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A2 Hosting Referral

A2 Hosting Referral

Do you enjoy A2 Hosting? Are you looking to make a little extra money? We have the perfect program for you. The A2 Hosting referral program. With the A2 referral offer, you can earn a high commission while the customers get great hosting. At Superb Themes, we always offer you the best in terms of reviews and referral programs. Let us see what sets this program apart from the rest of them.

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Referral Details

If you are in sales, you know how difficult it can be to sell a product that people are not interested in. Nobody is going to use a service when it is not needed or of low quality. You won’t need to worry about that with A2. They make it easy to sell their high-speed service.

If you have a big audience, you are going to have a big advantage. Maybe you do tech reviews on YouTube. That means you have people interested in the service, and they are looking for recommendations. That also holds for Twitter as well. When you have a lot of followers, that can turn into big bucks. You can earn up to $125.00 for each new customer. Setting up the affiliate program is easy as well. Just put the affiliate link into a tweet or your video.

Friends and family can also sign up. If you have a large group of friends that you work with, advise them about the program. You are going to get a commission, and then they will get fast hosting. This is not a worthless product that they are going to toss a few months later. You are giving them great hosting, which is something everybody needs now.

The Breakdown – A2 Hosting Referral

How do the sales breakdown? Let’s take a quick look.

  • 1-10 sales: $55 a sale
  • 11-15 sales: $75 a sale
  • 16-20 sales: $100 a sale
  • 21+ sales: $125 a sale

From this brief rundown, you can see that the more you sell, the higher the commission. Some even can turn this into their full-time job. If you have a talent for speaking and you love technology, why not start offering this product? A2 hosting is highly regarded in the industry. They have built up a great reputation over time.

Even if you can only make a few sales each month, that will still be over a hundred for the month. When you pursue it on a more full-time level, that is where the commission will jump up to $125.00 for each sale.

Some quick math shows that if you make 21 sales at a rate of $125.00, that will turn into $2625.00. That would be a great paycheck considering you are just selling a product. There is no hard work on your part. If you already have the audience for this, it is even easier.

A2 Hosting program

Big Affiliate Numbers

Do you wonder how much you can really make with this program? From the A2 website, the top affiliate earned more than half a million USD. That is huge. Think about how that could change your life. You would most likely be able to pay off your home and have no mortgage. The college education for your kids could be more than taken care of. Even your cars could be paid off so that you are not paying interest anymore.

On the flip side, if you consider the amount of money you could make with half a million, it is very eye-opening. Think about the dividends or value you could receive if you invested $500,000 into the stock market. If you manage your money well, that would be continuous payments to you and your family. If you reinvested the money you earned from bonds and the stock market, you would easily turn into millions by the time you retire.

A2 has a good way to reward those that work harder. Once you hit more than 21 sales, each one is going to be worth $125.00. Customers that enjoy the service will want to tell their friends. Ensure that they also spread your link as they spread word-of-mouth details about the hosting provider.

Custom Sales

For those that operate in a very high-traffic space. You may be able to bring in much more than just 21 sales every month. In a case like this, you can earn larger commissions. Provide proof of your traffic and what you can bring to the company. You can speak with the team that is in charge of affiliate marketing. State your case about why you deserve more than $125.00 for each sale. If the numbers add up, you can expect an even bigger commission. That is fair, considering companies that are large influencers will easily go through more than 21 sales each month.

Why Are They The Best?

What can A2 offer you that is going to make the job easier? Here are just a few of the reasons you will want to work with the A2 hosting referral program.

  • Custom landing pages
  • Very active management and support
  • Real-time stats that will be updated constantly
  • A long cookie life of three months
  • Regular payments every month
  • Landing pages that have been tested
  • Tracking is very accurate for each sale.
  • Excellent conversion rate

Once you get the customer signed up, the great customer service and operation behind A2 will help you retain the people who want to work with you. Some affiliates such as Amazon are always trying to cut your commission and the cookie’s life. This is because they feel they don’t need a marketing team. They would be wrong.

A2 appreciates everybody that works for them. They give you a long time on cookies because they want you to get paid for your work. At the same time, they are tracking each sale using triple redundancies. This will make sure that nothing goes wrong, and all records are accurate. You will have regular payments that go out each month. If you are investing, this is important to get your money as soon as possible. The faster you can invest your funds into the market or into bonds, the better payments you will get as your money starts to work for you.

Landing Pages

They also give their top people a welcome email and landing page. This helps make the selling process even easier. A landing page has only one purpose. It is there to secure the sale. They test these pages to make sure they convert well. Now you can use them to increase the chances you will get a piece of this huge pie.

A welcome email is a good way to make a customer feel appreciated. Please include your contact information in case they need help getting set up. This shows you care, and you are not just after the commission. Hosting can be technical. Show people that you are going to guide them through the initial process. If you cannot help out, A2 has plenty of staff on hand at all times that are great to work with.

Sign Up Now

A2 is the best company to work with on their affiliate program. They have low prices when you get started, so many people will want to click your link. For example, WordPress hosting is an excellent price. You will pay less than three dollars each month for WordPress hosting. This includes solid-state drives for good speeds, free migration from another host, and good for one site.

If you are looking into another hosting, they have shared that you can save some money. Shared hosting is a good option when you are first getting started. You will, of course, share hardware resources with other individuals and companies.

When you feel like you need more security, move up to dedicated hosting with them. This provides more security and better resources. When you are already an expert, you can get unmanaged hosting. They will give you root access, and then you can utilize the multiple cores how you see fit. For those that are not experts with hardware, you will have the option to get dedicated and also managed to host. They will help you get an operating system set up, make your web page, and add programs and applications. When you first get started, this is the option that is preferred until you can do everything on your own.

A2 Hosting Refer-a-friend

A2 Hosting Referral Conclusion

In conclusion, A2 is an excellent host that wants to offer you many ways to earn. You are going to get many sales just based on the reputation of A2. If you have a good amount of traffic in the tech space, add this to your list of affiliates. You won’t need to go through a long process to get accepted. Sign up today, and you can start making money right away. For more in terms of software reviews and ways to make money, make sure you are always checking with Superb Themes. We always have the latest in terms of coupon codes and ways to save.

Save up to 66% on A2 Hosting!

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