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Why Green Hosting Matters

Do you know, around 90% of children breathe harmful air daily, why? Because of us. Yes, we have polluted our surroundings to such an extent that it is now affecting the future generation’s survival. One of the reasons that causes pollution is carbon footprints on the internet. So, even the internet is responsible for degrading the environment to some level.

And to eliminate this cause, a few web hosting companies have started using renewable sources of energy and provide eco-friendly services to their customers.

What is Green Hosting?

Green Hosting or Green Web Hosting is an eco-friendly hosting where the web hosting uses the eco-friendly sources for their energy consumption and takes necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprints.

Thus, through Green Hosting, the hosting companies try to make a better impact on the environment by controlling the carbon emissions from their servers.

Why Green Hosting matters?

The website hosting utilizes a large amount of electricity, for running the servers and providing the web services as well as for powering the sources of coolants to reduce the temperature of the servers.

More is the amount of energy used, more is the amount of carbon emission. Carbon emission leaves a huge impact on the environment which also results in global warming. 

In order to reduce this, some of the web hosting companies have started using renewable sources to get electricity from. And thus they help in controlling the emission of CO2.

How can we contribute?

While using the internet over our devices, we never know how much carbon footprints are leaving. Right from the smartphones there in your hand to using computers in your office, the digital equipment consumes a lot of energy and you are unknowingly responsible for emitting the CO2.

So what to do? Well, there are certain steps that might actually help you to reduce your carbon offsets and thus make you a contributor to the environment:

Choose a Green Web hosting service

We don’t want our Earth to rot and degrade like this and thus affecting the health and life of every person here, right? So it is necessary for us that we take a positive approach and contribute to the reduction of carbon release and opt for a green web hosting service.

Green hosting

GreenGeeks is a hosting company that invests in renewable sources of energy. So, you may try and pick up GreenGeeks to host your website. Overall, Green Web hosting will reduce your carbon footprints on the environment.

2. Change your computer settings

That’s right, you can simply change some of the settings on your computer which will help you reduce the CO2 emitted.

2. Change your computer settings

Reduce the brightness of your computer and set the screen timeout to a minimum seconds after inactivity. That means, when the computer is not in use, it will go into the sleep or hibernate mode.

3. Click on “Unsubscribe”

You might be getting a lot of promotional and social emails on your account. Keep in mind that they also leave carbon footprints on the environment and you are indirectly encouraging it. Although you don’t act upon those emails or ignore them, you still are affecting the environment.

3. Click on “Unsubscribe”

What you can do is, you can simply unsubscribe to some of the emails that are not necessary for you.

4. Stop Autoplay

Normally when you visit websites like YouTube, the video starts playing automatically. This consumes a lot of energy and is affecting the environment. Just turn off the Autoplay in your settings and be the savior of nature.

With just a few of these simple steps, you can make a small impact and help in the reduction of the destruction.

How do hosting companies go for Green Hosting?

Several web hosting companies have started using servers that emit less CO2 and have a limited impact on the Environment.

Apart from this, the hosting companies buy REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) which is also termed as Credits from the Government. It is proof that they have contributed to the Energy generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar.


Using any digital devices results in a damaging environment and leaves behind its carbon footprints. So, do we need to stop using these digital devices? It’s not possible for this era though. But our little change in the habits of using the internet and devices will help us save the environment.

For example, there is a search engine Ecosia which plants a tree for every single search happening through their website. And there is also a website called that helps you know how much is the carbon offset of your website.

Choose the right hosting and contribute to the environment. Green hosting in a joint effort for both customers as well as the hosting company itself.

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