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Best Month To Month Web Hosting Services (2023)

Many web hosts are trying to compete with each other in various ways to present themselves as the best choice. Obviously, one of the most significant factors to consider is the price. You will get an excellent deal if you lock in with a host for a long contract, such as an entire year or even multiple years. The issue with this is that you are locked in at that point. What if you find out the data centers for your given host are not as close as you thought before? Therefore we have gathered some of the best month-to-month web hosting providers.

Month-to-Month Payments

To avoid getting trapped in a long commitment, you want to consider going month to month first. This lets you try out the service and learn how the company operates. Do they have good support when you run into trouble? How are the speeds during different parts of the day when traffic is going to be higher? When you pay monthly, you will get a good taste of what a long contract will be like. What is the best month-to-month hosts?

Month to Month Payments

1. BlueHost

Number one on the list we have BlueHost. This host has many good aspects that can help you make up your mind about them. BlueHost got to be at the top of the best month-to-month web hosting list.

  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Marketing Credits
  • Verified for Google My Business

This is the perfect way to check out BlueHost. They give you a thirty-day trial period before you need to pay.

Pricing for Monthly

Starting at $2.95 for a month, that is a very good price for monthly service. BlueHost considers this the introductory offer to see if you like the way they conduct hosting. One this period is over, the monthly price will increase to $7.99. This is still a good deal considering all the features that you are going to get with the package they offer.

Marketing Masters

If you just got started with BlueHost, you will be happy to know they care about your marketing efforts. They are going to give you a bonus hundred bucks so you can use Microsoft Advertising. You are also going to get a hundred that goes toward Google Ads. To get these bonus advertising dollars, you just need to spend twenty-five dollars with the services. We all know that digital marketing can get really expensive. Try out these services with a huge discount!

Secure with SSL

Another thing to consider is that BlueHost is very secure with SSL certificates. They use Let’s Encrypt to ensure that when customers use your site, they will not be hacked. When you are working with credit card numbers, you must pay attention to your security. When you do e-commerce transactions, they keep all the vital information hidden. You won’t need to worry about people monitoring your traffic and trying to bust into your databases. If you want to avoid litigation, go with pros like BlueHost that know how to encrypt transactions, and keep your customers safe.

Google My Business

Another aspect to think about is Google My Business. We all know that most consumers are using Google now to find a new business to use. You can list your company very quickly with Google when you sign up with BlueHost. Customers can then see when you are open and the location of your store with the maps provided. If you want more customers, this is a surefire way to get higher conversions and more people entering your shop.

WP Engine

2. WP Engine

You can save money with WP Engine if you go with their annual plan. If you want to go monthly, though, it will be thirty dollars each month. What can you get for that?

  • Visitors can total up to 25K per month
  • You get 10 gigs of storage
  • 50 gigs of bandwidth will be allotted to you
  • 1 site can be used with this plan

That will give you everything that you will need to get started. What about for an agency? Can WP Engine help out a large company? Once again, you will save money if you go with the annual plan. If you want just to do a month to month, it will cost you $290.00. What can you expect?

  • Up visits to 400k
  • 50 gigs to store your website
  • 500 gigs of bandwidth
  • 30 sites that you can work with

This really only applies to companies that are large and can take advantage of all these features. The average person won’t have use for hosting with thirty different sites. If you find yourself in a position where you can use this deal, call them today and get started. Like most hosts, they offer a trial period where you can try all this out and see if you like it before deciding to choose for WP Engine. Anyway, WP Engine is a safe choice on the best month to month web hosting list.

Lost Revenue on month to month hosting

3. SiteGround

When you look for a good month to month price, it also has to come with great features. What can SiteGround do to snag your business? Since price matters SiteGround is a safe choice on our best month to month web hosting list.

  • Low Latency
  • High Availability for Data Centers
  • A huge network to draw from

The data centers that SiteGround uses for their service have the highest redundancy. When you decide to go with their monthly plan and run an e-commerce store, you are in good hands. Critical components that keep your site going constantly have backups for the backups. Why is this important? Things can happen. Natural disasters can occur and take out more than one data center at a time. If there is a hurricane or intense flood that strips a data center, there must be things to keep your backups going. SiteGround has done a good job of making sure your website is never down.

Lost Revenue

Each time your site goes down, it impacts how people view your site. Your brand becomes unreliable. You are no longer trustworthy. Why is your store down right now? Can we trust this company with our credit card numbers when they are not even up right now? This is why SiteGround offers a way to make sure electricity outages are not going to take you off the Internet. They have many different power feeds, power generators at their sites, and UPS technology that makes sure there will be a power source that keeps everything running. Your network will not experience any interruptions because SiteGround is set up with major companies that are known for being reliable. Google Cloud is a huge part of the plan when you use their monthly plan. This means your data is going to be secure with built-in redundant systems. It doesn’t get much better for the monthly price. It is just $6.99 for the month, and after the deal is over, the monthly price jumps up to $14.99. A very nice price for what you get.

The best environment friendly month to month hosting service

4. Hosting Forest

It is easy to help the environment while still getting a good deal on your monthly plan. What does Hosting Forest feature?

  • Give back to the community
  • Kind Customer Service
  • Great for the environment

Many of us don’t consider the impact that hosting has on Earth. You will be surprised to learn how much electricity it takes to run the Internet. As long as the majority of us are not using renewable forms of electricity, it is going to be fossil fuels that power much of the Internet we use. Hosting Forest helps with this, and they assure you that they fund projects that plant trees to offset the electricity used by your company.

Monthly Plan

The monthly plan is about as cheap as you can get. For just under three dollars, you have around the clock support from them and access to 30 gigs to use as you see fit. If you are serious about taking a stand against climate change, consider using this great company to make sure your dollars go to a good place each month you continue service.


5. Kinsta

Need some highlights to get you to try out Kinsta? How about the following characteristics?

  • Trial Period to try out the Service
  • Agency Model or Personal use
  • Low Latency Connection

If you care about getting started quickly, go with their starter plan. On a monthly payment plan, it will only be thirty bucks each month and give you up to 20k visits for each month. Obviously this is much higher priced than some of the other choices we looked at. This is because Kinsta is giving you quite a large amount of visits before they cap you. Keep in mind they are also going to give you the SSL for free, which others will charge you for when you go with the starter plan. Take advantage of their CDN and make sure your content is being delivered quickly with their lightning-fast network.


You won’t always want to use a long annual contract for hosting. It many times makes sense to try out the service first every month. Use this guide to help you decide which features are important and what price range you are looking at. Check back with us again soon for more on hosting!

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