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Elementor Vs WPBakery

Elementor Vs WPBakery the battle

It can be difficult to pick the best builder that will work for you. Should you go with one that has a free option like Elementor? Maybe you should pick a popular builder such as Divi that has a huge community. Now you can also pick WPBakery. In our article, Elementor vs WPBakery, we will go over how they both stack up. In the end, you may find that one of them will fit into your business model better. Let us get started with Elementor vs WPBakery so we can see which one comes out on top.

In Support Of Elementor

First, what makes Elementor stand out?

  • Use the free plugin for as long as you would like
  • Creates sites faster than coding by hand
  • Design things live and in front of you
  • Widgets will quickly add new features
  • A large library of templates are ready to use

Many feel Elementor is the ultimate page builder. Why is this? You can use it for free for as long as you would like. It is hard to beat that price! How your site appears to the end-user is known as the front end. This includes your header, the footer at the bottom, and all the text you have on your main page. Elementor is great because it allows you to utilize every part of the site, and you don’t need to dive into the backend.

Preferring Elementor over WPBakery?

They Listen To Users

Another great aspect of Elementor is that they listen to the users. If they notice that many of the customers are calling for a specific feature, they add it! One of the features that people have been asking about for quite some time was visual revision history. Imagine that you could save that each step of the way every time you press save. If you start to go down a certain design path, it can be difficult to revert things when discovering a plugin is not responding to what you were expecting. With a visual revision history, you can easily go back to the point you prefer instead of undoing each step you took.

Pricing is also another awesome feature with Elementor. The core version is free right now. If you want Elementor Pro, you only need to put in $49.00, and you will be good for the full year. That applies to one site. If you want to extend beyond that, paying $99.00 will give you access to three sites. For an agency, invest $199.00, and you will have unlimited sites you can work with. This pricing is excellent and shows that they are thinking about their user base to make the builder affordable.


What are some aspects that may turn you away from using Elementor?

  • Your site can become slower.
  • Your SEO may suffer

For any page builder, you have to consider that there is a tradeoff carefully. You can quickly build a site in just a matter of minutes using your long list of widgets and the huge library of templates. This does create bloat behind the scenes. You are just working with the front end of your site. Meanwhile, the backend is getting stuffed with code that is going to build up over time slowly. The more features you add, the slower the site will run. Unneeded code will choke the speed that you expect from a WordPress site. If you have changed out your host and are using dedicated hosting, Elementor may be why the site is moving slow.

SEO Slow Down

For SEO, the main focus is speed. If you are in a niche that is not very competitive, Elementor will be fine. Any additional load time will not be noticed, and your site will be easy to make. When you have a very competitive space is where you will need to think about using Gutenberg. Say you are trying to get into the niche of finance and making money. That space is huge with a mountain of competition. The speed you trade by building a site with Elementor will matter. It won’t matter if you have the best content. Google will look at your page speed and subtract points from your ranking.

Keep in mind, the bloat and extra code are present in all of your page builders. This is not limited to just Elementor. If you are looking for a fast way to make a site and you aren’t intent on having the fastest load time, feel free to use this builder. A bit of research on optimization can help lower the size of the images. A cache system will also make loading times much faster. If you have already made your site in Elementor, there are many ways to boost your speed. You may want to consider experimenting with a theme that will have a smaller footprint for future sites.

Elementor Vs WPBakery


Next up, let’s think about WPBakery. This is also a builder that has many features to pick from. What does it include?

  • Works with both the front end and back end
  • It pairs well with any WordPress theme
  • Has elements, templates, and also many addons
  • Skin builder to show off custom looks

When working with WPBakery, you will have advantages that you don’t see in other builders. These include object-oriented code, it can adapt to any theme you are already comfortable with, and it is ready to go multilingual.


What does that mean when we say it is object-oriented? The code will be based on the idea of objects. These objects might have code that can run, or the objects may contain data that needs to be used by the user and other parts of the program. Data will be in fields, and your code will execute as methods. You will find that many programming languages all use this paradigm ranging from Java to Python. If you hire a programmer to make additional changes to your code, they will most likely already be familiar with the layout and will be able to make the needed changes quickly.

On top of this, WPBakery can adapt to any theme. This gives you yet another advantage when building out your page. A programmer will easily understand your object-oriented code, and a designer can easily move in and start to make changes to the page using any theme. You need a system that will be flexible if you want to succeed and create something that will adapt to third-party workers.

Shortcode Mapper

Are you a great developer? Even though WPBakery is awesome for people who don’t have any coding skills, it comes in handy when you have the skills. For example, WPBakery will give you access to a shortcode mapper. What exactly is a shortcode?

For WordPress, there are tiny snippets of code that let you get new functions. You won’t need to program them from scratch. Most of the work is already done for you. This code can be inserted anywhere on the page. You can use it in posts, your main page, or insert the snippet into your header. Embedded files will create objects for you to work with, which goes back to why it is good to work with an object-oriented language.

With the shortcode mapper, you can bring in shortcodes that you make. WordPress already has options for audio, captions, and also video features. Now you could write a shortcode on your own so that you could introduce a Google Maps feature or something related to AR. When you have the skills, WPBakery is going to support your ambitions. Get rid of using a lot of code editing and instead add HTML and another markup dynamically.

Why Should You Not Use WPBakery?

There are some distinct reasons why you need to be careful when you use WPBakery. Some of the biggest issues are as follows:

  • Elementor is free, and you can continue to use it for as long as you would like
  • Lock in with your current editor can occur

When you first decide which builder to use, you should be very cautious. This stands for really any builder out there. You can lock yourself into using a certain builder for the long haul. Why is this?

Users working with WPBakery before the switch in the editor for WordPress core found many issues. WPBakery worked well with the editor’s old versio0n, but when there was a shift over to Gutenberg, some users were not ready. This resulted in a conflict between the code generated by WPBakery and the new Gutenberg way of editing your page.

Elementor Vs WPBakery – Will WPBakery Fix The Problem?

What was the solution? Many users found that they needed to revert to the classic editor that they had before. That was the only way they could easily make changes to their code. This also presents problems because you are cut off using all the new features you expected to use. Gutenberg is great and, unfortunately, blocked many users from using WPBakery and the new editor. Over time, the makers behind WPBakery can create fixes for the problem, but it can mean a lot of extra work until they do. On top of this, you always run the risk of the company folding. At this point, there may be no hotfix on the way. You would need to edit all the code and fix the HTML manually.

Elementor Vs WPBakery the verdict

Elementor Vs WPBakery Conclusion

What is the verdict? When it comes to Elementor vs WPBakery, we need to go with Elementor. You have the option to use it for free for as long as you want. It is more popular and has a stronger community. WPBakery users struggled when the new editor came out. Without a quick fix, many agencies had to go in and edit all sites by hand. In the end, we pick Elementor as a better builder.

Preferring Elementor over WPBakery?

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