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WooCommerce Tutorial: How to rebrand and customize a WooCommerce website?

WooCommerce Tutorial: How to rebrand and customize a WooCommerce website?

Want your website to flourish? Choosing WooCommerce is the best decision you could make for your web-to-print storefront. After all, the ultimate goal is to increase your store’s revenue. WooCommerce owns 23.43% of the E-commerce market share and is downloaded 30,000 times from daily. 

This plugin is free to use and best for small to medium-sized businesses. It has already become a top-notch E-commerce solution for WordPress-powered websites. Check our guide below to set up an online store on your WordPress website with the help of WooCommerce.

What do you need to do to create a WooCommerce store?

Here’s what you need to do to set up a web-to-print WooCommerce store:

  1. Getting started with WooCommerce

Naturally, you’ll have to start by purchasing a domain name and web hosting services. While the WooCommerce plugin is free, you’ll have to pay for the hosting and domain name. 

Select a plan for your hosting account that works for you. You can upgrade later on to get more features. After that, register a domain name or use an existing one already in your use. 

  1. Setting up WordPress

Some hosting sites will offer to install WordPress automatically for you. If your hosting services don’t provide WordPress installation, you’ll have to install WordPress manually. Every web hosting service has a different setup, so contact them to learn more about installing WordPress.

  1. How to properly install WooCommerce

Next, download and install the WooCommerce plugin. It will aid you in adding products and accepting customer payments. Once you’ve installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin, you can use it to build webpages, list products, and set up payment methods. 

  1. Setting up your WooCommerce store

Once you’ve installed WooCommerce, setting up your WooCommerce store is next. You can customize your web2print WooCommerce store by following the checklist in the WooCommerce dashboard. Import products, and add taxes and shipping methods.

  1. Choosing a WooCommerce template & theme

When building your store, choosing a template or theme is crucial to give your visitors ideas about your brand. You can customize page setup and color scheme by selecting a WooCommerce theme that reflects your branding. 

The default theme is called storefront, and it won’t cost you to install it in the WordPress Theme Directory. If you want a different look, you can also buy a premium WooCommerce eCommerce theme. 

It integrates with your storefront and offers hundreds of templates. You can customize those templates to change the look and feel of your store.

  1. Installing WooCommerce plugins and extensions

The WooCommerce plugins and extensions will give absolute power to your store by creating contact forms, landing pages, and pricing tables. You can install them just like you will install the WooCommerce plugin.

Download WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin.

  1. Add products to your online WooCommerce store

Now, as your online store is ready, it’s time to add product pages, listings, descriptions, and photos. Create landing pages to highlight your best products and encourage visitors to visit your storefront. 

Other essential pages to add to your store are product pages for listing and displaying your products. They should include prices, descriptions, and photos of products. 

Once you’ve created your product pages, you can add them to your WooCommerce store’s dashboard. The dashboard will help you to link products, filter products by category, and enter shipping information.

  1. WooCommerce Resources to grow your online store

Once your WooCommerce store is set up and running, it’s time to promote and grow your online business. You can create specific resources such as:

  1. Create an email list

Most visitors will visit your store but will leave without becoming your customers. That’s why it is vital to create an email list. 

It is a direct communication method between you and your customers where you can convince them to purchase from your store. You stay in touch with your potential customers by starting an email newsletter.

  1. Track visitors

It’s imperative to track visitor traffic to your WooCommerce store to make informed decisions. The traffic data will help you learn from where visitors are coming and which products are popular and which are not. 

These insights will help you adjust your marketing strategy. You can track visitors with the help of the Google Analytics tool.

  1. Online Product Designer Software Is Literally Popping Up Everywhere

WooCommerce product personalization is everything to attract more customers and generate more revenue for your print store. It is a fact that customers pay more for personalized products. 

In this regard, WooCommerce product designer software can help with product customization. It allows you and your customers to personalize products by changing their colours, styles, sizes, fonts, and adding logos.

Check how it works:

Tips on growing your business once you have WooCommerce set up

Once you’ve installed WooCommerce and set up your WooCommerce print store, now’s the time to discuss how to grow your business. Here’s a list of tips to get the most out of your WooCommerce store:

  1. Create a sales funnel

An effective sales funnel will guide your visitors from your website’s homepage to the checkout process. But this can only happen if you use SEO and social media marketing to improve organic traffic and reach your target audience. 

Moreover, you need to implement email marketing to attract potential customers. Paid ads will also help you attract customers faster. You can use them, especially if you are starting your online store.

  1. Use extensions

WooCommerce comes with a variety of extensions to customize your online store. For instance, you can use the payment extension to increase the range of payment methods at checkout. With the booking extension, you can let customer’s book orders.


Our guide about setting up a WooCommerce store will hopefully help you create one. We understand that building a WooCommerce store from scratch can be challenging. 

Integrate WooCommerce product designer with your store to offer personalization to your customers. Undoubtedly, your customers can’t turn down the chance of customizing print products!

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