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WordPress Requirements – What You Need To Get On Track

WordPress Requirements

Launching almost twenty years ago, WordPress was small and unknown when it first began. Back then, the concept of a CMS was not familiar with most marketing firms or website owners. WordPress is now the leading content management system, and it just continues to grow. It has well over half of the CMS market, and that includes all content management systems. Drupal and Joomla continue to see their market share shrink as more people switch over. This leads us to wonder, what are the WordPress requirements? How can you have a WordPress server? When we go over WordPress server requirements, you will understand exactly what you need to develop your own system.

WordPress Has Experienced A Huge Growth

Not only is WordPress one of the biggest platforms to get your content looking great, but it is also growing fast. You have 600,000,000 related searches in Google, which shows people want to know more. Some WordPress updates will clock in with over 25 million downloads. When you think about how much growth has happened with around 500 employees, you know that they are just getting started! Here are the WordPress requirements that you need to get going with WordPress.

WordPress Requirements List

Why has WordPress grown so fast? It is because it is versatile and integrates well with other companies. The requirements are not high, which means almost any host can offer you a WordPress site. For example, look at what is needed to run version 5.2:

  • Disk space needed is only a gig
  • Your web server can be Apache or Nginx
  • The database can be MySQL or MariaDB
  • RAM should be around 512MB or higher
  • PHP needs to be version 7.3 or higher
  • A processor is required that will be 1.0Ghz or more

As you can see from these requirements, it is a simple process to get WordPress running with almost any host. If you wanted to, you could easily run a WordPress server on an old computer that you own at home. You need to make sure you are using the latest PHP version and have your database up to date.

Instead of running your own WordPress server, though, why not just have a host that can help you?

Bluehost requirements

Bluehost – Easy To Work With

Bluehost is a host that gives you an easy way to work with WordPress, and the cost will be very reasonable. The base tier is only going to cost you $3.95 for the month. You can easily get a processor that matches the requirements that we listed out earlier. Along with this, they give you 50 gigs of SSD storage. That is much more than the gig or space that you need to run WordPress. You will have plenty of room to add nice looking videos or create a large database of customers.

On top of all this, remember that you are working in a solid-state. That is perfect because, as we all know, you will have faster speeds when you are trying to access data. Have you ever noticed that when you read and write a lot of data to a mechanical disk, that constant motion can start to break the device? When you are going through a lot of data, you might start hearing a clicking noise from the disk! Avoid all of this when you work with solid-state storage. You will be happy when you start to work with Bluehost, and you see how easy it is to set up WordPress.

WordPress requirements – Hosting

Another Choice For Hosting

Need another hosting choice for WordPress? No problem. Kinsta has low priced plans for WordPress as well. You will have an easy one-click install option with WordPress. That means you don’t need to go back and forth loading up the files. Everything is done for you when you head over to the dashboard and click the button to install all the files you need.

On top of this, you can try out the service for free for a full month. Experiment around with the speeds. See how your customers are enjoying the interaction and the loading times. If you don’t like the service, go ahead and cancel. No problem at all if you decide to go with another host. They give you the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan as well quickly. Since they have so many tiers, if you find your business is growing, add on more memory and bandwidth. If you find that you are in a slow set of months, downgrade to the cheapest tier. They make it a simple process to go through all the different tiers to find the right price point for you.

Making The Site Look Great

On top of hosting, we also need to talk about how to make the site look great. We covered how you can host the site as well as the technical requirements. You need the latest in PHP so that you don’t have customers that are getting timed out. At the same time, you also need the latest page builders to make sure the customer wants to look at your whole site. An old-looking site that doesn’t have a modern look won’t work well. Instead, go with a page builder that is simple to use.

Wordpress Requirements for Divi Themes - No Coding Needed

WordPress the – try Divi theme? Click the button & Go to Divi theme.

WordPress Requirements for Divi Themes – No Coding Needed

One of the most famous plugins of all time! Divi is exactly what you need to create a great-looking site and have no coding skills. Don’t trouble yourself with learning CSS and HTML overnight. That is not going to happen. Instead, drag and drop things just like you are using your operating system. The system makes the code for you. In fact, if you never want to see the code, that is fine. It works in the background and allows you to focus on color schemes and bringing in the best templates for your current site.

Blogily – A Great Alternative To Divi

Divi is awesome for making sites, but many find that the cost is high. You can spend several hundred dollars to have a license that will last your lifetime, but is there a better choice? If you are looking for something that provides better value, take a look at these themes.

ResponsiveBlogily – This theme will be completely responsive for mobile. The price is much lower than what you might see with other comparable themes. A great choice if you want to work with customers on smartphones.

Writers Blogily – With this theme, it is perfect if you want to do your own SEO. Your blogs should be bringing in new customers, but they also need to be formatted correctly. Use this great theme from Superb Themes, and you will be able to create professional blog entries.

Installation Of your Own Site

Installation Of your Own Site

We have gone over some of the best ways to build your site out and also awesome hosts. WordPress is still easy to get running if you don’t want to use the one-click install that is offered. You might want to use this if you are a pro with hosting. Hosting your own web site and setting things up on an old computer is easy to do. For most instances, it will just be less than five minutes for everything.

To get started, just follow the steps below.

  1. Check out the minimum requirements which we listed above
  2. Download the latest version so it will be up to date
  3. Unzip the files that you downloaded
  4. Make a password that will be hard to guess or crack
  5. Install everything and leave the page open

It is that simple. This is why it only takes five minutes in most cases. Moving the files over to your own web server would be easy as well. You FTP over the unzipped files and create a database. WordPress has an installation script that you can use that can be accessed with any web browser.

If it seems difficult to get things up and run, you can always go with one of the hosts we listed above. Not only do they provide you the hardware that will act as the web server, but they also provide support. They will be more than happy to walk you through each step so you can figure out how things work. Once you can start modifying the WordPress files on another computer, you can get into interesting things like making your own plugins!

The Database

We briefly touched on the fact you will need to make a database if you want to start working with WordPress. The platform will need to hook into a MySQL or MariaDB database. With MariaDB, this was made by the community. It stays with the spirit of open-source, just like WordPress. It forked off of MySQL years ago. It is commercially supported, and they intend to remain both free and open-source as long as possible. If you are already familiar with this system, you will really like working with WordPress.

If you install WordPress multiple times, you won’t need several databases. They can all pull from just one. Edit the wp-config.php file, and you can parse out things correctly so that you are not dealing with a database every time you make a new site. Just keep notes on the name of the database and which sites will access different parts of the database.

WordPress Requirements Conclusion

Making a WordPress server is very simple. As we have seen, there are several tricks to get you up and running quickly. You don’t need to be a technical wizard to host your content with a WordPress site you set up. If you are looking for more tips and tricks, continue to visit our blog. We always have the latest in terms of reviews and also coupon codes to help you save big. See you soon!

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