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WordPress Maintenance For Free – Is It Possible!

WordPress Maintenance For Free

You need to put out constant content for your blog if you want to keep climbing the SEO rankings. This type of WordPress maintenance makes sure that you are always relevant to people searching in your niche. Beyond that, though, you need also to consider care for your site to ensure it will be running smoothly. In our article, WordPress Maintenance Free, we want to cover why maintenance is important and how you can get help with your site for free. Let’s get started and see why WordPress is a great platform for staying relevant and easy to maintain.

WordPress Free Support

With our article, WordPress Maintenance Free, we wanted to first talk about This should not be confused with These sites are entirely different. Moving over to, you are going to find many interesting links at the top.

You have a learning link that is full of great resources. When you are looking for free support, consider attending a workshop. These workshops are not restricted to just English. There are many that you can pick from, including languages from India and South East Asia. The topics cover how to install a theme and how to install your first plugin. You also have a way to get your kids interested in WordPress as well as development.

For those looking for free help, it is hard to go wrong with They will go over topics that are good for beginners, and you also have the opportunity to ask questions when it comes to presenters. Many buttons allow you to join a discussion group and get involved. Speaking with experts is a great way to help with free WordPress maintenance. The individuals in these groups are more than willing to help with motivated learners.

WordPress Support Chat Free

What about a free support chat? It would be great if there were somebody that you could contact that would help you. Going onto forums can allow you to ask questions, and it will provide clues as to your problem. The only issue is that time is important in many of these cases.

Say you run a successful business. If there is something wrong with your PayPal account or Stripe, that will be a huge issue. You need this fixed right away. While speaking with people on a forum is great, they will not be on your timetable. They may respond several days later. At that point, the damage is done! You may have already lost a customer.

With our article, WordPress Maintenance Free, we wanted to point out that using free answers from a forum is fine if you don’t have income riding on your site. As soon as you start an online company using WordPress, it would help if you answered right away. How can you get help with this? What kind of prices should you expect to pay?

Paid Support

With paid support, you will pay tiny each month compared to what you will get in return. When you have a problem that is reserved for the experts in the business world, they will often hire a consultant and pay top-dollar. In a sense, when you have an issue with WordPress, you need to bring in a consultant or a team that knows exactly how to fix the problem.

One of the best teams that we know of is Superb Themes. Their low pricing and expert customer service really shine. What can you expect when you work with their team?

Superb Themes Maintenance

Superb Themes Maintenance

For WordPress maintenance through Superb Themes, the price is not free, but they provide you with so much for the cost. At just $99.00 each month, you can enjoy the following:

  • Reports every week to track your business
  • Backups that go to the cloud to protect your property
  • Updates to all themes, plugins, and WordPress core every week
  • Emergency support is available when you need them most
  • Communicate with Superb Themes right away to resolve your issue
  • Around the clock monitoring
  • Integrates well with Google Analytics

If your income is dependent on your site, you can’t take any chances. Think of this as your insurance for your site. Everything of value needs to have some insurance to protect it: boats, homes, even expensive pieces of art. Your site is no different. The more value you get out of your site, the more willing you should spend money on protecting it. If your sole income comes from making money from an online business, you need a maintenance service right away.

Contact Superb Themes, and they can help you with going over everything that will be included. Feel free to ask them questions about how everything will work. If you have never accessed a service like this before, it may seem like a lot to take in. Don’t worry about it. They are very comfortable explaining to people how the service works and all the features available to you.

Get Superb Themes Support!

Email Support WordPress Free

Feel like you could use some free WordPress support? If you head on over to, you can find a fantastic community of people. Join the community and get started with some of the topics. When you run into trouble with your site, this is usually the first place that people will look.

One excellent feature we like to use is the search bar at the top of the forum. Through this, you can pinpoint the topics that are going to apply to you. Clicking on the search button will give you several threads you can go through to develop possible solutions. In terms of troubleshooting, this method is both free and very useful. Even better, you can also give back to the community as well. When you find other people asking questions, you can respond to them and give them a few tips.

We like how things are broken down under categories. You can get help with installing WordPress for the first time, accessibility issues, fixing plugins that break, or help with developing. This is another great way to make sure your question is put into the right spot. Leave a way for people to contact you, and they will follow up quickly. It is rare to see a question where nobody responded. This is a great way to get email support for WordPress for free. What if you are willing to pay a little extra for higher quality support? Let’s take a look at an interesting option.

WP Buffs - here we go!

WP Buffs – Another Great Choice!

If you are looking for free WordPress maintenance, WP Buffs won’t be the best solution for you. The service does have a monthly fee. When you see the long list of features, though, you begin to understand why they need to charge a fee regularly. For example, look at what they use when you sign up for monitoring through them. Employees are trained on the following software platforms:

  • Hotjar
  • Stripe
  • QuickBooks
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier
  • Copyscape
  • SEMrush

Does it seem like this is a huge list of various platforms? That is just the tip of the iceberg. WP Buffs has all of its pros trained in close to thirty various platforms. If you have a question about hooking things up with Zapier or what you should do with SEMrush, they will have somebody on staff that can help you. It is great to see that their employees are competent on so many platforms and are ready to give you the answers you need.

WordPress maintenance goes far beyond a team just making sure all of your plugins are updated and working correctly. You also have to consider that you want to work with a team that can answer questions about popular platforms that should merge well with WordPress. If you don’t understand how to set up an automated email on HubSpot, get in touch with WP Buffs. For a low monthly fee, they can explain how to get the various aspects of this software going for you.

Their blog is also a great resource and goes over how the control panel functions and how to protect your site with the correct password policies.

Get WordPress Maintenance with WP Buffs

WordPress Maintenance For Free Conclusion

In conclusion, there are a few ways to get free maintenance through WordPress. Your best bet will be going through forums and Facebook groups where you can meet others that are learning and getting better at troubleshooting; if you want to speed up your access to maintenance, select from a paid service. Superb Themes offers a great product and can help you get your site running smoothly for under a hundred dollars every month. Try out the service and see how you like it. If you have any questions about installing plugins or why something is not working, they can help you get things rolling. They also will speed up your site, so the load time is shorter. For more reviews and guides, check out our list of blog entries.

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