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Why Choose Magento Over other e-Commerce Platforms

Why choose magento?

Ecommerce has grown explosively in the past decade and will become more so as technology further integrates into our lives. With the need for such a wide array of e-commerce websites, there also arose the need for high-quality e-commerce platforms, of which Magento has become a dominating force in the market. Over 250,000 active eCommerce stores are powered by it, which accounts for 12% of all online stores, which is a significant chunk.

Magento’s powerful yet flexible and scalable system, combined with its open-source platform, makes it a formidable software. Having an array of excellent inbuilt tools to manage your online store, its ability to be molded to suit your business is almost limitless.

But with strong competition from other platforms like WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, and Shopify, among many others, why choose Magento

Why Do People Choose Magento?

Why do major MNCs from Olympus, Asus, and Land Rover to Coca-cola and Nike choose Magento over its competitors?

Here are some of the reasons why Magento is considered the best E-commerce platform in the market

  • 100% Open source

An open-source platform means complete public access to all its licenses and tools. This creates an environment for any developer and software engineer to pool in its development and allows it to be molded to exactly the specification of its user’s needs. It also means a robust high-security system due to the many people working on it simultaneously to give Magento excellent website support.

  • Large Active Community of developers

Being an open-source community means it attracts a large community of developers, bloggers, source communities, designers, consultants, and users to consult each other on all aspects of the platform. This means common problems are brought up, and solutions are worked on as a team, with everyone having access to the other’s skills and experience. This, in turn, allows everyone to get the help they need and rapid growth of the community due to its cooperative and transparent Magento support and maintenance services.

And There Are More Reasons …

  • Flexibility Of development

Incredible versatility allows software engineers to implement new cutting-edge features to their e-commerce sites, from sweeping changes to the smallest of tweaks to easy Magento e-Commerce website development.

  • Incredible Customization options

The amount of customization possible in Magento is genuinely remarkable. From layout, design, format, style, look, icons, number of products, and payment methods, every nook and cranny of the website development can be modified to suit the requirements of the business. Many useful plugins are natively available. Even the page editor “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) is excellent as the GUI allows the layperson to customize their web pages without technical knowledge. Being open-source, the Back end code can also be rewritten if required.

Magento Free SEO
  • SEO friendly

Magento’s SEO capabilities allow for many options for URLs, sitemaps, meta tags, descriptions, tags keywords, and other search ranking elements to help raise a website’s ranking and keep its web design standards up to date using the experience optimized.

  • Scalable, responsive with high performance

Its common experience to observe that even a few hundred milliseconds of latency are enough to ruin the user experience of a website, but with Magento’s optimization, this means page loading speed is always quick, making the user experience joyous rather than a test of patience. 

Due to the platform’s high degree of customization, its scope can be scaled from the smallest of ventures to the largest of businesses without hassle.

Five More Reasons To Choose Magento!

  • Compatibility with multiple browsers and Most devices Types

Optimized to Work with almost all popular browsers, from IE, Firefox, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome to Opera. Works well on PC, Mac, or even mobile. This is very important. As 60% of online buyers use mobile phones to place their orders, features like drag-and-drop, image scaling, mobile screen optimization, etc., are natively a part of it.

  • Integration of 3rd party software/ease of integration

Many companies find it critical to use google analytics, eBay, social media, or additional payment gateways on their website. With Magento, integrating Third-party tools specific to your business needs is easy. Even content management systems like WordPress can be added hassle-free. 

  • Multilingualism and multi-currency support

As the internet connects the world, it offers diverse translation and conversion options in languages-currencies. This allows an international audience to transact on your website without any problem.

  • Seamless Checkout

Magento Platform has extensions that allow a single-page checkout option with multiple payment gateways rather than several checkouts.

  • Multitask

Things such as items, billings, and customer data can be handled from a single admin panel, allowing developers to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, saving a lot of time.

Cool eCommerce Magento


To say Magento is an E-Commerce powerhouse is a gross understatement. Regarding E-commerce Platforms, no other comes closer to their versatility and flexibility. Merchants love it due to its near-limitless native functionality and customization. Not to mention, businesses of any size will find that their system can handle all their needs. It can be scaled, customized, and modified to suit your purposes.

Check Magento out!

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