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Best WordPress Hosting UK 2022

If your blog or website targets the UK and not the US then you might need a bit of a different hosting set-up than a US targeted hosting set-up would demand. The main difference between targeting a US audience or and a UK audience is the location of the data center where your hosting server is located. With a UK located hosting server you will rank a lot better in the UK than with if your website or blog is hosted from a US located data center. The same goes the other way around and you do need a US based server park in order to rank properly in the US.

In this article, we will list some of the best WordPress Hosting providers in the UK all of which offer WordPress hosting from a UK based data center.


HostGator: Best “Value for Money” WordPress Hosting 

If you are looking for cheap WordPress hosting you should go for a cloud web Hosting, which is a cheap and great “Value for Money” web hosting solution. When you sign up to a web hosting company, the company will provide you with a great discount for the first year. The Discount might be between 60 and 90%, which is a good offer. The reason why the Web Hosting companies can offer that great discounts is that it is relatively difficult to change Web Hosting provider and most people end up using the same hosting provider for years.

A cheap and great “Value for Money” hosting solution is products from HostGator, that offers a cloud web hosting for as little as 2.74$ per month for the first year (renewals are 10.95$ per month after the first year).  


Kinsta: Best WordPress Hosting for Page Speed

In order to make sure that your visitors stay on your blog or website you need page speed. Slow downloads annoy the visitors. Think about it, if you visit a blog that is downloading very slow you are properly already thinking about leaving the blog before you are getting started.

Also, slow page speed means that it takes forever to organize your own blog/website. You might say that the money you saved on a cheap WordPress hosting is paid for with the extra time you use on waiting for your blog or website to download.

Page speed costs money and therefore expensive WordPress hosting subscriptions are often the one with the fastest page speed and downloading time. Web hosting providers like Kinsta are expensive (Kinsta’s cheapest subscription is 30$ per month). If you are looking for a cheaper WordPress hosting company that is doing good in page speed tests, we recommend Kinsta. 

Siteground Cheap WordPress Hosting

Siteground: The Best Server Uptime

It goes without saying that server uptime is crucial for a blog or website. Your website or blog should be up and available 24/7 in order to attract visitors. Limited uptime limits the number of users that visit your website or blog so you simply need to be up and running all the time. In recognition of the importance of uptime, the most serious web hosting providers give guarantees regarding the uptime of their server’s uptime. If the hosting provider does not live up to the promised uptime you are often entitled to a refund. Good web hosting companies promise server uptime in the area of 99% to 99,9% of the time.

When server uptime is important for your choice, we recommend Siteground who guarantees an impressive 99,9% uptime for relatively cheap WordPress web hosting. 


Bluehost: The Best Customer Support

When dealing with hosting problems might occur, which is why the hosting company’s customer support is a very important factor when you consider which WordPress Web Hosting provider to use. We would go as far as to say that we would not get hosting from a company that does not have excellent customer support.

All the hosting companies on our list have great customer support. However, Bluehost has a reputation for being one of the best customer support in the business. We agree and high-five them for their 24/7 customer support through chat and phone.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting: The Hosting Company With The Best Discounts

In the hosting market that has many companies and providers with high-quality products, open up for high competition and great discounts. If a company with a high-quality hosting product offers a discount on their products, why not save a little money on your hosting deal. This is a market with enormous discounts and it is possible to make a bargain. Please have in mind that most hosting companies offer a discount for hosting the first year and no more than that so you should make sure that you are able to pay the considerably higher subscription fee in the years to come.

There are many great WordPress hosting discounts to choose from but we choose A2 Hosting and they’re up to 63% discount as our top pick.

Best WordPress Hosting UK

To rank in the United Kingdom (UK) is something else than ranking in the US. If you are a website or block targeting the UK you need to read this to use a local data center to serve your hosting. This is the issue for all types of web hosting not only for WordPress Hosting.

The need for a UK-based data center for your WordPress hosting does not mean that you need to use a British web hosting company but it means that you need to find a web hosting company that offers hosting from UK-based data centers. We recommend that you use Siteground if you are looking for reliable WordPress hosting at an affordable price. Siteground does offer WordPress hosting hosted from data centers in the UK.

Best WordPress hosting Canada

Who does not love Canada? We do anyway! Here is a quick guide to the best WordPress hosting in Canada.

First of all, there is no big difference in your possibilities to rank on the largest search engines in Canada if you use a US WordPress Hosting provider or a Canadian one. It is more or less the same. If you prefer a Canadian hosting provider anyway we would most definitely suggest HostPapa from Burlington, Ontario. Nice service, good products, and reasonable prices.

Best UK Hosting Company for WordPress

It is important to underline that the nationality of the WordPress hosting company properly does not influence the ranking of your website or blog on Google or Bing in the UK. It is the location of the data center that matters. In other words, International hosting companies with data centers in the UK are just as good as a hosting company with headquarters somewhere in the UK. Nevertheless, if you decide to go for a Web hosting company with a close link to the UK then 1&1 IONOS located in Gloucester UK is a possibility. The Company is actually a German company but has a large UK branch as well.

Which is the “Best Value” WordPress Hosting company in UK

International WordPress Hosting companies are often much cheaper than locally-based web hosting companies. Since it is the location of the data center that matters for your Google ranking and not the nationality of the company, we recommend that you find a web hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting and at the same time have servers placed in data centers in the UK. It does not have to be a British company. All the suggested companies on our list offer WordPress hosting from data-centered in the UK.

How Does Brexit Affect Web Hosting?

In 2021, things have changed a bit because of Brexit. In this section, we will try to elaborate on how Brexit has affected the web hosting industry and doing hosting business in the UK. Let us start out by saying that there is just as much confusion about Brexit’s influence on web hosting as in many other areas. However, there are some issues that might turn out to be problems. For instance, some of the issues that might turn out to be a problem are the strict EU data protection laws and GDPR and what to do about UK domains with .eu domains.

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