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WordPress Maintenance Service With Backup

WordPress Maintenance Service With Backup

Bugs in WordPress are frustrating and can cause significant issues with your site. Some glitches and bugs can’t be reproduced easily, making them even more challenging to diagnose. WordPress maintenance services can help figure out bugs before they become a problem. Some issues with WordPress may even have your whole site lost if you are not careful. This is why it is essential to use a WordPress maintenance service with backup. Then, when you have another copy of your site on hand, you don’t need to worry about lost business or extended downtime. In this guide, we are going to look at several services. Which is the best WordPress maintenance service with backup?

Superb Themes Maintenance Backup Service for WordPress

Superb Themes Maintenance

An excellent choice if you want help from a team that understands every aspect of WordPress. This group of experts creates their themes and plugins. They make sure all of their codings are streamlined. The themes from Superb are light in weight which means your site is ranked higher and will also load up faster than competing sites. Look for the following features:

  • Your site will become faster overnight
  • Constant monitoring to make sure your site is always working
  • Website security
  • Backups that are updated every day

Not every maintenance service provides backups. When you go with Superb Themes, they can advise you on how to make your site faster, and also they give you daily backups. If you have worked with WordPress for some time, you already know many things can take your site down. A lousy update, version conflict, or even hackers can all bring your site down to the point it takes weeks to repair.

Superb Themes Maintenance Has Frequent Backups

When you have frequent backups, you won’t need to worry about going down for weeks. Superb will show you where your site backups are going, how to access them, and how to test updates to go through smoothly. If you run a business through WordPress, this is a must. Think of this as the insurance that you need to keep everything on at all times.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with the pros with Superb Themes. They will let you know what they recommend to improve your site and ensure it is safe.

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WP Buffs backup service for WordPress

WP Buffs

This maintenance team is well known due to extensive marketing and various promotions. WP Buffs have their staff spread out over the whole globe. When team members in many different countries have an emergency, they can help you right away.

One of the big things they can promise is regular backups for your data. So what are some of the other significant features you can look forward to?

  • All backups are done automatically
  • Amazon servers are used for your data
  • One-click restore
  • Staff is always ready to help you with a restore

It is essential to use the right kind of servers for your data. The S3 servers have a simple-to-use interface. You can store any amount of data that you have. The cloud can automatically adjust and keep up with exabytes of information. You can make these backups when you want. Have an image ready before you make a big update or install new software.

WP Buffs Backup For Developers

If you are a developer, the WP Buffs backups provided through Amazon are even more critical. The cloud allows you to access backups from anywhere in the world. When looking for the best WordPress maintenance service with backup, ensure that you have those abilities associated with the cloud. Your backups should be reliable, fast, inexpensive, and also scale up quickly.

If you want to start up a maintenance schedule, give them a call. A discovery call is all you need to figure out what sort of backup plan will work for you.

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FixRunner backup service for WordPress


Need even more WordPress maintenance choices that also come with a backup? Our next candidate is FixRunner. With this service, they also have sites spread out all over the globe. Backups are constantly looked at to make sure your data is safe and accessible at all times. Let’s look at some of the most notable features.

  • Guides are provided in regards to how to do your own backups
  • Save your backup sites in many different formats
  • Based in the United States so users in North America will always have support
  • Very responsive support teams

When you pick your maintenance company, you need to go with a team that knows what they are doing. If you choose a team that doesn’t have regular backups done, you could be losing a considerable amount of data.

Take, for example; you run an online business. Now the importance of WordPress maintenance and backups is even higher. Think about what would happen if you lost all of your data from the last few days because you never created a backup every day. The result would be devastating. What would happen to all of your online orders? Could you recover those? Would you still have access to the shipping addresses and payment information? It only takes one disaster to sink an online business that relies on its data.

We highly recommend signing up with a maintenance plan ASAP if you run an online company. Make sure they offer backups, and you can understand all of the technical details that they go over. If the support staff can’t explain what they are doing, go with FixRunner.

Get FixRunner support and maintenance with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

GoWP  backup service for WordPress


The last maintenance company on our list, GoWP has surprised much of the industry. They have many options that you won’t see with your regular maintenance service. Need a project manager? Don’t worry about it. Soon, you will be able to hire a project manager that will show you some real improvements to all of your current endeavors. Feel like you could use a developer in your office? Hire a part-time developer that understands themes, plugins, and API calls. It is fantastic to hire a developer every month for a little over $2,000.00. What are the other good features to consider?

  • Regular backups to protect your data
  • Your developer can interact with the backups and make adjustments
  • Upload backups from the cloud so that they are ready to go automatically

Since GoWP offers the help of a developer, you can ask them for advice with your backup images. Maybe you want to make some adjustments to the drivers. Those drivers can be tweaked while the system is saved as a backup. That means if things go down, you will be back up very quickly. Don’t worry about downloading drivers for everything again to get started. All of that will be done for you.

Another considerable benefit comes in the form of hiring a developer to manage your backups and system. It takes time to test all of your backups to ensure they function correctly. Why not have an expert make sure that your system is working? You won’t need to worry about possible downtime in the future if you are working with a team like GoWP.

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WordPress Maintenance Service With Backup 2022

Why is it essential to find a WordPress service that gives you automatic backups? You may think that you are protected since you constantly update your software, but there are still risks. Like anything involving software, you need to be ready to wipe your system and rely on your backups.

Look at the site This site promotes security for the WordPress community. They point out that we all need constant backups because of the high number of zero-day exploits. These zero-day exploits are hacks or faults in the software that have not been disclosed yet. For example, the Eternal Blue hack that came out a few years ago cost large companies hundreds of millions of dollars. Even the infrastructure for cities like Baltimore was hit with ransomware that took advantage of the zero-day exploit. You can get insurance for such events, but the insurance companies won’t always payout. At times, they may say that the hack originated overseas, and your policy doesn’t cover attacks from nation-states.

If the zero-day exploits were not bad enough, also points out that you might be contending with forever-day exploits. Do you use plugins that are no longer supported by the team that made them? Sometimes the company will go bankrupt or move on to other projects. If they no longer support the software, any vulnerabilities may never be patched. This can lead to a system that can never be entirely secure.

These are the kinds of issues you need to consider when considering which maintenance company for WordPress comes with backups. In addition, there will always be new exploits found in the different plugins and aspects of WordPress.

Wrapping Up

We looked at many good options for WordPress maintenance services that also come with backups. If you feel like your site might be targeted by hackers, you need one of these services right away. They can ensure you are protected, and your site will be covered. Check back with us again soon, and we will go over more guides and tips on keeping your site always online.

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