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WPX Hosting Promo Code

If you care about your website becoming successful, you need to pay close attention to your hosting choice. Not all hosts are made equal. Some might view you as just a number and stick you on a shared server with many other clients. If you want a host that will pay attention to your unique site, consider WPX hosting. With a large number of different services to pick from, many are enjoying WPX hosting. What about a WPX hosting promo code? Use “superbdiscount” and you are going to save 50% for your first month. That is a great way to save money right now. With our guide, we will go over how to find a future WPX hosting promo code. We will also show you how to use the hosting service.

Get 50% the first month off using the unique WPX Hosting promo code “superbdiscount”

WPX Pricing – Save 50% With Our WPX Hosting Promo Code

The WPX pricing for WordPress is excellent. At the lowest tier, the cost is only $20.83 for the month. This doesn’t just include one site, though. You can have up to five sites. If you are a web design agency trying to get off the ground and appeal to new customers, this might be the perfect entry for you.

You will also get ten gigs of storage and a hundred gigs of bandwidth along with access to five sites. Use this for whatever your sites might need—stream video to users showing off the latest house that your company just sold. Include a gallery with nice-looking portfolio pieces to attract new clients. There is no limit to what you can use the bandwidth for.

Moving up to the next level, paying $41.58 will get you 15 sites. Once your web design agency starts to get going and you need access to more sites, you can see that you will actually be saving money as you scale up. The price will double, but now you can work with three times the amount of websites.

Moving up to the Elite level, the cost will still be under a hundred for the month. 35 sites will be available for you to use, and you can also have unlimited bandwidth. Of course, this would be used if you are running a large agency. With so many tier choices, it will be easy to find one that will fit all of your needs.

WPX Hosting – CDN

Another reason so many are eager to get a WPX hosting promo code is you are going to get access to their CDN at every level. A CDN stands for content delivery network. You might be surprised to learn that over half of the traffic that goes through the Internet comes from a CDN. They are a popular choice to make sure information goes to your clients quickly. With less latency, your clients will find their sales will increase, and the data will have less distance that needs to be traveled.

For WPX, they have servers all over. A cached version of your site exists in not just one area but many different areas. In the industry, these would be known as PoPs. In this case, the acronym stands for a point of presence. The more points a host has, the better it is for your sites.

The WPX CDN does not just deliver fast HTML and nice load times. A CDN can deliver a wide variety of types of data. This might be an HD video. An audio stream with a commercial that you have created. Games and other applications can go out over the network. Really, there are few limitations in how the network can be used. This makes it a great choice for medical as well as financial companies that need to transmit vast amounts of data in a quick period of time. If you are working with the stock market, it is obvious that the data needs to be constantly updated and reaching your user fast.

WPX Hosting Promotion Pricing

Customer Reviews – WPX Hosting

Another reason so many are looking for a WPX hosting promo code is that they have great reviews. You don’t want to lock yourself into a contract with a team that doesn’t support the community. With WPX, they have an almost perfect score on Trustpilot. This reflects their approach to giving you the best service and helping you succeed.

Look at some of the experiences that people talk about. One user recently shifted over to WPX hosting. They said migration was seamless. No big issues were making the switch. That is a fear for many when they think about making a jump to a new host. The WPX team will help you do it quickly, and they will make sure your site is never down. If you have a DNS issue where the name is not resolving properly, those can also be sorted out so that nothing holds you back from giving your customers the best service.

Customer Support at WPX Hosting

Users that are not technical also had good things to say about WPX. The support staff will address your issues on whatever problem you would like. If you need surface-level answers and you don’t want to dive in further, that is fine. The users who want to learn more about the world of technology can help you increase your knowledge. The support staff realizes you are low on time, and you have things to do. You will only get the level of information that you need and want.

After making the jump, several users said they saw speed increases. If you need an SSL certificate sorted out, that is also easily resolved. Test out the service today to see the level of customer service they have.

WPX Hosting is GDPR Compliant

If you are working with European customers, you must also think about becoming GDPR compliant. You will be pleased to hear that WPX takes this very seriously. They understand the implications behind GDPR, and they understand the fines can be a big percentage of your income. With that in mind, they designed cookies to work with the GDPR rules.

A cookie is a tiny data file that is stored in your browser. It is mainly there to make your viewing experience better. The cookie will remember data about you, such as what you had in your shopping cart or if you prefer the light mode for a website or the dark mode. Overall, cookies improve things for your visitors. If you save information on your user, though, you need to be careful. Holding too much information for too long can end up hurting you.

WPX will only do strictly needed cookies. Don’t use things that are not essential. Stick only to cookies for logging in, securing various areas on the site, and filling out forms. Going beyond that may be frowned upon by the courts.

Cookies with WPX also help you recognize visitors coming a second or third time to the site. If you want to increase sales or boost your affiliate income, this is a great way to do it. Products will be flying off the shelves once you start to use cookies the right way. If you have any questions on the legality of cookies for your area, feel free to call their customer service. They will also advise you on giving the site more functions like remembering the correct language or region.

The Knowledge Base

Maybe you feel like you should understand WordPress more. You are having trouble migrating your site or making the site secure. No problem! The team over at WPX is great to work with because they provide a free knowledge base. This goes over a wide variety of topics, including how to move your site from one host to another host. They also go over how to get more performance from your WordPress site.

Many hot topics are covered. Do Gravatars slow down a site? It turns out that they do! You need to be careful when you are introducing new features because they might make the site look better, but you will also impact things in terms of speed. WPX is very fair with their articles and will explain both the pros and cons of doing certain actions with your running site.

Security is another hot topic in the field of technology. It seems like people are always worried about who might be looking through their files. You will feel better about your site’s security by going through some of the guides they provide. They have articles that talk about what a DDoS attack is and how it can be avoided. Articles also pop up to talk about certain plugins or features for WordPress that might be vulnerable. By checking with the knowledge base frequently, you can save yourself a lot of hassle later on.

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WPX Hosting Promo Code Conclusion

In conclusion, we strongly suggest that you try out the service now if you have been thinking about a new host. Use “superbdiscount” and you are going to save 50% for your first month. This promo code will not always be available. Using it now will make sure you can still take advantage of it. Also, make sure to visit our site as well. We will have promo codes for all types of software and plugins. By checking back often, you can save big on new products that might end up helping your business.

Get 50% the first month off using the unique WPX Hosting promo code “superbdiscount”

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