WordPress Maintenance 2020

Like everything related to technology, WordPress updates constantly. With an average of updates six times a year, you need to stay on top of what is happening on the platform that your site uses. Most of the time, updates come out to correct bugs and also patch security holes. The developers for WordPress also strive to constantly make the system easier to use and improve it with new functions. These new features are passed down in the form of updates, but if your version of WordPress is behind, you won’t be able to take advantage of all the new bells and whistles. It is important to keep track of new updates coming out since it will give you a performance boost. Just like a car that needs to be looked at regularly to run well, your site needs a mechanic that can see the moving parts and make sure they are still running properly.

Keep in mind, it is not just WordPress core that comes out with new updates to add features. The themes that you are using to create great designs also are getting updates as they shift to keep up with current trends in web design. Plugins also change to correct security flaws and morph to match updates to other parts of the WordPress ecosystem. This may seem like a lot of moving parts that all must work in tandem together and you would be correct. Keeping your site up to date with all the latest patches and programs can be difficult which is why it is better to use a professional that knows their way around the platform.

WP Buffs

WP Buffs

Are you ready for the experts to come in and improve your WordPress experience? This company is great because they can do so much for you. Need an edit to your site at 2:00 in the morning because you have a big launch the next day? Just contact the buffs and they are going to jump on it! What kind of service can they offer?

Plugins always need to be updated. Each one is a unique piece of software that can be coded by anybody with the skills to program. Each time WordPress moves to a new version, the coders that put together the plugins need to also make sure their software is in line with the new updates. The skilled professionals at WP Buffs keep up with the latest plugins so they know what to install and what will be compatible with your site. 

What happens when you install a plugin that is not compatible? Software conflicts can occur. If you are doing things by yourself, you run the risk of plugins clashing with what you already have running on the live site. WP Buffs can keep an eye on your site and inform you if one of the new updates has started to cause issues. These problems can range from broken links to slow performance. If you are not familiar with how to deal with these issues, it can waste a lot of time trying to figure out the right combinations of software. Leave it to a team that does this work everyday and use WP Buffs! In the long run, if your whole site goes down and customers can’t purchase from your online store or access services, you will end up losing a lot more money than what you would have spent on getting service from the experts.

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Security Updates, Emergency Support & Backups

Every CMS is potentially a goldmine for hackers. If they can break into your system, hackers can turn your site into a factory for spam. This will destroy your online reputation and make you liable for any sensitive information they are able to pull from your databases. WP Buffs are experts in this field and understand what plugins will be vulnerable. When you use their service, view it as insurance against malicious users ruining your store. We all have insurance for our physical business. Why would you not have insurance for your online store? WP Buffs provides a great way to harden your defenses and they will watch the site carefully for any unusual activity.

Security Updates & Fixes

Some business owners may argue that their site will stay under the radar of hackers. Aren’t criminals after large targets with deep pockets to exploit? While it is true hackers will go after systems they think will hold the most to gain, hackers are looking for any access point that they can control. Not only that, hackers no longer have to look manually. Bots can do all the work for them.

Once a system is detected that can be compromised, the hacker will try known vulnerabilities with your current themes and plugins. WP Buffs is able to watch out for these exploits, but when you are not using their service, you are flying solo. Once the criminals are in your system, your whole system can be involved in DDoS attacks against other sites! It may also be used to send massive waves of spam which the search engines will pick up on. Your IP address is going to be blacklisted for spam which means any work you put into content and SEO is going to be destroyed. You will need to start back from square one to build up your reputation with Google again. This is a heavy blow to any business owner that can be avoided when you use a professional service already on the lookout for suspicious activity.  

Site Inspection & Services

Site Inspection

Have you inspected your site lately? As a business owner, you are constantly busy and may find it difficult to keep tabs on everything on your site. When customers go through your site, are they finding images that are formatted improperly? Are there broken links that point to nothing? All of this can be avoided with WP Buffs on the job. They are able to quickly scan for broken links that are going to turn off customers and make navigation a pain. Not only that, but a site that has obsolete links is going to hurt your rankings in the SERPs as well. Google crawls your whole site and can tell when you have broken links which reflect poorly on the site. Don’t let your work on SEO get sidetracked just because of a URL that was input improperly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that during the inspection, WP Buffs will come across other things that may not be broken, but could be improved. With a deep understanding of the plugins and services out there, they may be able to give you tips on image compression, load times, and themes that could work for your particular business. It always pays to consult the experts when it comes to making money.

Maintenance Pricing

Maintenance Pricing

WP Buffs comes with many different tiers you can choose from that let you control how much help you’re going to get with your digital asset. The lowest tier is Maintain. With this, you will have regular backups that you can use to refresh the site if things go down, reports going out to you each week, and regular updates for all of the functions on the site. They will monitor your site around the clock so that it is protected even when you are asleep. Even better is the emergency support. If you run an e-commerce store, a lot can happen when your income is based on the web. Act with confidence when you know that WP Buffs is there to back you up when you don’t understand something or make a mistake. 

The Protect tier goes a step further and gives you access to iThemes Security Pro which is going to act as security for your site. The experts at WP Buffs will adjust and customize iThemes Security Pro so that it integrates well with existing plugins and content. The last tier is Performance. This is for business owners that need a lightning fast load time and the ultimate in image compression. With this many choices, there is going to be a tier that fits your site!

Updates, speed optimization & Bugfixes

Updates, speed optimization & Bugfixes

Any major investment is going to require maintenance. If you put down a large down payment for a car, most owners are aware that they need regular maintenance. You have a set schedule where you will bring your car into the garage and have them check the fluid levels along with a safety inspection to make sure that everything is going to be safe on the road. Your oil needs to be changed out on a regular basis to make sure everything is working smoothly and you have enough lubricant for the system to function properly.

In a similar way, you need regular maintenance for a WordPress site. Would you purchase a home and then not check on the maintenance schedule? That kind of foolish behavior could leave you with a broken HVAC system in the summer or a hole in the roof that can cause massive damage. It is better to pay for preventative maintenance so that major problems don’t pop up and cost you a large amount later on.

What exactly does a company do that offers maintenance for your site? This can encompass many things. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons you will want to sign up for a regular check up for your site.

Are you ready to get started with WP Buffs? Book your call with WP Buffs to get a 10-20% discount!

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