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Is It Possible To Get WP Engine Hosting For Free?

WP Engine for free

WP Engine offer free stuff to their clients. ….

WP Engine is an excellent host with a good focus on WordPress. As the number of WordPress sites continues to explode, we need a solid host that really understands WordPress well. One of the best choices is WP Engine. That brings us to a related question, is it possible to get WP Engine hosting for free? We have all heard that there are tricks and tips you can use to get free hosting. Is it possible to get WP Engine hosting for free? You will actually be surprised to hear it is possible. We will go over why you will want to use this service and get it for free. Let us get started.

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Why Pick WP Engine?

First of all, why even pick WP Engine? One of the main reasons is the infrastructure behind them. They use a combination of the Google Cloud Platform as well as AWS. When you are going for a shared solution, you will be hooked up to Google Cloud. That means you will utilize one of the platforms available. You will have fast speeds and solid service.

Enterprise solutions are also available. When you go with an Enterprise solution, they will shift you over to AWS. These servers have many applications that you merge with your current goals. Applications can be robotics, security, artificial intelligence, and also data analysis. When you check with AWS, the list of applications is impressive. That means whatever you throw at WP Engine, they are going to be able to handle it.

Next, if you are looking to save money on the price, no problem. They have shared hosting. Here, you will share hardware with other customers that are also using the cloud. You will be impacted by your neighbors a bit, so you may want to go with the dedicated solution if you are serious about performance.

Dedicated hosting or any virtual private server will afford you more security. You won’t need to worry about a virtual machine for anybody else on the server getting hacked. If somebody in the data center is hacked, they will not migrate over to your virtual environment. For companies mainly concerned with security, this is the best option.

Does WP Engine has a Free trial

Use It For Free

At the beginning of the article, we talked about an important question. Is it possible to get WP Engine hosting for free? Yes. There are some caveats to be aware of.

WP Engine offers a money-back guarantee. This will last for a full two months. The sixty-day guarantee will help you make sure that you are getting the best service out there. At the end of the sixty-day period, if you are not convinced that this will be the best host for you, you can cancel. All of your funds will be returned to you. This is the perfect way to take a free trial of the service for a couple of months.

One thing to be aware of is that it will only apply to the shared hosting plans. If you need dedicated servers, you will not be able to use this feature. Shared hosting will be placed with the Google Cloud Platform. What are the advantages of using this platform?

Google Cloud – Applications

Google Cloud is the best option for many thinking about working with WP Engine for the first time. It has a wide variety of applications.

  • Data analysis
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Gaming
  • Telecommunications

When you work with WP Engine and use their shared hosting, you tap into the Google CDN. This content delivery network will have global distribution using anycast IP. No matter where your customer is in the world, Google will have the ability to send them data fast.

Edge caches from Google integrate well with any internet service provider out there. Anycast architecture makes the process easier than ever. Your site will have a single global IP address. Don’t worry about setting up complicated networks when you are working with this delivery network.

The cloud from Google also is high performance because they are using the latest protocols. Things like HTTP/2 and QUIC make it so that your site hosted with WP Engine will load faster than the competition. You will see performance upgrades regardless of the platform since your site will look better on desktop and mobile.

Low Cost

Perhaps you are feeling nervous making the jump over to WP Engine. You have heard stories about other companies trying to shift their host with bad results. There is no need to feel hesitation before moving your site to them. Like we pointed out before, the trial with them lasts for a few months. On top of that, they have free migration and the staff is very friendly.

If you go past the trial period with your shared host, the monthly fees for WP Engine are relatively low compared with other hosts in this space. When you pay them $25.00 a month, you will get the following:

  • Up to 25,000 visits from customers
  • Massive 10GB of storage
  • Up to 50GB of bandwidth for video and images
  • Good for one site

This is a very generous offer. For sites at the lowest tier, you will not be able to exceed 25,000 visitors. If you have Google Analytics hooked up to your site, you can go through and manually check to see how many users are coming to visit every month. If you exceed these parameters, the next tier is just under $100.00 each month. You will have access to 100,000 visitors, and you will also get access to up to ten sites now. Great for a freelancer that is managing several sites and wants a great host.

WP Engine is Good For Developers

If you have a vision in mind for your site, WP Engine will help you bring that to life. They are going to give you access to many tools and features that make creating a site easy. When you sign up today, you can utilize Dev, Stage Prod Environments, and easily integrate with Git. All of this means your development team will be well organized and able to quickly launch a live site.

Things like Git can help all of your teams. Web developers love to use it, but of course, it has applications with application developers. If you need to develop a new web app for a company, you will need WP Engine because they can keep your code clean. Git will help your whole team track changes to code and leave notes for other developers to keep everybody in the loop. It is the most commonly used version control system, so it is likely your dev team has already worked with it.

This is just a sampling of what kind of tools you get with WP Engine. They will also help your web development team stage sites before they go live. This is important if you are working with a high paying client. Every second, a site is down, translated to dollars lost. When working with clients, they expect it to go up correctly and work right the first time. WP Engine helps keep your promises to clients since they will show you what the site will look like before you go live.

WP Engine a possible match?

Is It Possible To Get WP Engine Hosting For Free Conclusion

Wrapping up this article, WP Engine is your best solution if you want a great host. WordPress is growing in popularity every day because it is easy to put out fresh content. WP Engine makes it easy to update the assets you are using and stay trending with the search engines. If you have a development team, they will love the integration with Git for version control, and they will also find the staging tools helpful.

Right now, WordPress is the most popular CMS. It is used by more than 28% of the web. That goes for the worldwide Internet and not just a localized region. Another surprising stat is that sixty percent will be using WordPress for all sites using a content management system. Predictions regarding web site management have shown that this number is just going to keep on growing. People love the open-source options and getting the ability to share awesome plugins.

If you are looking for a free way to use WP Engine, we highly recommend the two-month trial. Keep in mind, the trial is only good for shared hosting, which means you will need to use Google Cloud, but we can already tell you that Google Cloud is up to the task. They are utilizing new protocols that they have come up with that allow your site to communicate faster with other sites. When you host your site, you want it to be using the technology developed specifically by the engineers over at Google.

For more in terms of reviews and tips, continue to visit Superb Themes. We are always on top of the latest trends in technology. Let us guide you through the evolving world of WordPress.

Visit Wp Engine and try the free local version and exclusive deals

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