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The Best WordPress Support Services In Australia – Where to Go!

WordPress support Australia

WordPress is easy to use, but at times we could all use a little help. With our article, WordPress support Australia, we wanted to focus on why you might seek help with your site and the services you can use. At the end of this article, WordPress support Australia, you will have a better understanding of all the options available to you. Let us get started and go over some of the reasons you should have a team supporting your site. Remember, you can always check back with Superb Themes and click our links to look for coupon codes. Let us get started and explore why it is advantageous to have WordPress experts that you can contact.

WordPress Can Be Complex

You may think my site has never been hacked. My security is fine—no need to seek out a third party to look at my site. With our article that you are reading, WordPress support Australia, we wanted to make sure all the readers in Australia knew how dangerous the web could be.

Right now, according to WordFence, there are over 200,000 IP addresses that are blacklisted. That means they have exhibited behavior that has been deemed dangerous. It could be that they are trying to break into websites. These IP addresses might be used to send spam. If you run a WordPress site, you probably have noticed that you are often asked to moderate your site comments. This is because bots are always looking to add spam links to your blog!

Security needs to be on your mind and just using managed hosting is not enough. Yes, they will give you more security enhancements, but you need a team where the specialty is WordPress. For example, perhaps your hobby is fishing. You love to be out on the water. Over the weekend, you notice an issue with the motor on your boat. What will you do? Of course, you want to take it to a mechanic. Would you take it to a car mechanic, though? The mechanic is familiar with engines, so they might be able to help. It would be better to take your boat to somebody where the specialty is boats.

WordPress Australian support services

Specialize In WordPress

Thinking about our illustration, you need to have your WordPress site with an expert. Sure, any programmer will be able to work with your site and give you a quick fix. Does that programmer understand everything that goes into WordPress? Are they an expert in HTML, CSS, and PHP? You also have to understand how to optimize WordPress.

WordPress is very much like an engine. You can tune it for speed. Through various plugins, you can reduce the size of your images. You might want to use lazy loading to load up pictures is asymmetrical—no sense loading up something that won’t be seen by the consumer. You can also minify the code that is being utilized. This shrinks it and makes it easier to execute. Even things like Node.JS are great for executing code faster.

If you want to optimize the engine that runs your site, you need a team of experts. They can make things run faster. Their team will understand how to improve efficiency so you can do more with limited resources. With our guide, WordPress support Australia, we wanted to make it easy for all of our readers in Australia. We are going to present the three best teams where the specialty is WordPress. If you have hesitated in the past to hire one of these teams, read through our guide so you can see what they offer.

Cool WordPress support Australia

1. WP Buffs

These tech buffs specialize in WordPress. That is all they do. If you have been concerned about security in the past, your mind can now be at ease. They have a system of backups for your site that make things foolproof.

When you sign up with WP Buffs, your backups are done automatically. You don’t have to remember to save your work. On top of this, they have the backup done four times daily. If something does go wrong, like a rogue plugin or an attack from the outside, you will lose very little data.

On top of this, they also watch your site. With constant monitors going overall activity, they will tell you if there is an issue before a hacker can get in. Backups are done using Amazon S3. Why is this important?

Get WordPress support for Australia

WP Buffs And Amazon S3

S3 is storage for the Internet. Simple Storage Service makes it easier for computing and developers. It has an easy to understand interface so your data is going to be safe. The data can also be accessed from anywhere. This means the team with WP Buffs will also be able to help you. No matter when you call, somebody will be able to access your information since they are using the same tech that powers Amazon.

This is also very inexpensive as well. WP Buffs wanted to go with data storage that was reliable, but also cheap enough for their customers. The savings are then passed down to you. Now you can benefit from scaling and get some of the most secure storage out there. If you want to understand S3 better in terms of talking to a rep about buckets or access points, they can help you understand how the technology works.

FixRunner assistance Australia

2. FixRunner

Do you only need help one time with your WordPress site? This occurs many times. Perhaps you are already comfortable with the software and you don’t need continuous support. If that is the case, check out FixRunner.

This team is also a group of professionals that focus on WordPress so they are the best in the business. Explain your issue to them and talk about the errors that you are seeing. Once that is done, you can get started. For a price that you only pay one time, they can go in and correct any aspect of your site.

In case you need help moving forward, they also offer ways to maintain your site with them. Ongoing help won’t cost hundreds either. Get started for roughly $50.00 each month. When they make changes to your site, they will keep you in the loop. Reports will be sent right to the people in charge to make sure all the changes were authorized. They care about their customers and want you to feel comfortable with them working on your site. With the regular reports, you can see everything they worked on so there are no surprises later. This is an excellent deal and it stands as a way to have a whole mobile IT team that understands your website better than a web host.

3. GoWP

Why would you want to work with GoWP? Here are some advantages that you can see with GoWP.

  • Works well with Yoast and WooCommerce
  • Designed to do well with your agency
  • Hire a developer for just a month if you would like
  • Content is also offered to your clients if you don’t have a dedicated writer

With GoWP, this is going to appeal to the agencies in Australia. If you run an agency in Australia and you design a lot of sites, you need help from GoWP. They are going to be the support that you need to service all your clients correctly.

When you run an agency, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. You need to go out and find the clients. People need to provide content to do writing for blogs which bumps up your SEO. On top of all this, WordPress is always changing. It can be hard to keep up with changes for your own site. When you are in charge of the site, you are in control of a big part of the revenue for your client. You need to have some backup that can come in and help out if you don’t understand something.

Hire A Developer

One of the best features we think is the ability to hire a developer very rapidly. Think about cloud computing. It is popular because you can bring in resources rapidly and then cut them off when they are no longer needed. That is similar to what happens when you work with GoWP. If you need a developer that really understands WordPress, hire them for only a month. Once they solve your issue, you can turn off the service. It works in a similar way to Netflix or getting a subscription with Adobe. The cost is not bad either. Expect to pay less than $2000.00.

In addition to this service, you can also hire people to write your content. We can’t all be good writers. If you feel you struggle with creating good content, leave that up to the pros. All of the professionals have already been vetted by GoWP.

WordPress Support Australia Conclusion

We looked at many different companies that can help you in regards to your WordPress site. If you run an agency in Australia, this is a good way to get support. At the same time, just a sole freelancer will also be able to take advantage of many of these services. Give one of them a try and see if you like the service. For more reviews, check back here with Superb Themes.

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