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WordPress Care Plans- Get 24/7 Technical WordPress Support!

WordPress care plans

You check your computer to see that many orders have just come in. The volume is much higher than usual. Jumping on Slack, you send out the call to the rest of your team. Everybody is pitching in to take orders from the queue. Rushing over to your shipping station, you start to print off shipping labels to get the orders out. When you move back to the computer, you notice something is wrong with your site. Your WordPress site is not displaying all of your products correctly! It would be best if you had a WordPress care plan. There are many WordPress care plans! Which one is the best? Let’s go over some of the most highly regarded WordPress care plans and why you need one.

A WordPress Necessity

You might have felt like you could relate to the scenario from the beginning of our article. Online commerce is becoming more popular, but it is also bringing up new issues. In the past, you were just worried about the phone lines getting jammed up or your shipping company hit with a backlog. Now the problems with commerce are growing. You need to worry about your WordPress site. How do you fulfill all of your shipping needs and maintain good logistics? If your WordPress site has issues, it could cost you thousands in revenue.

More than likely, you need one of many WordPress care plans. These plans are designed for busy business owners that need to focus on their core business. If you find that it takes longer and longer to keep track of everything on your site, now may be the perfect time to switch over to a care plan.

Here is what some customers are saying about their current care plan. “It makes my job easier. We tried to manage all of our WordPress site parts, but we could not do it all. Our internal teams were struggling with the work. Roadblocks disappeared when we got WordPress care.”

If you can relate to this customer, you may want to consider working with a company like WP Buffs or Superb Themes. Both of them can give you a big headstart in terms of your site.

WP Buffs WordPress care plans

WP Buffs – A Great Provider Of WordPress Care Plans

How much is your business worth to you? Is it your only source of income? That answer is going to be different for everybody. People are growing their online businesses at a rapid pace. Things are evolving quickly in the eCommerce space, and some may have quit their office job to start an online business. You need to be protected if you make all of your income or a massive chunk of it from online sales.

Check out WP Buffs care plans

WP Buffs costs only $67.00 a month, and you will have emergency support. That is worth it. If you have an emergency that happens at two in the morning because of a server failure, you can get on the line with somebody. That means a lot. The more you make from your WordPress site, the more you should be willing to put toward protecting your assets. Along with around-the-clock emergency support, they will also make copies of your site. If you have ever had to go back to an older version of a site because of a bad plugin, you already know how important this is.

Many companies do not offer WordPress care. WP Buffs and Superb Themes are part of just a few ready to help you out with your WordPress site. They can help you stay on track and ensure everything is up to date and appropriately patched. If you care about your business, it would be a great idea to look at what they offer.

Superb Themes WordPress care plans

Superb Themes Offers Top Class WordPress Care

WP Buffs is incredible, but Superb Themes is better in many ways. Please look at some of the top features you will get when you work with them.

  • Optimized pages
  • Faster load times
  • Around the clock support
  • Security to stop hackers
  • Updates to make sure everything is patched
  • Backups that are made every day

As you can see, Superb Themes offers everything you can get with WP Buffs and even more. In addition are going to make sure your site is secure. Updates are always coming out for plugins. Why is this?

Check out SuperbThemes care plans

If you look at a site like WPScan, you can see a long list of plugins and how they were vulnerable at one point. Some flaws in a plugin have never been patched. Other flaws can not be fixed. It is essential to stay on top of these plugin updates. If a plugin has an XSS flaw, that can be used to deface your site. It also can be used by a hacker to escalate their access. They might be able to send HTTP requests or even access a user’s microphone and location in the world. Think about your customers and how they would feel betrayed if this information got out.

It is best to work with a team like Superb Themes to avoid things like this. We know it might seem overwhelming having to deal with so many aspects of a website. So why not just have the experts take over at a low cost? That makes things simple, and then you won’t need to worry about that aspect anymore.

Speed For Your Page

It is not just enough to have a team that can help you around the clock when WordPress has an error. You need to go beyond just making backups and restoring data when things go wrong. If you invest in WordPress maintenance, you probably have an important business running through your WordPress page. That page needs to have speed improvements.

Many clients will come to a WordPress maintenance provider and wonder why their site is slow. If you constructed it with Divi or some other popular builders, there is a lot of code behind the scenes you can’t even see. This code makes HTTP requests when somebody is trying to see your page. All of these nodes in the DOM make things load much slower than they should. If this sounds confusing, it would be better to hire Superb Themes.

They can help you with WordPress problems, but they are also proactive. These experts know how to speed up your site as well. They have tools that can compress images. The support team can get your site loading in under two seconds. With that kind of guarantee, you are going to have more customers. Additional customers will lead to higher sales. Higher sales, in turn, will allow you to expand into more markets. You will be creating a domino effect of success. To get going, contact Superb Themes. With their program, they will have you secure and convert more customers than ever before.

FixRunner WordPress care plans

Fixrunner – Another Choice

The last on the list for WordPress support is Fixrunner. We would place them last on the list in terms of WordPress care plans. The service starts at under sixty dollars a month for the lowest tier but means you need to sign up for three months. They can provide many of the same options you have seen with other plans, but you are missing many things at the lowest tier. For example, you won’t have a dedicated account manager. That means the person on the other end of the line often won’t understand the full story with your problem.

Get FixRunner support and maintenance with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

Overall, this service is not bad and has a few advantages. If you only need help one time, you can use them for a one-time visit. This might be a case where your whole site has failed, and you need it back up quickly. Of course, you will need to pay a premium for this. Since you were not signed up for their service before, you will need to pay more to get things up and running again. On the other hand, if you have a good understanding of WordPress and think you can do things yourself, you could use this one-time feature. We would place this service last when thinking about WordPress care plans.

The Top WordPress Care Plan

In conclusion, we will rate the care plan from Superb Themes as the best one. We get rid of many annoying features that you might see with Fixrunner, such as constantly getting transferred to many different employees. Also, the Superb Themes team they have been making both themes and plugins for years. His type of experience is precisely what you need if you wonder why your current theme is not working. They will be experts in a WordPress care plan since they generate new themes and plugins that mesh well with the themes.

If you have not checked out what they offer right now, click on this link. You will see all the benefits you will get when you sign up for the service through them. F you have any questions, send them a quick message. They can explain to you how everything works! Then, it will be a simple task to get everything going.

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