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Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2022

It is no secret that WordPress continues to dominate as one of the most popular site builders and content management systems. WordPress is versatile and each day there are new plugins that are being added which can expand how your website functions and make your life easier as the owner of a website. With all this in mind, it brings up the question, which host should you go with for managed hosting?

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Bluehost

Considered the top managed WordPress experience, Bluehost is going to give you the best experience with your WordPress websites. They have advanced security analytics so they can see threats that are coming before they become a big problem. There is also social media integration as well which is becoming increasingly more important to stand out with your SEO efforts. WP Pro from Bluehost is great because your site will load from Solid State Drives. These SSDs and lower server density mean that your site will load lightning fast compared to the competition that may still be using normal hard drives to host your content. 

Hostingforest Managed WordPress Hosting

2. HostingForest

Hosting Forest can guarantee 99.99% uptime for your site. This is vital if you want your site to have a great reputation and convey your business is reliable to customers. Hosting Forest also promises fast load times for your content which means your bounce rate will decrease and people will be less likely to quickly end their session when they see how long it takes for images and video to load on your website. With around-the-clock support, when you run into trouble with Hosting Forest on the job, they are going to be there for you and help walk you through each step with intuitive guides and friendly staff. A great choice that comes in second.

Siteground Managed WordPress Hosting

3. SiteGround

SiteGround comes in third with some unique options. For just $3.95 a month starting off, you are going to get all the advantages of having a managed website with the experts. For one website, you are getting 10 GB of web space and up to 10K visits each month. Your traffic will be unmetered so SiteGround will not limit data transfers for going over a limit. The installation of WordPress comes free and you also have the advantage of Autoupdates so that your site will always be secure and use the latest technology. Free SSL means that people can buy from you and they won’t have to worry about credit card payments that are not encrypted. On top of all this, you will also get access to a free Content Delivery Network which means your content will load fast no matter where people are visiting your site from. A solid choice!

A2 Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

4. A2 Hosting

A2 is an awesome choice at number 4 on this list. Offering many of the same things as their competitors, they boast Turbo Speed for your WordPress site which means it can load up to 20 times faster. Imagine that you are working with a site that is very image-heavy or using many videos. Managed hosting with A2 would be perfect for you when you need a lot of data transmitted to customers fast! They also will make sure your website is secure at all times with the latest security technology and WP-CLI so you can work with the command-line interface and have even more control. A very good choice on our list!

HostPapa Managed WordPress Hosting

5. HostPapa

The final entry on the list is HostPapa. Based out of Canada, this company can promise an uptime of 99.9%. If you are already with a host and want to migrate over to their extremely fast servers, that process is easy with the free transfer plan they have set up. Hosting your site with Solid State Drives, you already know that your customers are going to get the best treatment when they are looking at your products online. If you run into any trouble or have questions, HostPapa is great with itsv customer service. On their website, they have a button that you can click and chat with them live! This is great for people that are just getting into the world of hosting and have a lot of questions. Give them a try today. Their managed WordPress hosting is low cost and they are ready to help answer your questions at any time. Check them out!

Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting

First, let us define what managed to host entails. For your typical website, you would install WordPress and then be responsible for the upkeep of the site. Each new version that comes out is your responsibility to keep track of and you are also responsible for making sure that your website stays up and isn’t hit with prolonged downtime that can cost you money and potential customers.

With a managed WordPress site, hosting is specialized to your needs as a concierge service that will make sure your website is running smoothly. Consider this for a moment. Most business owners on the WordPress platform are not expert web developers. There are many technical aspects of running a WordPress site that are beyond their understanding and they need an expert to guide them and watch over the constant changes that occur in the tech industry.

Managed hosting can help a lot with business owners that are too busy to keep up with the changing landscape or that may not have the right skill sets to keep their website running smoothly. Services such as Bluehost and Hosting Forest can make sure that you are all set with the most regular updates, security checks, and all your plugins are working together without conflicts.

Managed Hosting With Great Security

Security should be one of the most prominent things in the mind of any business owner. If a site has sensitive information such as credit card numbers, personal address locations for customers, and trade secrets, you need to make sure that cybercriminals are not able to penetrate your system and ruin your livelihood. One of the key services that you get when you use a managed hosting package is the presence of mind that an expert is watching over your site.

You might have worked hard your whole life building up a business and you are an expert in the field. With your hard-earned money, you might buy a nice house with a spacious lawn and a relaxing swimming pool in the back. Would you try and set up the security system yourself for your new house that you worked so hard to obtain? Of course not! It would be foolish to think that just because you worked hard to become an expert in one field that this would translate to setting up security for your home. Experts need to be called in to set up the IP security cameras and run the cables made from UTP or unprotected twisted pairs. The average person will not be able to understand the terms and guides without training.

Managed Hosting Keep You Safe

In a similar way, managed hosting helps make sure your website is always safe and protected. They can scan the logs and do an audit of the system, looking through to see if hackers are testing your ports and looking for a way in. Security experts will be able to tell the difference between harmless bots that are crawling the internet and possible intrusion attempts from nefarious actors looking to ruin your business. 

Managed hosting also comes with the perk of a technical person installing security updates that you are going to need for your themes and plugins. The world of WordPress is never static and as soon as one exploit is discovered, this needs to be patched and protected with an update. The manager for your site can also make sure you have a firewall that is installed and in good working order as well as a spam filter such as Akismet. If your website does not have some sort of anti-spam plugin, you can guarantee that bots will start posting suspicious links to your blog comments to try and trick visitors which will ruin your reputation.

Easy Backup & Maintenance With Managed WordPress Hosting

Even beyond just security updates, other things for your website will need to be watched with a careful eye. Have you backed up your site lately in case it goes down and you need to restore it from a cloud backup? People unfamiliar with the platform may not know how to download a plugin such as UpdraftPlus which can be configured to automatically backup everything to the cloud at a scheduled time. A managed website comes with years of experience. Managers will know what tools are out there that can protect your site and keep your business running without disruption.

As your company starts to scale up and you want to add more functionality to your website, can you make sure that all the plugins will work well together? It is better to leave things in the hands of the experts that live and breathe the world of website hosting. With that being said, let’s look at the top five best-managed hosts for WordPress.

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