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SiteGround Free Trial – What Are Your Possibilities?

SiteGround Free Trial

Yoast is an excellent free plugin that a lot of WordPress users find very valuable. The founder said something exciting about the host SiteGround. With Yoast, they track the host their client is using. They found that when they got requests on their own product, they rarely saw any clients with an issue with SiteGround. That is a very resounding endorsement. SiteGround is being used by big-name tech companies, attorneys, and your favorite plugin creator. This is why so many want a SiteGround free trial and wants to know if that is possible?

Get the SiteGround 30-days money-back offer (free trial)!

Let us break it to you – it is impossible to get a free trial on Siteground hosting. But is it possible to get a 30-day money-back guarantee, which in many ways gives the same possibilities? We are going to show you so that you can take advantage of the 30-days money-back deal.

Why So Many Pick SiteGround

One of the main reasons so many are curious about a free trial with SiteGround is people have heard about the speed. This is why it is a favorite among professionals and people that just run a hobby site. Let’s look at some of the things that make it so fast. You have the following features:

  • CDN access
  • Solid State Drives
  • Improved version of HTTP
  • The latest iteration of PHP

All of these things are put together to create a powerhouse. Each component is like a part of the engine. Everything works together in sync and gives you extreme speed. Take, for example, their content delivery network. If you have videos or graphics that you want to show customers, the CDN will help.

They have particular geographic locations that are spread out all over the world. Think about any caching. It has information preloaded for you. These delivery locations have copies of your site ready and waiting. When a customer wants to see what you have to offer, they activate. If the network node is closer to your customer, one will take over and deliver what is needed. The name content delivery network makes a lot of sense when we think about things in these terms.

You may have heard of CloudFlare before. This is one of the most popular CDN choices. SiteGround utilizes this to great effect. You won’t need to worry about hackers flooding your system with requests. CloudFlare will stomp out attacks before they even get started.

A Great Service That Is Free

SiteGround has many ways that you can use the service for free. Are you currently in college and studying web design or databases? The professionals with SiteGround understand things are tight when you are a student. That is why they want to provide you with a huge student discount.

The plan for a student starts at under two dollars every month. You are working hard in college and possibly also working at the same time. SiteGround wants to reward that kind of attitude and give you big discounts. You will have all the same resources as a normal plan, just at lower prices. This will also include their excellent support. When you are learning about making applications and creating web sites, you may need to speak with their support team at times.

Next, we need to talk about free plans for educators. For scholars, teachers, and also organizations, you will have absolutely free hosting. This is just one way that SiteGround wanted to give back. You will be working with hosting that matches the industry standard for free. They already have partnered with many learning institutions. Why not add your own college or university to the list? You can prove you are a student or teacher with your academic email. It really is simple to get everything going for free with this service.

SiteGround Free Trial 30-days Money-back

SiteGround Do Offer A 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Maybe you are not a teacher or a student. If you are still looking for a free trial, you are in luck. You can get a SiteGround free trial for a full month. How is this possible? While they don’t advertise a free trial, you would sign up for a plan that you think will meet your needs. Make sure to use a shared plan. For many of these deals, dedicated will not be included. You also may struggle to get your money back if you register a domain. Many times this fee goes to a completely different company. These are hard to get back if you decide you no longer want the domain.

If you have further questions about the SiteGround free trial, you can contact the sales team. They are always available, and you don’t even need to get up and get your phone. Do everything right there on the site. It is easy, and if you don’t like speaking on the phone, you can figure out the details you need to start your trial.

Confirm with them exactly which programs are included under the thirty-day guarantee. Now you can operate with more confidence once you are assured that the money-back guarantee will be valid. Shared hosting can be WordPress or WooCommerce. Both are great for starting online stores, and they are easy to install with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The Paid Service

We have gone over a few ways you can utilize SiteGround for free. What can you do if you decide that you want to switch your hosting service? One of the best features is an automatic migrator plugin. If you are familiar with WordPress already, you know that you can do amazing things with a good set of plugins. The plugins for SiteGround will boost your productivity when you don’t even need to worry about your migration. Just install the plugin and click the button.

Once you have moved over to SiteGround, you can enjoy fast and secure hosting. The price is normally just under forty USD for the month, but you can get it for $14.99 by acting quickly right now. What are the features that you will enjoy at the highest tier? You will find:

  • Unlimited websites
  • 40 gigs of web space
  • Six figures for monthly visits
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Backups that are done daily
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • As many databases as you would like
  • It comes with the thirty-day trial

Please don’t take our word for it that this is a great service. This plan is eligible for the thirty-day trial. You can use it for a full month and make sure that this will work for you. Not only will you get a free trial, but you will also get a free SSL, access to a free CDN, and free email. Considering the low price that is just under $15.00 for the month, we think this is an excellent value.

SiteGround locations

What Will You Get With The 30-days SiteGround Free Trial?

There are many different hosts to pick from. We really need to talk about what sets apart this host from other hosts you might be interested in. Something to pay attention to is the technology. Anybody can put together a few data centers with outdated hardware. What you need is a team that is always using the latest and greatest technology. That is what gives you a speed advantage, and that is what will become the difference in your business.

They have an in-house implementation of Linux containers that use Apache for the webserver. In short, a Linux container keeps the application isolated from the host system. These containers let developers include all of those libraries that a program needs to function correctly. That means the application runs proficiently because it already comes with all the things that it needs. Containers make sure that the end-user has a consistent experience. In your web host case, the fact that they are taking that extra step shows that they want you to have a consistent hosting experience.

Another awesome feature would be Nginx, which is used for their reverse proxy. SiteGround can use this to send a request from Nginx to different proxy servers they control. They can send client request headers and configure buffering responses. What does all of this mean for the average user?

Using a proxy can distribute the load over many different servers. When you go with SiteGround, you can understand that there are times when they will see higher than usual traffic. The proxy will act as a load balancer so that your content over many different websites shows up seamlessly. This is the kind of technology that every host needs to invest in and understand.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we understand that you have many choices out there for hosting. If you want to go with a big name, you might pick Bluehost or decide on GoDaddy. The big names are not always the best, though. With SiteGround, you can get student discounts. Teachers and people working with universities can get free hosting. You can utilize their highest tier of service for just under fifteen dollars each month. The 30-days money-back free trial is excellent and gives you the perfect opportunity to test out their support, caching system, and load balancing done with their servers.

For further tips on getting free trials and products, make sure to visit Superb Themes. We always have the latest in software and hosting reviews. Click here for WordPress maintenance, which can help keep your site running well.

Get the SiteGround 30-days money-back offer (free trial)!

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