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Liquid Web Hosting Review

Today, every business needs an online presence. With most people today prefer to research products and buy them online, not having a website means you could be losing out on lots of revenue. 

While setting up a website for your business is important for the success of your business, it comes with its own set of problems. Among this is figuring out the best hosting for your website. After all, not every business owner is skilled in the technical aspects of setting up a website. However, finding the right host for your site is one of the most critical things you need to do. Get this right from the get-go and you can expect to have a very smooth sailing.

With hundreds of web hosting companies to choose from, picking the right one can be a bit difficult, especially if you are just setting up your first site. To make this easier for you, let’s take a look at one of the most popular and reliable web hosts – Liquid Web. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to learn about Liquid Web to help you determine if it is a good choice for your site. 

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Liquid Web is a company that provides premium hosting services targeted at businesses, developers, designers, and agencies. Due to its focus on businesses, Liquid Web is able to tailor its products, services, and support to specifically cater for mission-critical sites, applications, and stores.

The company, which is based in the US, was founded over 20 years ago and is today a $100 million web hosting business managing over 1 million sites for over 30,000 customers. It has 5 global data centers. 

Liquid Web offers not just managed servers, but managed services as well. This means that Liquid Web handles all aspects of your server administration, including tasks such as network management, hardware management, operating system and pre-installed software support, proactive service monitoring and restoration, and proactive security patches and updates.

Since its managed hosting products target business and professional users, Liquid Web does not provide free plans or basic shared hosting products. This enables the company to concentrate on high performance products that will most effectively impact on customers’ businesses.

Liquid web hosting review


Like most other web hosting companies, Liquid Web hosting prices vary depending on your chosen plan. You might wanna consider using a Liquid Web Coupon Code when signing up. Below are some of the most common plans and their prices. 

Managed WordPress Plans

1. Personal Plan

The starting price for Liquid Web’s most basic Managed WordPress plan, the Personal Plan, is $29 per month. For this price, you get 20 GB SSD storage, 5 TB bandwidth, 30-day backups, and staging environment. This plan does not include iThemes Sync. The personal plan is the least expensive and caters to anyone who wants to host their personal website. 

With this plan, Liquid Web takes care of your WordPress and plugin updates. Should there be any issues, Liquid Web has a superb in-house support time that is available 24/7 via phone (toll-free in the US), email, or live chat.

2. Freelance Plan

This plan is focused on freelancers. With this package, you can host up to 4 websites. This plan gives you 40 GB SSD storage, 5 TB bandwidth, 30-day backups, and staging environments. Unlike the personal plan, iThemes Sync is included in this plan.

The Freelance plan starts at $69 per month. It is best suited for people who work as freelancers and have a few websites (for instance, a portfolio website, a professional blog, a personal blog, and so on). Two to four people can also team up on this plan, since it allows hosting for up to 4 websites.

3. Professional Plan

A step higher is the Professional plan, which supports up to 10 websites and costs 99$ per month. With this plan, you get 100 GB SSD storage, 5 TB bandwidth, and 30-day backups. iThemes Sync is also included.

4. Business Plan

For businesses in digital marketing or other online-based or web-related industries, the business plan is a good fit. It supports up to 25 websites at a cost of $149 per month. With this plan, you get 150 GB SSD storage, 5 TB bandwidth, staging environments, 30-day backups, and iThemes Sync.

Enterprise WordPress Plans

If your business is flourishing and you need more than 25 websites, the plans above won’t do. Still, Liquid Web has you covered with its Enterprise WordPress Plans, which start at 50 sites.

The Enterprise Plans are as follows:

1. Agency Plan

This plan supports up to 50 websites, and will cost you $289 per month or $2,890 annually. With this plan, you get 200 GB SSD storage, 16 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth, staging environments, 30-day backups, and iThemes Sync.

2. Enterprise 100

This plan supports as many as 100 websites at a price of $575 monthly or $5,750 annually. This plan provides 400 GB SSD storage, 32 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth, 30-day backups, staging environments, and iThemes Sync.

3. Enterprise 200

The Enterprise 200 plan is good for up to 200 websites at a monthly price of $879 or an annual price of $8,790. This plan gives you 600 GB SSD storage, 64 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth, 30-day backups, staging environments, and iThemes Sync.

4. Enterprise 300

This plan provides hosting for up to 300 websites and costs $1,079 per month or $10,790 per year. The plan provides 800 GB SSD storage, 128 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth, with 30-day backups, staging environments, and includes iThemes Sync. 

Other Hosting Services On Liquid Web

1. Managed VPS Hosting

Every Liquid Web VPS includes the following features and more: integrated firewall, CloudFare CDN, dedicated IP address, unlimited sites, gigabit bandwidth, local backups, DDoS attack protection, root access, easy scalability, and so much more.

Liquid Web provides a price structure for Linux as well as Windows. The starting price for Linux plans is $29 per month or $348 annually, with 2 GB RAM. The starting price for Windows plans is $74 per month or $888 per year, with 4 GB RAM.

The highest price for Linux at 16 GB RAM is $129 per month or $1,548 annually, while the highest price for Windows also at 16 GB RAM is $169 per month or $2,028 yearly.

2. On-Demand Cloud Dedicated Servers

Liquid Web’s cloud dedicated servers give you the resources and processing power of the traditional dedicated server and combine it with the flexibility and instant provisioning of a cloud platform. Prices are as follows:

  • For the Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5, 7.7 GB RAM, the price is $109 per month or $1,308 per year.
  • For the Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5, 15 GB RAM, the price is $149 per month or $1,788 per year.
  • For the Intel Xeon E3-1275 v6, 32 GB RAM, the price is $199 per month or $2,388 per year.

There are more servers available, up to 28 cores (the above each have 4 cores) and 128 GB RAM.

3. Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Liquid Web’s private cloud hosting provides some of the following benefits, among others:

  • Fully managed and provides round-the-clock on-site support.
  • Single-tenant solution 
  • Scalable and fully customizable
  • Includes firewall and load balancer

The pricing structure for private cloud hosting is as follows:

  • For 2 nodes, with 32 cores, 128 GB RAM, and 2.5 TB SAN storage, the price starts at $1,599 per month.
  • For 3 nodes, with 48 cores. 576 GB RAM, and 5 TB SAN storage, the price starts at $2,999 per month.
  • For 5 nodes, with 80 cores, 960 GB RAM, and 10 TB SAN storage, the price starts at $5,299 per month.

To get managed private cloud hosting at these prices, you need a 12 month commitment.  

4. Others

These are not the only services it offers. You can check out the prices for the services.



Aside from hosting your own websites, Liquid Web also offers a reseller program that is great for those who want to get into the web hosting business. 

Reseller hosting is a good business, but it’s quite risky. One bad day can ruin your entire business. The reseller hosting business is anchored on reliability. Customers will stick with you not merely because of your branding or prices, but mainly because of your reliability in ensuring there are no hitches and in responding promptly to their complaints and offering excellent support. You must therefore choose your hosting provider with great care. Is Liquid Web a reliable option for your hosting reseller business?

Reseller Plans

Liquid Web provides 3 exclusive reseller plans:

  • Bronze Plan: Starts at $99 per month. With this plan, you get 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM, free WHMCS license, and up to 2 Gbps of standard DDoS attack protection.
  • Silver Plan: Starts at $249 monthly with 16 GB DDR3 SDRAM, free WHMCS license, 1 TB SATA backup drive, and up to 2 Gbps of standard DDoS attack protection. 
  • Gold Plan: Starts at $299 per month with 32 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 1 TB SATA backup drive, free WHMCS license, and up to 2 Gbps of standard DDoS attack protection. 


The Liquid Web Reseller Program comes with free WHMCS, which enables you to build your own packages, services, and add-ons that are fully customizable. This helps differentiate what you offer to your customers from what other resellers bring to the market.

WHMCS also enables you to provide comprehensive customer support and generate professional invoices. It enables you to oversee all aspects of your hosting business using a single interface. Furthermore, WHMCS is built for automation. As a result, it can handle things like account provisioning and management as well as email and billing by itself.

Basically, WHMCS is an indispensable tool. It’s what makes the reseller program work. The WHMCS plugin also ensures easy reselling of Liquid Web’s Cloud Products. 

Liquid Web’s team is ready to assist you in the base installation of WHMCS and its plugin. At your request, they will also give you a one-on-one session to cover the initial setup questions so as to ensure you give your customers the best possible experience.

Relationship Between Liquid Web, Reseller, And The End Customer

Liquid Web expects its resellers to comply with its Terms of Service and handle the billing and support of the end customers. The reseller is in charge of providing technical support and customer service to their end customers.

Examples of technical support tasks expected from a reseller include:

  • Email support
  • Account management
  • SSL support
  • DNS support
  • FTP users management
  • Databases and database users support
  • Basic firewall management – for instance, removing IP blocks and dealing with individual client side FTP or mail client issues.

Basically, Liquid Web gives the reseller space to handle their own business in dealing with the end customers with no interference. 

Liquid Web is ready to give resellers a walkthrough of the more advanced capabilities of its portal or control panel. It, however, does not give support for website maintenance or development.


We would definitely endorse Liquid Web’s reseller program for all the functionality it provides as well as the discounted rates and the free WHMCS license. However, ensure you can handle the technical aspects of the reseller hosting business to avoid letting down your customers.


In addition to providing hosting, Liquid Web also allows registration of domains. Liquid Web domain prices are quite affordable, starting at just $15 per year. 



WordPress is the most common CMS in the world, with over 75 million websites running on WordPress. The popularity of WordPress stems from the fact that it is quite user-friendly and has lots of functionality. However, if you don’t want to handle all the technical aspects of running your WordPress site, Liquid Web offers a Managed WordPress Hosting (we mentioned it earlier when discussing the various plans). With Managed WordPress Hosting, Liquid Web takes care of all the technical stuff, giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business. 

Some of the benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting include:

  • Automatic daily backups – Liquid Web takes daily backups of your site and stores them off site for 30 days. Should you want to download or restore them, they are a button-click away.
  • Image Optimization plugin, which improves your site’s page-speed.
  • No overage fees, traffic limits, or metered pageviews – that means you won’t get charged for pageview counts or overage fees. 
  • Automatic SSL – each site you order from Liquid Web comes with a unique SSL certificate, and there is no additional cost for you, plus no configuration or extra hassle.
  • Fully managed WordPress – it takes care of things like updating WordPress while you focus on putting out content on your site.
  • Full server access – gives you full access to the server as well as the database.
  • Automatic plugin updates with visual comparisons.
  • Speed – the platform is built on latest technologies such as SSL, PHP7, and Nginx to ensure fastest WordPress speeds.
  • 24-hour support


Liquid Web is a great web host for those looking for reliability, ease of use and professionalism. You might have noticed that their prices are above average. However, this is because of the functionality offered by their platform, in addition to the fact that most of their products are dedicated. Liquid web does not offer shared hosting. This makes Liquid Web suitable for serious businesses looking for a high quality, high performance hosting platform. If you are just experimenting, it is best to opt for cheaper alternatives, such as HostGator.

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