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WP Engine Pricing – Does Quality Match WP Engine Pricing

Wp Engine Pricing

Need help finding the balance between both price and quality? With many hosts, if you go with the one that has the best price, your quality will go down. Too many clients will be placed on just one machine. It slows down the service for everybody. On the other hand, if you go with the service that costs the most, it can limit you to investing capital into other business parts. With our article, WP Engine Pricing, we want to look at the pricing WP Engine can offer you. That will be the best way to find that balance between a good price and reliable quality.

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Tiers For WP Engine Pricing

If you work with WordPress, a managed option can be just what you need if you don’t want to worry about technical details. WP Engine has excellent deals when you run a WordPress site but don’t want to advance your technical systems knowledge. For just $25.00 every month, you will get excellent WordPress hosting along with help from the staff. This will include the following:

  • Around the clock support
  • Close to 40 different premium themes
  • The migration will be free.
  • Backups will be made daily
  • Free SSL to protect your site
  • Advanced security features to protect from hackers
  • One-click install and staging

This is an excellent option for somebody that doesn’t want to get into the details of WordPress. The easy installation makes getting the site up and running a trivial matter. Why bother moving the correct files over using FTP when you can click a button?

Along with this, you also get premium themes. These normally would cost you extra, but they will be included with the lowest tier. At only $25.00, you are actually going to be saving a lot of money.

Need extra sites? Try out the growth tier. The cost will be under a hundred for the month. At $95.83, you will get everything that you saw for the first tier. They will include more bandwidth, and you can move up to ten total sites. Obviously, this is a much better deal when you are an agency. The economies of scale will work in your favor here.

WP Engine Support pricing

Custom Servers And WP Engine Pricing

For $241.67, you can advance to the highest level tier. This would be for a large agency that already has a good number of customers. You would use this hosting if you are comfortable with the WordPress system, but you feel like you could use a little help from the support team. We highly recommend you go with this tier if you have around thirty or so sites that need good service.

Last of all would be the custom servers. What is the pricing for custom servers? You will need to contact the sales department for that answer. Every situation is going to be different. If you stream a lot of videos, you may need to increase the amount of bandwidth you can access. The high-definition streaming video is going to take up a lot of bandwidth from your host.

Why should you invest in a custom solution? Here are some of the biggest features.

  • Dedicated architecture and machines
  • Close to 100% uptime according to the SLA
  • Scale-up resources very quickly
  • Advanced security setup
  • Premium support around the clock
  • Better onboarding process

When you sign up with a host, you need to pay attention to the SLA. Your level of service is determined here. When you go with a custom solution, you are guaranteed to have your system up at almost all times. Now that is incredible!

Secure Hosting

What about for business? For only $44.17 each month, you can have secure hosting. This is for when you run a business online, and it needs to be secure. You will notice that the lowest tier is a big jump in price. That is because extra precautions are taken in regards to keeping a business safe. They are as follows:

  • Protect yourself from big spikes in traffic
  • Firewall set in place to protect your customers
  • Automated updates for your applications
  • Updates are tested with AI
  • Move back to an earlier version very easily

When you go back and look at the features offered with the managed WordPress tier, you will get all of those options. That means you have close to forty different premium themes. You also get excellent customer support that can help you at all times.

Now you can pair that with the fact that you will be safe from hackers trying to get into your business. These hackers are always coming up with new tricks to try and get into your system. That is why it is so important that you have automated updates that are active. If you have a plugin that was coded poorly, it can leave you open to attacks.

Shopify Updates

You may think that you are safe when it comes to running an online business. The truth is, though, any program can be vulnerable. Going back just a few years, you have Shopify. Many of us use WordPress along with Shopify to create our online store. Did you know that Shopify had a vulnerability that needed to be patched?

The flaw was known as an open redirect. When you looked at the store you were building with Shopify, a hacker could modify the URL and use a command to redirect a user over to a phishing site. If the phishing site looked exactly like Shopify, they could collect all sorts of payment data. Fortunately, a hacker discovered this and had it reported. The bounty was paid out for $500.00 to reward the person that discovered this flaw in the system.

If even Shopify had a giant flaw like this with how they handled redirects, you also need to be aware of things like this for all the plugins you use. With managed and secure hosting, you are going to be safe because things will be updated automatically. On top of this, you also have the benefit of AI testing out updates before you add them. This can help stop issues like new plugins crashing your store. You need to have the highest uptime possible if you want to make the largest sales possible.

Managed Hosting Plus

For $28.33, you can find the right solution between the two different types of hosting. Perhaps you don’t run an online business, so you feel like you don’t need the secure hosting plan’s safety. At the same time, though, you are not that familiar with WordPress. You find that you often need help running some of the plugins. For a case like this, why not go with managed hosting plus? This gives you all the benefits you would normally get with managed hosting, and then you also get a few extras.

  • Plugins get tested with AI.
  • Rollback automatically if you have issues.
  • Pick the plugins you think should be updated automatically.
  • Support is there for a large variety of custom plugins

With your managed hosting, you still have that around the clock support. You will also have your premium themes as well that will help you put together a site fast. With this tier, you can go beyond that. We have a lot of interesting features here that will make sure that your site is not going down very often.

Plugins get tested with artificial intelligence. While you might be paying a bit more through WP Engine, you can’t say that every host will have this feature. We work with many hosts out there in the WordPress space. This is one of the few that offer this feature. We really need features like this that are pushing the boundaries of AI. Amazingly, WP Engine can already offer something like this. We hope in the future; you will see many more hosts taking advantage. In the meantime, go with a company like WP Engine if you want to keep your site running at all times.

WP Engine Price list

WP Engine Pricing Conclusion

In conclusion to our article, we think that the pricing you get from WP Engine is more than fair. You need to find that sweet spot between where you are getting value, but the host will also provide the right kind of service. As you saw in this article, they have multiple products, and for each hosting, they have many tiers. If you need a dedicated service that gives you increased resources, you can always speak with the sales team. They will be able to set you up with the right amount of memory and your own dedicated hardware.

If you want even more reviews and tech guides, be sure to visit our site frequently. We can tell you more about what each service will cost and what you will get when you sign up. Our articles will also have coupon codes that you can use to save you money on various products. For more in the world of WordPress and hosting, check back soon.

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