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WordPress Monthly Maintenance Packages

When you first started your business, you had a passion for your core business. Owners that run a food truck love cooking and trying out new recipes. Financial advisors enjoy guiding people toward retirement and making sure their money will grow. When you start up a site on the web, it brings all-new challenges. It often feels like you spend hours dealing with stubborn plugins instead of staying centered around your core business. WordPress maintenance can help. In this article, we want to focus on WordPress Monthly Maintenance Packages. Which one is the best? We will look at pricing lists for all the top services.

WP Buffs monthly

1. WP Buffs

One of the most popular maintenance sites is WP Buffs. They are very versatile, with the ability to white-label the service and do unlimited edits for you. Their team is spread out all over the globe, which means you always have a rep that can help that is sharp and on the ball. What about the WordPress Monthly Maintenance Packages with them? How much does each tier cost?

Maintain ($56 a month) – The lowest package you can get through WP Buffs. It comes with regular updates to ensure your plugins are always secure and running smoothly. You will also receive regular reports to ensure that you are in the loop with your site. In addition, your site is monitored, and you also have access to emergency help if you need it. The price of $56.00 a month is billed to you as an annual lump sum.

Protect ($123 a month) – If security is essential, go with this next tier up. When working with sensitive data, it is necessary to take extra precautions. While a firewall is excellent, it doesn’t catch everything. Use of a reverse PHP shell and Netcat can quickly compromise your site. You will get iThemes for free with this tier. Pricing is billed annually at this rate.

Perform ($164 a month) – Lock in with the highest tier if you can’t afford for your site to go down. You have four backups every day to make sure data is never lost.

On top of this, you also get to the front of the line for support and malware removal if your site is compromised.

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Superbthemes monthly

2. Superb Maintenance

Next, let’s look at Superb Themes. Keep in mind they are developers that can create plugins and themes. This means they can help you with any issue that comes up. Next, they can explain any problems in simple terms to understand what is happening.

Personal ($99 a month) – This first tier is suitable for individual sites. You will have around-the-clock monitoring to make sure your place is always safe. The site will also integrate easily with Google Analytics to give you an edge in data analysis.

Business ($189 a month) – The next step up in your tier will be appropriate for small businesses. You have access to iThemes security for WordPress since your data needs to be safe. Next, you also get unlimited edits for your content—an excellent deal for the price.

Enterprise ($249 a month) This highest tier is appropriate for large companies. You get access to WP Smush for free as well as WP Rocket. The site is optimized for both speed and SEO. They remove malware ASAP. No trace of malware can be found after the team scans the system. Perfect for a business owner that needs results fast.

Check out SuperbThemes maintenance and be ready for the future!

GoWP monthly package

3. GoWP

Are you looking for a good deal on maintenance? Have you heard of GoWP yet? They can give you many different tiers to pick from to find a deal that works for you.

Maintenance ($29 a month) – This is an excellent deal at under thirty dollars every month to use their maintenance service. You will get ninety days of backups. These are done off-site in case of a natural disaster. A flood or wind storm can quickly take out your whole setup if you don’t have RAID set up with other drives to pull from.

Content Edits ($79 a month) – Out of all the tiers, this one is very popular with agencies. You have access to unlimited edits that you can use to save time. Clients always need something tweaked on their website. Get it all done quickly with less than a hundred every month.

Landing Page Builder ($1299 a month) – If you find yourself designing a large number of sites, this tier might be right for you. They can assign a dedicated developer to you to ensure your concepts are brought to life. This is an excellent deal considering you are getting your page developer and designer for right around $1000.00 for the month.

Dedicated Developer ($2299 a month) – Looking for a dedicated WordPress dev. Many will tell you that they can do the work when, in reality, finding a competent developer will take time. Many will spend weeks or even months trying to find the right person. GoWP eliminates the search process and assigns a veteran developer to your team to write custom code for your WordPress site.

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Fixrunner monthly packages

4. FixRunner

Located in Atlanta here in the United States and Israel, this team has an extensive spectrum of products. Do you feel like you don’t need monthly support? Speak with them about just a one-time fix. This includes getting rid of ransomware or malware that has invaded your system. What do these different pricing plans look like?

Premium ($49 a month) – This is the first tier, and it comes with speed optimization and regular backups. Many people like to use this tier because of how low the price is, and it also includes very detailed notes. When a change is made, you will have all the details to know what has changed.

This is very important if you ever move to a new host and need proof to show what has been modified on your site.

FixRunner Rocket and Advanced

Rocket ($79 a month) – At this next tier, you get a total of two hours each month to talk with a WordPress expert. That is more than enough time to resolve most issues with your site. On top of that, you also get faster response times. So when it is your income on the line, utilize this higher tier to get better response times from the support staff.

Advanced ($129 a month) – As the name states, this is for advanced users. This is the tier to work with when you need a significant overhaul done. You are going to get four hours to speak with the WordPress pros. In addition to this, you also get a dedicated account manager. So if anything goes wrong, your account manager is going to be on it. This is the highest tier, and it also is the best in class. Business owners should note all the different features you get when you pay a little over a hundred dollars.

Get FixRunner support and maintenance with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

WordPress Monthly Maintenance Packages Conclusion

That is our list in terms of the best WordPress monthly maintenance packages. We hope that you can find a service that will work for you. GoWP offering a dedicated developer for your company only charges a little over two grand each month. This is a unique tier that you can’t find at many maintenance companies. Many times, hiring a developer for your site is a long and drawn-out process. You will save a lot of time getting a developer that is already vetted. After they complete the work order, you can always cancel the service. That is the beauty of these different tiers. You can always move down a tier or up a tier depending on your needs for the month.

SuperbThemes Offers Unique Maintenance

Superb Themes also offers a unique perspective in terms of maintenance. They are professional developers with a long list of free and premium themes. If you have already worked with some of their themes, give the maintenance service a try. The experts with Superb can create their plugins as well. These range from tables that can be used for online commerce to social media signals.

When you talk about a team that understands SEO and social media with WordPress, Superb Themes will be your best bet. Contact them if you are curious about the different tiers you can sign up for. They will be happy to explain what each tier can get you with their company.

Moving Forward

It will be more important than ever to have WordPress maintenance in the future. They can protect your site from hackers and help you make edits for customers. If you are serious about taking your site to the next level, contact one of these companies for a trial package. You can see how the service works and if it will suit your team. Check back with us again soon for more tips and tricks.

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