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WPMU DEV Coupon Code

There are so many different options out there when it comes to how to host a WordPress site, many customers walk away confused. With a mountain of different hosts, plugins, and themes to use, how can you know which one will be best? WPMU DEV helps to solve this issue. You no longer just get hosting when you sign up with them. The customer gets security, plugins, and managed to host. This is the reason that so many are looking for a WPMU DEV coupon code. We are going to cover how you check for a coupon code, and also how to use this service at no charge. Let’s get started.

WPMU Dev coupon code available! Click the button to visit their website & view available coupons!

A Different Host

There are many hosts that want your business. Across the board, they offer similar setups. You will get an easy installation for WordPress as well as a promise of fast speeds and reliable hosting. When you look at the uptime for a site, it is rare for a host to tell you that they ever fall below 99.9%. How can we clear away all this noise? Which hosts actually provide more for the money that you pay each month?

WPMU DEV is an interesting choice. Look at what you can expect from them if you sign up soon.

  • Hosting
  • Site management
  • Plugins
  • Security
  • Support

This is unusual for a WordPress host to offer such a large variety of ways to push your business to the next level. Users that have tried the service commented on how nicely the plugins integrate in with the rest of the site. This makes sense, considering it is all under one umbrella. When your site host is also the plugin creator, things are going to move more smoothly. You are taking variables out of the equation and cutting down on wasted time.

WPMU Dev Hosting Coupon Code

WPMU Dev Hosting Coupon Code

When you sign up to get hosting through this company, you can expect everything to be dedicated and fully managed. Managed hosting has many advantages. It allows a site owner to save time.

Time is a precious resource when you run a site. You are constantly moderating comments, posting new blogs, and editing pictures. It can be exhausting trying to stay on top of all these different aspects. When you work with managed hosting, that is one less thing to worry about. This is one of the main reasons so many are looking for a WPMU DEV coupon code.

You also stay relevant. What do we mean by this? If you are not keeping your site up to date, you start to fall behind. Features need updates, and your layouts need to keep up with current design standards. A great example of this is when you look at a site that is ten years old or even just five years old. The difference between what a site looked like back then and what they have now is very noticeable. By taking advantage of moderated hosting, you ensure your site follows current trends.

Next, think about how stable your site is. If you try hosting a site from your own server, you are going to need specialized software and also hardware. On top of that, you will need a strong connection with both great upload and download speeds to service customers. When you go down, so does your site. It is better to seek out a managed site to make sure your site never goes down, and you don’t miss out on valuable visits from potential customers.

Last, of all, you will have higher security. Security is a bullseye that is always moving. If you are not current with all your latest plugins and updates, you might be working with software that is vulnerable to attack.

WPMU Dev Security Discounts

According to the latest polls, WordPress is now the platform for close to 35% of the sites spread out over the whole web. Hacks are looking to infect as many computers as possible. The more target-rich an environment, the more effort they will put into finding flaws and holes in the security. This is why WordPress has more attacks in comparison to something like Drupal, which continues to drop in popularity.

Suppose a hacker finds a flaw in just one plugin that gives them access to every computer that installed the flawed plugin. This number could easily be in the millions. It is simple for them to program bots that scan for computers that match a fingerprint that shows which ones are vulnerable.

There is a whole team devoted to stopping security issues in WordPress, but they continue to pop up. As soon as a hotfix comes out, there is another patch is needed. In fact, 75% of hacks are due to WordPress plugins and just 14% are due to problems with core WordPress.

What does that mean for the average user? You need to always keep everything as up-to-date as possible. When you use the most popular platform to make your site, it also attracts with it a horde of hackers that want to compromise as many machines as possible.

If you don’t have time to make sure everything is always up to date, go with a company that understands security. A managed host makes sure that you have the latest security patches and hotfixes. The more plugins you have on your site, the more potential vectors open up.

WordPress doesn’t automatically come with a limit on sign-in attempts. This means you can do everything correctly and still fall victim to a brute-force attack. This brute force attack occurs when the perpetrators try every combination of passwords they can think of. Are you going to be prepared when this happens with a backup and some way to restore your valuable site?

A Free Trial

A Free Trial

Many people looking for a WPMU DEV coupon code are also interested in the free trial you can get with this software. The process for signing up is very fast. You just need to supply a username, email address, and the type of organization you work for, and agree to the terms of service. They made signing up for the free trial a piece of cake, so there are no barriers between you and managed to host.

Once you start to use the week-long trial, you will have access to their full suite of tools. Feel free to test out the plugins and see what kind of speed you get. This is an important step in the process before you go for their annual plan. All hosts are different and work with a variety of data centers around the country. While one reviewer might have great speeds in one area, another reviewer may find the load times are lagging. Test everything out with the free trial and make sure the speeds are going to be acceptable, especially if you are aiming for the year-long plan.

Pricing Discounts

If we are going to talk about how to get a WPMU DEV coupon code, we also need to cover what you are going to get and what the pricing will look like. The monthly fee comes to just under $16 USD. For that price they will do the following:

  • Access to all their plugins
  • Good for one site
  • Smush CDN access
  • Security and backups
  • Around-the-clock support

This deal is more than generous when you consider everything that they are giving you. Not only are they running the site for you so that you can save time, they also give you access to over ten premium plugins. Many times these plugins can cost thirty or forty dollars for just one plugin. You are getting a collection of them for free.

On top of this, you also get access to Smush. They won the contest held by Torque back in 2017 and 2018 for the most popular plugin. A huge reason for this is how easy it is to use. Plug and play is the perfect phrase to describe this software. Activate the plugin and then start compressing images. If you can save room and load up faster without losing noticeable quality in your images, why would you not? This is a great opportunity to experiment with Smush if you have never had a chance before. Why not see if Smush can speed up your site since you are getting the service for free?

WPMU DEV Coupon Code Conclusion

WPMU DEV Coupon Code Conclusion

We looked at a lot of the different reasons why you might be interested in having WPMU DEV take control of your site. When you are low on time, it just makes sense to hand over the reins to the experts. If you need a repair done to your car, would it make sense to take courses on becoming a mechanic? Of course not. It will be both a waste of time and money as you buy the specialized tools.

In a similar manner, you want to make sure the professionals are doing the work for your site. They understand how to keep your site online at all times. Experts know what the latest patches are so that you are not hacked. Managed hosting is even better when you have access to things like caching, image compression, and new plugins. We went over all the reasons why so many are looking for a WPMU DEV coupon code. Continue to check with Superb Themes. We always have the latest in regard to reviews and coupon codes. When one is available, we will have it on this site.

WPMU Dev coupon code available! Click the button to visit their website & view available coupons!

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