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Best VPNs Services For Privacy 2022

The proliferation of darknet sites that sell personal financial information and large companies tracking their users are both getting worse. Users try many different solutions to protect their privacy, but one of the leading ways to make sure you are not being tracked is through the use of a VPN. Establishing a secure connection with a Virtual Private Network, known better as a VPN, can be thought of as a shield to make sure that your private data is not revealed.

Some VPN services are better than others. There are many different metrics that you can use to compare all the different providers. Speed for data transfers. The amount of privacy that they provide their customers. Is a kill switch provided? All of these things need to be considered when you are thinking about what will protect you the best. Let us take a look at some of the most important benchmarks for a VPN.

Looking through VPN services can feel overwhelming, there is a lot to choose from. New VPN software is being released monthly, most likely because of the focus on online privacy. That’s awesome! The only downside is that it’s difficult to tell them apart and figure out which one fits your needs the best. That’s exactly why we have made this list, if you’re looking for the most secure VPNs then you’ve come to the right place. They all have apps for iPhone / Android, they work on both Linux, Mac & Windows. They’re of course fast too! Anyways, let’s get to it.

Atlas VPN, the best VPN for privacy

1. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is an awesome free VPN that focuses on security and privacy. Atlas costs nothing, you can use it as a free VPN. It does however come with in-app purchases, but those are not needed for the common user. It is fast and easy to set up, that combined with the fact that the app is free makes it a good alternative to some of the largest paid VPN providers in the World. It Has received high ratings on rating platforms such as Trustpilot. Atlas VPN is developed by Peakstar technologies Inc. in Brookline, New York.

Stay private with Cyberghost VPN

2. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is number one on our list. Not only does it protect against IPv4 leaks, but IPv6 as well. Port forwarding leaks are covered by them plus DNS leaks. What about a kill switch? CyberGhost will disconnect all services when it notices an issue to make sure that you don’t run into trouble. They cover everything you would want in a solid VPN service that is secure.

NordVPN privacy

3. NordVPN 

In the past, there was an incident between NordVPN and a third party data center. After this occurred, NordVPN was even more dedicated to making sure users were secure by consulting with the top cybersecurity firms out there. Not only that, but they also have a bug bounty program which pays cash to any professionals that can find a flaw in their security. If you want a team dedicated to security, go with the team willing to put money on the line.

Hidemyass has great privacy

4. HideMyAss VPN

No matter what system you are on, HMA will have you covered. Need a VPN on your router? HMA has a way to keep you protected. Maybe you are using a VPN through an Android smartphone or even a Linux system? All of these can access the HMA system to make sure your data is secure with high speeds available from all over the globe.

Zenmate is awesome if you want to stay private on the internet

5. ZenMate VPN  

Protect up to five devices with ZenMate. This service is great and lets you protect devices for not just you but the whole family. They have a ton of locations around the world with over 62 different countries. ZenMate servers are all over which means you can get a solid connection from almost any place that you might be traveling. Military grade security means this VPN comes in at four on our list.

ExpressVPN has high privacy

6. ExpressVPN

This company also uses military-grade encryption making them very secure. AES-256 bit encryption with OpenVPN is what you get right out of the box. This can be used to protect yourself from cybercriminals and even government censorship! If you want to feel confident that nobody is spying on you, check out ExpressVPN.

Windscribe focus on privacy

7. Windscribe

Want a secure connection for a cheap price? How does free sound? Windscribe is a secure connection that you can try out right now and not have to worry about a monthly bill. Block ads, unblock applications that are region locked, and browse while still feeling protected. Windscribe is an awesome choice for users that need an encrypted tunnel and are tight on cash. They mark our last choice.

That is it for this list. Make sure to bookmark Superb Themes and see the latest in technology and WordPress. We will help you stay on top of the latest trends!

Keep Your Privacy & Avoid IP Leaks With a VPN

With any VPN service, you want to make sure that your real IP address is cloaked so that people can’t tell the point of origin. A great way to think about this is to consider your IP address like your address in the real world. Maybe I live at 2435 Smith Street in Florida. If you have something valuable in your home, would you broadcast your real address? Of course not! That would just bring more trouble to your doorstep. Criminals need your actual address if they want to try and rob you or destroy your property.

In a similar way, you don’t want your IP address to be easily accessed by any parties unless you feel you can trust them. If a criminal does not know your true address, they can’t target you for attacks. A VPN service is great for masking where you are coming from so that anything you do on the web is shielded from watchful eyes. The servers for the VPN handle all requests that you make which can’t be traced back to you.

An IP leak is when you are using a VPN service and your real IP address can be seen. At times, this can fall upon the customer if they accidentally connect to the wrong servers which will expose their information. It is rare that an IP leak will come from your VPN provider since their software is customized for security and designed to make sure it never looks like requests are coming from you. Even though your VPN takes many steps to make sure you are not exposed, other forms of technology can be susceptible. Browser plugins that you use to add on more functionality when you are surfing the web. Software, in general, that is created to enhance your browsing experience. Even the operating system that your smartphone is currently using might be leaking your real location.

High privacy VPNs

Google Services is a set of functions that are embedded into the Android OS. It didn’t take long for hackers and criminals to realize that by having unwitting users download apps that they designed, malicious programs could start leaking data back to them that Google Services was collecting. It is very important when dealing with a VPN that you do your part to make sure you are not adding any suspicious programs and staying away from strange links.  

A good VPN service with a focus on privacy will guard against potential IP leaks and also help you to check to see if you already have one. It is quick and easy to see if you are currently at risk. Simply go onto Google, search for the term “what is my IP address” and the answer will come back in a series of numbers that are separated by periods. This IP address is IPv4 and this is the old standard. If you see a long string of numbers and letters, this is the new standard known as IPv6. Both of these should be recorded so that you can keep track of your real address. 

Next, visit a free website that offers a test to make sure there your IP is private and that there are no leaks coming from your current VPN. Try to find a test that will do both a desktop test well as a mobile test since it is important to stay anonymous at home and while you are on the move. Another thing to check for is DNS over TLS. This is missing from some test sites since this is a new protocol. This protocol aims to keep DNS requests encrypted and adds even more security.  Transport Layer Security came after SSL and will become more and more important in the coming years. 

VPN Kill Switch

Despite the ominous name, a kill switch is an important layer to your security. As we saw earlier in the article, there are many ways that your real IP can start to be leaked either from exploited programs or even user error. A VPN kill switch aims to protect you when an IP leak does occur.

Let’s look at an example of how a VPN kill switch might function. You are away on business in another country to attend a trade show. While you are in a strange new country, you notice that you can’t use your phone as a hotspot anymore. Cursing your luck, you head down to the local coffee shop in a hurry to get your work done. Before even thinking, you forget to use your VPN service before accessing the public wifi access point. This means due to user error, you are now exposed to a public connection. A kill switch could have protected you.

Kill switch for VPN

Here is another scenario to think about. You are working from home and using your VPN because you remembered to access it this time. There is a sudden surge in the system and your internet connection drops. We all know that the connection will try to establish itself automatically again. The issue with this though is the connection with the VPN has already been severed. When the internet tries to connect again automatically to resume a download or an upload, now you are exposed with your real IP address and it gives criminals and hackers a location to target.

A kill switch aims to stop this by detecting when there is a disconnection and shutting down service so that your real IP address is not revealed. This can function at the application level when the application is open or even go down to the point of working on the system level depending on the need for security. Now that we know some of the big things to look for from a secure VPN, what are the most secure VPN providers?

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