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WP Buff’s Pricing Plans – Get Value And Quality For Your Money!

Wp Buffs pricing

We all wish that we could be a WordPress guru. You would never need to pay for support. If people had questions, they could just come to you. You would be able to manage all of your own websites. Unfortunately, that is not possible for most people. That is why we have WP Buffs. This article will go over how WP Buffs can help you, plus what WP Buff’s pricing will look like. In the end, you are going to have a great idea of what each tier to choose.

WP Buffs – get support and maintenance

How It Can Help You

If you have been thinking about getting WordPress maintenance, but you still aren’t sure, look at some of the quotes from people that started using the service.

“We started using WP Buffs just a few weeks ago. I feel like I am sleeping better because I know my business will be in good hands. Employees are working with more confidence now because they know our site won’t go down randomly. This takes a huge load off of us. I feel like I can finally do my job correctly and focus on what makes the business great.”

As you can see from the quote above, going with WP Buffs makes it so that you can focus on things in your business that make money. Maybe it gives you time to develop a new product line. Perhaps you can make a business plan or strategy that is needed to boost sales. It will be different for every business. You understand what makes your company work the best. With WP Buffs in your corner, you will finally have enough time to really dial in the best way to expand.

Wp Buffs pricing best HQ Washington DC

WP Buff’s Different Tiers

WP Buff’s pricing has many tiers, so you can pick the solution that makes the most sense to you. The first tier is called Maintain. With that, you will get the following:

  • Reports every week
  • Monitoring for your site health
  • Emergency support will be available.
  • Cloud backups are available.
  • Integrates well with Google Analytics

With this first tier, you have a few choices when it comes to your monthly cost. If you are unsure about the product, go for the monthly payment. You can expect to pay $67.00 for each month you use the service. New users will want to try it out first instead of paying a lump sum upfront.

If you have used the service before, feel free to pay for an entire year upfront. That will net you a good amount of savings. Every month, you will be paying $56.00. That is even better, and then you won’t need to worry about renewing over and over. Your site will be set for the whole year. Depending on your comfort level with the service, pick the better pricing plan that fits you. What will you get if you go with the next tier up?

Wp Buffs pricing protect

Protect Tier

For WP Buff’s pricing, your middle tier is named Protect. The cost increases as you gain access to white label services. If you go with just the monthly expense, it will be $147.00 each month. Paying in a lump sum will net you more savings. The annual plan is only $123.00 a month for the entire year. What can you expect to get with the next tier up?

  • Unlimited edits
  • Extra security
  • Cloud backups increased
  • iThemes Security is included

With iThemes, you won’t need to pay extra for this plugin. If you want to make sure your site is secure, you need to get additional protection. There are more than thirty ways in which it is going to keep your site locked down. Think that you won’t get hacked? Think about this figure first. 30,000 sites get hacked every day. Can you really afford to leave things up to chance?

WordPress might be viewed as an easier target for criminals. Plugins that you use every day might end up being vulnerable. Amateur programmers might make these plugins, and you would have no idea. That is why you need this extra layer of security. Obsolete software that gets abandoned is also at risk. Think of a program that hasn’t been updated in years. Hackers can poke holes in the code. With nobody around to patch the holes, that puts you at risk! Think twice before using old plugins if you don’t have the proper security.

This security plugin will stop automated attacks, give your users better credentials, and harden your defenses. Standard holes will be patched up and ensure that your site will continue to earn income for you.

Wp Buffs pricing Maintain

The Last Tier

Last, of all, let’s see what you can get with the final tier. Looking at WP Buff’s pricing, we can see that the last tier will have the most options for you. Named Perform, it is going to do just that. What can you anticipate when you start working with the last and final tier?

  • Priority support for your business
  • LearnDash courses
  • Uses many languages
  • Staging is available
  • Advanced functions to get the most out of your company

If you want to run a successful business, you should think about upgrading to the highest tier. This is going to give you options in terms of what languages your website will use. Expanding into new markets will be much easier if you can display text in Spanish or Chinese.

Staging is also available to you so that you can operate with confidence. You don’t want to install a new plugin and assume that it is going to work. That can come back to bite you if things don’t go as planned. Instead, stage the site and interact with it. Have a few people test out the new features. You can never know how your plugins will start interacting with each other if you never test your unique qualities.

Wp Buffs pricing perform

Purchase this at a rate of $197.00 every month, or you can do an annual plan which will run you $164.00. Don’t bother paying extra for plugins like Smush. You are going to get Smush Pro and also WP Rocket for free! If there is any malware associated with your site, have it pulled out of your system right away.

WP Buff’s Pricing Currently

Looking at all of these options, you can see that there really is a good choice at any price point. If you are just getting started and want a little help with the system, go with the lowest tier. The pricing for this company can be variable at higher levels. You have custom, custom pro, and also Enterprise levels. When you are dealing with over 25 various sites, that requires even more attention. Schedule a discovery call with them and learn more about how they can monitor custom code and integrate AWS so that your site will have fast load times from anywhere in the world.

Some may question why they even need to use this service. Don’t they have many various WordPress care programs out there? WP Buffs holds its employees to a high standard. They train their workers on over thirty various platforms that range from automated emails to SEO. When you question why HubSpot or Zapier is not interacting correctly with the rest of your site, it will be easy to get an answer fast.

WP Buffs can offer around the clock support. They built up their business with employees all over the world. This company is not just based in the United States or Canada. Staff is waiting and on standby working from local offices or their home. That means you will always be reaching somebody quickly if you have an emergency, like your payment processor going down.

In Conclusion – WP Buff’s Pricing

In conclusion, the WP Buffs pricing that we looked at is very reasonable. You may think it is high at first, but considering all of the plugins you can use, the price is honest. You would normally pay quite a bit if you wanted to start using iThemes Security Pro, WP Smush Pro, and WP Rocket. Instead of buying all of those on your own, use this service. You will notice a marked difference in how everything operates.

If you would like another option for WordPress care, why not try Superb Themes? They also provide very reasonable prices, and you are guaranteed to have faster load times with their expertise. Speak with them, and you will realize quickly why so many people recommend maintenance through Superb Themes. Since they create their own themes and plugins, you will get a huge advantage out of working with developers.

For more guides, reviews, and also help with WordPress, make sure you revisit us soon. You can also catch us on social media. By following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you will be able to see all of our contests and the giveaways that we run. Who doesn’t like a few free themes? Keep it here with Superb Themes.

WP Buffs – get support and maintenance

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