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WordPress Maintenance Service Pricing

WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress is an easy platform to use relative to the other CMS choices you have. Still, it can seem like a full-time job keeping your site going. There are backups for the area that needs to be made. You always need to make sure you have the latest patches and updates. Hackers are always looking for a way to take over your system. How can you keep up? With WordPress maintenance, these jobs fall on the experts. This article will look at WordPress maintenance service pricing. Then we can discover the best service at each tier.

Many New Choices For WordPress Maintenance Service Pricing

It is no secret that WordPress has won the battle in terms of popularity. Like Google with their Chrome browser, WordPress took over because it was easier to use and faster to develop. WordPress became the leading CMS platform; many different companies reached out to the public as experts in this industry. Look at just a few of the new maintenance companies now. Curious minds, Four Kitchens, and Doubledome. You probably have never heard of these before. New companies are popping up all the time.

Which maintenance company can you trust? We want to look at the top maintenance companies out there that will keep our site running at all times. If hackers break into the system, you need to have multiple backups ready to go. For consumers that are trying to pick the best maintenance company for the money, read through all of this WordPress maintenance service pricing guide. You will have a better idea about what each tier will cost, and you will be able to switch to a better service if your current company is charging too much.

Wp Buffs services

1. WP Buffs

This is one of the leading services you can choose for WordPress maintenance. There are six levels of service to pick from, depending on how large your company is.

Maintain – $56 a month. This basic tier comes with backups, emergency support, and updates to ensure your system is properly patched. In addition, it will integrate well with Google Analytics to study where your customers are coming from and which devices they are using.

Protect – $123 a month. When security is a high priority, upgrade to protect. Including iThemes security software, this level includes everything you would normally get with the Maintain level plus increased security. Recommended if you run a business or host data that is valuable.

Perform – $164 a month. Need your site to be more performant? This tier is only a slight increase over Protect in price, and you get many more options. Your e-Commerce site will get priority help and access staging areas so that your new rollout will go well. Education is provided through LearnDash. If you get malware in your system, it will be entirely removed. The sites will also come in multiple languages.

Custom Pro – $373 a month. If you want a custom solution, that is also offered. The experts can make sure the custom code on your site is always running strong. Monitoring is considered a high priority at this stage, even with a fully customized site. You also have access to Git management. This helps keep your codebase clean and organized as you make changes regularly. Call in today for your discovery period. They will be able to find a good plan for you that works.

Custom Solutions

As we can see, WP Buffs has a wide variety of WordPress maintenance service pricing. If you need a custom solution, the price is very reasonable, and the cost per month will be customized to your circumstances. In addition, their sales staff will adjust how much you will pay depending on the number of sites, how often they need to be updated, and the number of features they come with.

Enterprise-level companies can also give them a ring to go through the discovery process. Explain how many sites need maintenance and give the rep a good idea of what you expect from their team of experts. No matter how many sites you have that need to be managed, they will find a solution. The discovery call will only take twenty-five minutes, and you can schedule it at any point. Set up an appointment today with the easy-to-use system.

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FixRunner Maintenance

2. FixRunner

Another popular solution for WordPress maintenance, FixRunner, gives you one-on-one support. Depending on the tier that you pick, you can speak with an expert for a total of four hours each month. How many times have you thought to yourself that you could use a WordPress expert to talk with for a few hours to get something resolved? Now you can get time alone with support built right into your plan. Let’s see what you get at each level of pricing.

Premium – $49 every month. Feel like you can’t keep up with changes being made to your site? Don’t worry. Even at the lowest tier, you get detailed notes for every task. Support will be provided by email or through the chat feature. You can also have your site optimized for speed, and all updates to WordPress will be automatic. The site is constantly being scanned for malware and monitored to ensure it doesn’t go down. Talk with one of their experts for a full 90 minutes every month.

Rocket – $79 every month. When you use the next tier up, now you can sit down with their expert staff for a total of two hours during the month. You get support for your online shops. SEO is optimized so that more people can find your business. The response time from staff is increased. At any time, if you find your site has malware, they will remove it quickly and also implement current security software that you might have on hand. Your online store will be secure with this plan.

The Top Tier

Advanced – $129 every month. This is the highest level plan and will come with a total of four hours to talk with their staff. If you have significant issues that need to be addressed, this is the right tier for you. Four hours will be enough time to resolve even the most critical issues. Complete malware removal can be done if you are hacked. Bring your site back up from a failed update or invalid patch. In the world of technology, anything can happen. Drivers need to be rolled back. A lousy patch needs to be removed. When you require your site consistently to be up, go with a plan that costs a little over a hundred dollars and allows you to work with the experts for a total of four hours to resolve your problems.

There will also be a dedicated account manager on hand and phone support. The dedicated account manager will better understand the site’s history. You won’t need anybody to get up to speed since the account manager only works with a small number of areas. Staging can be used to make sure that new updates and plugins will go smoothly. If you are worried that your site might cost you business when it has downtime, use the staging feature to see what will happen when you make changes in the system.

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GoWP WordPress Maintenance Service

3. GoWP

WordPress maintenance service pricing is essential to consider when hiring a developer. GoWP offers you many options for developers, maintenance, and even project managers.

Part-Time Dev – $2299 a month. Do you need a developer but feel like you don’t have the funds to pay for one every month? Why not just hire a developer from GoWP? They can help you with custom themes, integration with an exciting API, or installing plugins. Every day, you get to talk with your developer for a total of four hours. In addition, they have a kickoff call at the very beginning to know what to expect, and the developer can learn about your needs.

It can be a real struggle to find a developer to help you out with issues in WordPress. You can hire one already vetted for such a low cost is a great asset. Take advantage of it today if you feel like you could have always used a dev. Remember, you have a five-day refund period. If things are not working out, stop the service, and they can find a better plan for you.

Maintenance – $29 every month. You may have noticed that this is the cheapest plan in terms of maintenance on this list. That is correct. If you are looking for the lowest price possible, GoWP is the one to go with. Backups are created regularly to make sure your site is kept safe. Contact customer service if you need help with any updates or patches.

Popular Tiers

Unlimited Edits – $79 every month. There is never enough time in the day to take care of all the client requests. Don’t sweat it. They now have a plan where you pay less than a hundred every month, and then you can get unlimited edits.

Project Management – This tier is coming soon and will allow you to hire a project manager for less than $2000.00 every month. GoWP impresses us with the different tiers they are currently offering to help companies of all sizes.

Overall, GoWP has many different ways to boost your business. However, looking through all these different pricing tiers, we are sure you will find an option that will save you time and allow you to focus more on your core business.

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