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How To Add A Live Chat To Your WordPress Website

Having a live chat on websites is common these days, it increases the trustability a lot & makes life much easier for your visitors. There is nothing better than asking a question and getting an instant answer. It is especially recommended for eCommerce websites to add a live chat. Websites such as Forrester noticed a 10% revenue increase after adding live chat to their website.

In this tutorial we will be using the most used WordPress plugin for live chat. Tidio is used by big corporations and has been mentioned in Fox News, Forbes and much more. They have a free, cheap and expensive version, it’s pricing plans work for any type of website. Anyways let’s get to it!

Step by Step: How to Add a Live Chat To Your Website

  1. Go to and download Tidio for WordPress, the plugin is free.
  2. Visit Tidios website and create a user by clicking “Try It Out” in the top right corner.
  3. Go to your website and navigation to plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and install it. (Alternatively you can search for “Tidio Live Chat” and install it)
  4. After activating the plugin, navigate to “Tidio Chat” in the sidebar of your WordPress interface. it should be somewhere near the bottom.
  5. Login with the account you created in step 2 and follow the instructions.

Video Tutorial: How To Add A Live Chat To Your WordPress Website

Sometimes it’s easier to follow a video tutorial, below you’ll see a detailed video on how to install and activate the plugin, use it together with the step by step guide above to get started easily!

Live Chat for WordPress Features

  • Reusable Responses: It’s no problem if you get the same questions over and over, with canned responses allows you to reuse answers to speed up the chat session.
  • Custom Chat Widget Design: It’s important that your chat box matches your brand, luckily you have access to a ton of customisation, which allows you to make the chat box match your brand!
  • Send & receive Files: Both you and your visitor can send files easily to each other.
  • Visitor Tracking: You’ll be able to see what page the visitor you are chatting with is on, his name & timezone.
  • Ticket Form: If you are not active on the chat, then the visitor has the option to create a ticket & explain their problem, you can contact them when you’re on again through email and start the conversation there. This can be toggled on and off.
  • Mobile Chat Application: If you’re bored on the train, in the bus or watching TV then you can answer chats while directly from your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Reports & Analytics: You can see reports over your chats and get better insight into how you can improve your customer service.
  • Sales integration: Use the sales integration to do upsells directly in the chat.

Multi Language Live Chat

Tidio is already translated for the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish.

You can add translations directly to their plugin easily: If the plugin isn’t translated for your language yet, then no worries, it’ll only take you half an hour to translate all text strings.

Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin

The great part about WordPress is that there is a lot of free stuff, both themes and plugins. Tidio comes as both free and paid, it depends entirely on what you need for your website, for example if you have a blog or small eCommerce website. If you have a site with lots of traffic then we recommend you get one of the paid versions.

While we recommend Tidio it’s important to note that there are a ton of live chat plugins, we have tested all of those that are released on and found Tidio to be the best one.

Free WordPress chat plugin

What is a Live Chat for WordPress?

You have most likely seen live chat software a few times around the web, especially on big eCommerce sites in all kinds of niches, but especially clothing and accessory shops. Big players on the market such as Forrester have reported a 10% increase in sales after adding a live chat to their website. If you’re serious about your website then we always recommend having a live chat, it’s a great way to really get to know your customer and improve your website.

Live Chat Documentation

The WordPress live chat plugin we recommend throughout this article comes with a ton of documentation. There is both video documentation, tutorials, step by step and articles you can check if you have any issues while setting up your chat. Tidio has a live chat too where you can ask your questions and get an answer quickly so you can move on with your new plugin.

Easy & Simple Live Chat Plugin

We recommend Tidio for numerous reasons. We have tested everything from to Live Chat Inc, but even the ones that brand themselves as completely free really aren’t, all of them have a bunch of upsell so it is better to take one with a low monthly fee or a long trial so you can give it a go.

We especially experienced this with, they advertise themselves as completely free but it ends up costing at least $20 a month which is a lot for a live chat feature we believe.

WordPress Live Chat & Chat Bots

Chat bots are booming now because more companies have access to advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. A lot of companies offer that to everyone for a low price such as Tidio, for an extra fee you can create your own chat bot and learn the most common questions asked so you won’t need to spend a lot of time on answering live chat questions. We don’t recommend that for small businesses and one-man/woman armies who have a small site they run.

Free Live Chat with an App for WordPress

Accessing your new live chat from an app is an absolute must have, it’s such an amazing feature that you can respond to customer support questions while doing other tasks or relaxing by doing something else. Tidio comes with a fantastic mobile application you can use anywhere. The app comes for both android, iOS, Mac and Windows Computers. It has a beautiful and user-friendly design.

WordPress live chat plugin

Live Chat Benefits

Live chat comes with a bunch of benefits, such as reduced support expenses. Did you not that live chat support is generally speaking 17-30% cheaper than phone support?

A great live chat can also provide you with increased sales, the general statistic says that eCommerce sites that install live chats and use it actively grow 10% total, that’s a lot if you already have a good business going.

Another great thing about live chat people often forget is that it’s way more personal than email support. Most people who have worked as customer support through email have been called the worst kind of stuff by visitors. Studies show that people are much less likely to write aggressively to a live chat than email, the instant response time together with a name and image people can relate to makes them remember that they are talking to a real human being.

It might sound like a small issue, but here on SuperbThemes we have had a lot of issues with our supporters being harassed, mental health is extremely important, so please don’t underestimate those values when it comes to a subject such as customer support.

Live Chat for Ecommerce sites & Webshops

What’s better than getting all of your questions answered instantly, when you’re considering buying something? Nothing! Everyone with a website knows that most visitors are lazy, heck most of us will admit to being it as well. We don’t want to read four thousand work terms of service or check out legal documents about return policies.

A live chat support can summarize all those things for your customers, so they don’t have to worry about it and feel more like purchasing right away, a smart trick is to supply them with a temporary discount code that lasts a few hours while chatting, that increases conversion up to 40%.

You’ll get to know your customers’ pain quickly and figure out what information you need to focus more on throughout your website so you can increase the user experience. You won’t find any big shops that don’t have either live chat support or phone support. It’s simply not worth missing out on the extra income by excluding those two support options.

Lightweight Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Having lightweight chat plugins means a lot, almost all of them work the same way – they add a bunch of Javascript & CSS to your site together with an iFrame. That’s heavy for most servers unless you have a fast and expensive one, but most of us don’t. We have live chat support on Superb Themes, we used to disable the plugin completely when it wasn’t active. After switching to Tidio that’s luckily not something we have to do anymore, because they have optimized the code so much and made it lightweight.

Free WordPress Live Chat

SEO Optimized & Responsive Live Chat Plugin

Having an SEO optimized and responsive website is critical. Most website owners want nothing more than their site to rank well on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Most of the Live Chat plugins available on the market are responsive but it’s only a few of them that are SEO optimized. It’s a great idea to tell the search engines that all the Javascript and code is there for a reason, so the optimal solution is that the live chat box/widget is not in an iFrame, sadly it’s only very few plugins that can do that, Tidio that we recommend in this article is one of them.

We sincerely hope you found all the information you were seeking on Live Chat plugins for WordPress. If not then please do let us know what else you’d like for us to add to this article!

How To Add Live Chat To your Website For Free

With Tidio you can add a live chat to 3 different websites for free. There are some limits in what features you have with the free version, but if you just need a simple live chat then it’s perfect. If you have a big scale website then you’ll need a paid live chat plugin, no matter which brand you choose.

The best part about Tidio Live chat is their versatile pricing and free version. There is a pricing model for everyone. If you’re a small business then you can choose the basic version which will be free forever. If you someday feel like you need to expand and add more features, it’s easy to upgrade.

The Best WordPress Plugin To Add A Live Chat For Free

There are two big competitors when it comes to free live chat plugins, it’s Tidio and Tawk. Tawk brands themselves as completely free but if you take a quick look after creating a user you will notice that almost everything in it costs money. You can’t even edit the brand text without paying a pee for $20 a month, so basically it’s not free if you want any control. Both Tidio and Live Chat Inc. have coupon codes.

Tidio has more mercy when it comes to their free version, it has more features and is less locked. That’s why we recommend Tidio over Tawk throughout this article. You will also find other competitors such as Live Chat Inc and much more, but we cannot recommend them after testing their plugin and service sadly.

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