor the stats on your site, so the owners of SiteGround set up a system where resources will be automatically added when traffic starts to jump up. This means you don’t lose any customers because the site is running slow or if the site goes down completely.

What are consumers saying about SiteGround? With customer support that is always ready to help out quickly and uptime of almost 100%, users love SiteGround and how they can always depend on it. Users have reported speeds of 681ms with free CDN coverage which means no matter what kind of spike in traffic you see, there will always be enough bandwidth to handle customers.

Right now, if you sign up with SiteGround, you are going to get 64% off with your WordPress hosting, unlimited sites, and 20 GB of space. There is no coupon code needed for this deal so try it out today! There is a reason why SiteGround is considered first on our list. They have features that other competitors don’t offer and round-the-clock service in case you run into issues. This one is highly recommended. 

a2 hosting

A2 Hosting

Coming in second on our list, we have A2 hosting. This host has all of the normal tiers that you would expect, including very inexpensive shared hosting for only $3.92 a month all the way up to business solutions where you will have a dedicated server along with complete control for only $99.59 a month. This will give you total control and allow your site to be very responsive and react quickly to users that come to your site to browse products and services.

Anything technical like running a complicated business website can run into issues. A2 is going to have you covered if you need help with live chat, customer service on standby next to the phones, and also email that is checked constantly. If you are unsure of using their service, migration over to their system is free of charge so you won’t have to worry about the cost. Right now, you can get 51% off hosting using the code “Superb Offer”. Click the Claim Discount button and put in the code right now for big savings.

ipage coupon code


This host offers a 30-day guarantee that you will love their service or you get your money back! They include all of the things you would expect from a host including a free SSL certificate so that customers can buy from you without worry, as well as round-the-clock support in case you run into technical problems.

If you have trouble designing a site, iPage offers an intuitive system to drag and drop in elements to build up your hobby site or even a powerful web-based business. iPage can boast about thousands of templates that you can work with so they will have something that will fit any business and get you up and running, even if you are not a whiz on the web. If you enjoy using WordPress, they have the tools to construct your site faster, as well as credits for ads on both Google and Bing.

If you haven’t tried iPage yet, give them a chance today. You can get 64% off the total and they have a 30-day guarantee you can count on or you get your money back. There is no coupon code and the credits for ads are perfect for any new business that is looking to dip its toes into the online world and expand its reach. Try them today!

namecheap coupon code


Namecheap comes in last for our list of hosts. Should you give them a shot and migrate over your site? Speed will not be a problem if you are using Namecheap as your host. They have the latest in web servers with a minimum of 16 Intel Xeon CPU cores plus 64GB of RAM. Think about what that could do for your customers when they are browsing your site and trying to choose a product. Not only that, but Namecheap will also provide you with fast and reliable solid-state drives that have much higher performance than any hard disk drive. All of these are backed up with redundancies in RAID configurations so that your data is safe and you will always be covered in case a drive goes down.

Namecheap also says that they do not push their machines to the limit like many hosts. If there is a sudden spike in traffic, you will not see any slowdown or hiccups in your business flow since they can kick their machines up a few gears. This also is great if you want to run more complex scripts for e-commerce. Try them out today with 25% off any new purchase. No code is required and you can see if the service is right for you.


With so many choices for web hosting, it can be confusing which one to go with. You don’t want to risk your business with a company that will have long downtimes or spotty service when that means you are going to be losing potential profits. Using this guide, you can decide which web hosting service is going to be right for you and be able to get it at a discount! All of these hosts work well with WordPress which means that you can continue to use all the themes that you already own or you can try a new one from Superb Themes. Let us know which one that you want to go with!

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