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What Is Duda Site Builder – and is it better than its competitors?

What is Duda? We'll tell you!

We have all heard of Wix and SquareSpace, but what is Duda? If you work as a freelancer or with an agency, you may have seen some of their ads online. Duda aims to push WordPress out of the market and claim some of their market share. So, what is Duda? Should you switch over to a new web builder? We are going to take a brief look at why Duda is better than some of the old page builders and what they can do for your company.

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What Is Duda In A Nutshell?

First we saw the rise of sites such as Weebly, Wix, and SquareSpace. These were for users that may not have been ready for something as technical as WordPress. While for many, WordPress has proven to save time and give you plenty of features. For business owners that didn’t grow up with the technology, they may struggle to understand the dashboard and how to install plugins. On top of this, WordPress is constantly targeted by hackers so you always must keep up with new patches and updates.

Duda aims to be the go-to builder and host for agencies. It is useful for all users, but many of their ads try to appeal to companies that do hosting and page building professionally. They are doing a good job of pulling market share away from companies like SquareSpace as their users get frustrated with the poor UI and UX. Builders like Wix seem buggy and don’t provide the fine granular positioning needed to make a professional site. On top of all this, when SquareSpace makes an upgrade to a new version, it can make previously compiled HTML and JavaScript useless. This is paving the way for a company like Duda to sweep in and build up a user base out of agency employees and freelancers that want an easy way to build sites outside of WordPress.

Why Not WordPress?

Why Not WordPress?

Now that we have a better idea of Duda and can answer the question, what is Duda, you also have to ask why these agencies are not just using WordPress. There are plenty of themes out there to pick from.

One of the main issues is that WordPress is open source. This is a double-edged sword. It is free to use and you can save money in terms of monthly expenses. The lowest price you will pay for Duda right now is $14.00 USD each month. You only will get this price if you sign up for the full year. While WordPress is totally free, that doesn’t mean you won’t need to pay for plugins. For a builder like Divi, you can expect to pay roughly $250.00 so that you will have continued access. In the end, by the time you buy all the plugins that you need, you will find the cost far exceeds just $14.00 every month.

Combine this with the fact that WordPress plugins don’t always work well together. When you have different authors and teams working on various plugins, conflicts arise. One plugin may cause a second plugin to stop functioning. Even if you get everything working together correctly, just one update is enough so that plugins start to clash.

Duda has the advantage of giving you the plugins that you need such as form builders and pop up ads. They are also a host so most things are all under the same roof. A big advantage!

Duda Advantages For Restaurants

Duda Advantages For Restaurants

While we think about the question what is Duda, we also need to consider the advantages that you are going to get from working with them. The pandemic swept through the whole world and upended entire industries. One of the industries hit the hardest has to be the restaurant industry. Laws and regulations have set limits on how many people can be present in the restaurant at one time. This cuts into profits and also makes the restaurant owner have to consider how many reservations to accept.

A big help in regards to this is OpenTable. What is OpenTable and how does it work? They sell online tools to restaurants for reservations. OpenTable also allows customers to reserve through them. The customer will pay nothing which makes sense. Having to pay for a reservation would be a huge turn-off for most customers. Restaurants will pay a small fee for each reservation for the service.

OpenTable reports that reservations on mobile are steadily increasing. Considering the current state of the world that makes sense. Duda is great for restaurant owners since they have widgets based around this service. It is not hard to add a button where a customer can click it and have a reservation set up with just the push of a button. This reservation is then connected to your OpenTable account. Don’t forget you can also import your menu if it is set as a CSV file. Manipulate the menu with different layouts and upload your own pictures of the food!

Custom HTML And CSS

You may be thinking that all of this sounds great, but you already have predefined parameters. Your team spent years customizing your site and they have everything set. There is a huge repository that you set up with custom HTML and CSS so that everything matches up. Can you still use Duda? The answer is yes! Even if you already spent a long time creating the perfect look for your site, you can still import this code. Let us look at an example.

[class*=”col-“] {
  float: left;
  padding: 15px;
  border: 1px solid red;

From here, you can see in our example our column on the left is set to floating. You have padding set up to 15 pixels with a red border. If you want your website to appear uniform through all of the pages, Duda needs to be able to interact with your current page and still keep your old specs. Not a problem.

Unlike other web builders, you can still import your custom HTML and CSS. You don’t have to lose the styling that you spent so long working on. This is great news for experts as well. If you understand HTML and CSS, you might just be using Duda to save time. That makes sense since using their builder will always be much faster than doing everything line by line in an editor. When you need to bring in your own custom code that you have been working on, importing it will not be an issue. They provide many detailed guides and tutorials on how to execute your own code.

Wide Variety Of Widgets

Wide Variety Of Widgets

We went over some of the great widgets you can access if you run a restaurant. What about other industries or companies? They have such a wide variety of widgets, you are going to wonder why you didn’t use them earlier. The question is not what is Duda. A better question would be why you were not using Duda before.

Say you run a dentist office. You are going to be able to take full advantage of all the widgets that have. Drag in a full interactive map. This will show customers where they can find your office as well as the other businesses that are nearby. Another button is set up for click to call. Just one press of the mouse and now somebody on their phone is in contact with your receptionist. When you are trying to increase business, you want to strip away anything that might make it harder for a customer. Making it such an easy thing to call you is a prime way you can show you care about the customers. When you are doing things like this that the competition is not, it is going to show up in your sales numbers.

Still going with the example of a dentistry office, you have other widgets that make communication easier. Buttons are present so a customer can just click on the screen and email you. Maybe they need to reschedule an appointment or get in touch with you about an emergency. In cases like this, you don’t want anything to separate you from the customer. They need to reach you quickly!

Last of all, you can also set up appointments online. With a widget that was already programmed, let people set their schedule with you. This can free up your receptionist so that she can get back to helping other clients. As you can see from this wide array of widgets, you have options for a large number of industries.

What Is Duda Conclusion

In conclusion, what really is Duda? Seeing the rise of Wix and sites like SquareSpace, they wanted to host your site and also help you build a better page. There are a large number of widgets to pick from that you won’t need to code on your own. Since the widgets and hosting platform all are created by the same company, you have better integration. If you don’t feel comfortable with using WordPress, Duda would be a good alternative.

Duda lets you avoid bringing in new plugins for WordPress and keeping them up to date. Since the widgets are built into the system, they will always be patched for security holes and flaws. They set out plenty of different layouts and templates to work with. Just like Wix, depending on what industry you work in, they will already have some nice looking sites set up. You can modify these with your own branding so that they match your colors and spacing. If you are a more advanced user, take advantage of the fact you can import your custom HTML and CSS. This is great if you already have your style sheet set. No need to complete everything all over again when your site already has a very specific look.

We also looked at how well Duda integrates with restaurants. Importing menus and doing reservations is a snap now. If you run an agency, you need to check out their two-week trial where everything is free. For more software reviews, keep coming back to Superb Themes for more information.

Are you ready to give Duda a try? Click the button & try out Duda for free.

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