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The Best WordPress Support Service For Canadians! [2022]

WordPress Support Canada

With WordPress, it seems like it is taking over the web on many fronts. More themes than ever are being developed. Support teams are popping up all over the place to help you with your site. This is helpful and allows you to operate with more confidence. If you noticed recently that you need more help with WordPress, why not test some support services? In our article, WordPress support Canada, we want to go over why you might use these services and what they offer. When we conclude WordPress support Canada, you will have a better idea of what you can get and each price point.

We always keep an eye out for the best ways to get WordPress support in Canada. Click on the link and see if there are available coupon codes. These allow you to save a percentage of the normal price. Now is the perfect time to see if one of these services will work for your team.

Get WordPress support for Canada

Why Is WordPress Support Canada Needed?

First, why is this needed? WordPress is very popular. One would assume the system is easy to use. That is true. WordPress became the most popular choice and beat Drupal and other competitors by being easy to work with. You don’t need to be a coder or understand complex things in CSS like selectors. Still, though, there are many reasons to consider outside help.

3,396,182,159 is a huge figure. That is how many attacks have been logged in the past thirty days. What about spam IP addresses and malicious IP addresses that need to be blacklisted? That figure is over 200,000. Many of these addresses will be from places that offer free hosting. It is doubtful this will stop soon. With this many attacks, doesn’t it make sense to use the professionals’ help to keep yourself guarded?

Take, for example, WordFence. This is a program that checks your core files. It will go through plugins and make sure they don’t have backdoors. If hackers can do code injection, they can look through your databases. WordFence will also test the integrity of things you download outside of the official repo. When you go with the experts, they use programs like this to keep you safe. Plugins will always have flaws. Don’t allow your site to be hacked because you are using an old plugin. Work with a team that understands security and how to use the tools correctly.

Canada and WordPress Support

What Can Experts Do?

Many hosting companies offer managed to host. Why not just go with a host that can guide you? The truth is, when you work with a company like WP Buffs or GoWP, they will go far beyond what you can get with managed hosting.

Selecting a dedicated team that will keep your site always running, you can depend on the team that is focused strictly on helping you solve problems and keeping you more efficient. A hosting company has many concerns that might not make it possible always to address your worries. Maybe it takes them ten to fifteen minutes to get back to you. During this time, you might have lost a big client.

It would be best if you had a support team that fully understands WordPress. An expert can spot problems more quickly than a team that works as a host, and they also provide managed hosting.

Maybe you are having trouble with a theme. Since you are working with WordPress experts, the chances are they have already seen this issue. Perhaps it seems like plugin conflicts keep popping up. That is normal. All of this is open-source. You can’t get all the software always to agree. A large variety wrote it of people. By going with one of these expert companies, they can get you set up correctly. They don’t just keep your site running; they will optimize it. Now your site will be running faster and have more features as well.

WP Buffs Support Canada

1. WP Buffs

This team has a great reputation and for a good reason. They understand already the right settings you need so that WordPress runs like a fine-tuned machine. In terms of a WordPress site, you always have a trade-off. For example, you want to have high-quality images and video. This can attract customers and keep them engaged. That is a great idea, but the trade-off will be speed. All of the data needed for images must come from a source. This can slow down things for customers that visit your page.

This group of experts can advise you on the best way to approach optimization. They want you to have quality-images, but they also understand it can affect the load time. Load balancing is needed to let customers know that your site is sleek and modern and can be viewed easily on mobile when your data connection may not be the best.

Another big advantage is when you have a provider like WP Buffs focused on just one CMS. Many don’t know this, but there are other content management systems that you might use. With a group that is only laser-focused on WordPress versus a company that can help with any CMS, you will also get a higher quality of service.

This group has plenty of experience and can help with any questions if you are starting, no problem. They have team members that are great at explaining the technology. If you are higher level, they also have people who can help out with running an API or working with JSON data.


When you sign up for a year, you get the first two months free. You will have plenty of active backups and full support for only $56.00 each month. That is a great deal considering how much a broken site can cost you.

Get WordPress support for Canada

Fixrunner Canada

2. FixRunner

Feel like you need a team that is always ready to answer questions? We work in a global economy now. Your product may be created in China. Half your team may be in India. The team that created your WordPress site is in Sweden. All of this might seem overwhelming at first. You don’t need to worry though. When you work with this team of WordPress professionals, they can take your questions at any time.

They have features such as 24/7 chat. In the lower right corner, somebody will always be on hand that can go through different guides with you. It doesn’t help if you have a tutorial but there is nobody there to explain it to you. If you are traveling for work and meeting with a team on another continent, that is no problem. Regardless of timezone, somebody can be at the ready and they are going to be able to look at your problem right away. With things like in-app ticketing and also community forums at your fingertips, there is no sense in spending hours trying to solve something that can be resolved easily.

Your support will also be a priority. Through managed hosting, they are working with many different clients. Their main income is coming in from hosting instead of providing answers to WordPress questions. That is why it makes more sense to use a team that specializes. If you had your car breakdown and it is manufactured by BMW, you would take it to an expert that has their garage set up for BMW cars. In the same way, you want to work with people where they understand WordPress inside and out.


For just $59.00 each month, you get security scans, backups for your data, and eager support. It is not hard to see why this level is so popular considering you can contact a team of experts at any time. We just wish you had this option for every service.

GoWp Canada

3. GoWP

I think we can all agree it would be nice to have an IT team that you can contact at any point. Working for a giant corporation, it often seems like their IT department is too small and requests can take hours. When you work with this WordPress support team, they are full of experts you can tap to finish projects quickly and with efficiency. Focus on your work instead of why your website is not working.

With GoWP, they wanted to focus on the agency that doesn’t have a full time IT team in place. Do you need a developer? Contact them and they will send help right away. Feel free to cancel the developer as well when they are no longer needed. The dev will be carefully looked at by GoWP which means they are going to get the job done fast.

On top of this, for roughly thirty dollars, you have access to these experts who can help with WordPress issues around the clock. When you work for an agency, it is important your clients are happy. What if you need new content for a site and the writer is busy? GoWP can help out. They can supply you with new content and the prices are fair. Content creators range right around a hundred for the month in terms of the dollar figure.

If you work for an agency and you use a lot of WordPress sites, the solution is simple. At the very least, you need the lowest tier of service with GoWP. That way, you can focus on your own work and not why a plugin is broken for a client. Troubleshooting with WordPress is usually time-consuming. Hire the experts and then focus on getting more clients!

WordPress Canada

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