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Why WP Rocket?

WP Rocket has summed up all the advanced and required features in aspects of performance. It is complete and maintains entirety, along with being flexible and versatile. WP Rocket is simple and has a fast configuring setup that beginners can easily handle. There is no requirement for you to be tech-savvy to configure this plugin, and almost anyone can configure it. WP Rocket provides a preload and sitemap preload feature, which contributes to the fast, cached version of the web page when visitors visit the site to ensure fast loading and good performance.

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WP Rocket Features

The WP Rocket plugin providers take full pride in the features of the plugin and their working quality. The features include Browser caching, database optimization, which includes the Google font optimization, removing the query strings from static resources, providing a lazy load of images and pictures, ‘minification’ and concatenation feature, mobile detection plus the multisite compatibility, being E-commerce friendly, having multilingual compatibility, providing the page caching, cache preloading, the sitemap preloading, the GZip compression, the deferring JS loading, Cloudflare compatibility, CDN integration, and the DNS prefetching. This list of provided features shows you how the WP Rocket plugin contributes to improving and boosting your website loading times and overall speed.

Available payment methods WP Rocket when using a coupon code

WP Rocket accepts Stripe and PayPal’s payment systems, which, of course, are secure. They accept all types of payments, like credit cards or direct payments, with a PayPal account.

WP Rocket is a plugin for caching and performance optimization to improve and enhance the loading speed of websites made on WordPress. It is easy and simple to install that it takes hardly two to three minutes to install and configure it. In today’s world, making your website perform faster is a crucial requirement to survive and achieve customer satisfaction, and for that, choosing the right plugin is where all the game lies. Thus it is essential to choose an excellent performing caching plugin. Around 600,000 websites are making use of the WP Rocket plugin to improve performance and loading speeds. It is known to be one of the best caching plugins out there, which can contribute to enhancing your website’s loading speed and overall performance.

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WP Rocket Cache Options

There is a variety of cache options provided by the WP Rocket plugin, like:

  • Mobile cache enables you to speed up your site for visitors who use mobile for a visit. It is your choice to use this feature; you can also disable this if it doesn’t suit you.
  • The user cache option lets you use the user cache provided you have content on your website, protected by the password.
  • Cache lifespan lets you clear the global cache after a specified period.

There are more distinguishing features available with the WP Rocket plugin like:

  • GZip compression reduces the size of data to minimize the storage space and increase the data transfer rate for increased performance. It is widely used to compress and shrink the web pages on the server end for decompression in the browser.
  • Cloudflare compatibility lets you use a CDN like Cloudflare easily and combines it with WP Rocket for your website’s outstandingly fast performance regarding the loading times.

Media Optimization

WP Rocket provides the option for you to enable the LazyLoad feature for images, iframes, and videos; along with this, you can even disable emojis to reduce the number of HTTP requests to enhance the loading speeds. Lazyload is an amazing and handy feature provided by WP Rocket, which isn’t provided with most other cache plugins. The lazy load option can considerably improve loading times as images, iframes, and videos will be loaded only as they enter the viewport, ultimately reducing the number of HTTP requests, thus increasing the performance.

Unlock customer support cheaply with a discount code

WP Rocket has a competent and friendly support team available around the clock to ensure that every customer is dealt with and helped. This is a dominating reason why you should be paying for premium caching plugins like WP Rocket so that you can contact their support staff whenever you need any help or guidance in any scenario, like running into any caching related glitches on your website. Friendly customer support makes it easier for new users to get along with WP Rocket.

Preload Cache

WP Rocket does preloading, which instantly accelerates the website page loading times improved to a great extent. It provides visitors with rapid response, which improves the user experience. Preloading is crucial now in today’s world of the internet to make the websites load faster.

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WP Rocket Discounts

Promotion codes and coupons for WP Rocket are easily available over the internet for you to make considerable savings. The official WP Rocket site has a coupon section where they ask you to put your email to get a coupon code for a discount. There is a Black Friday coupon code coming into their stores soon, as a state by their website. Other than this, the internet has a lot of websites that provide coupon codes for WP Rocket.

Get all premium features with a promo code

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin; it provides the best value for the cost you pay for it. It provides you premium features like preload cache, LazyLoad, and numerous other features that you cannot find in free-cost plugins. So premium plugins ensure that it provides premium quality services and tools to its users to get them the best value in return for the cost they paid. 

You don’t need any technical skills to work with it. It is made in an intelligent way to ensure working with it is easy. A beginner can easily configure this plugin and work with it. If a problem occurs, the support team is available round the clock to help you. Extensive documentation is also available.

File Optimization

WP Rocket provides you with the ease of optimizing your files. You can do the following actions with it:

  • Minify the HTML 
  • Combine Google font files 
  • Remove the query settings.
  • Minify the CSS files.
  • Minify the JavaScript files.

These actions are used to optimize your files to enhance your website’s performance and speed using the WP Rocket plugin.

Promotion codes & bonus codes for WP Rocket are sometimes available during holidays

Sometimes, in holidays, to attract price-conscious users and customers, the companies use these promo and bonus codes to gain attention. Bonus codes are usually given to returning customers or already existing members. Promo codes are widely available over the internet. You have to search for WP Rocket coupons, and you will get several search results, leading you to web pages with promo or coupon codes, ultimately landing you to make savings on purchases.

Websites like those are stated in the above-stated paragraph in detail.

There are Halloween sales providing coupon codes for WP Rocket. There are many coupons providing websites offering various types of discounts giving promo codes and coupon codes. To search for discount code or promo codes, you have to search it over using a search engine, and it will show you many results, including search results having websites offering different types of coupons for discount.

So you can get these coupons and make savings on your purchase with WP Rocket.

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Database Optimization

WP Rocket provides you with the ability to optimize everything ranging from post revisions to spam comments to database optimization.

Thus WP Rocket is a complete package dealing with little too little aspects to increase the performance.

Frequent updates

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin, ensures that you get updates periodically to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. As the advancements in technology take place every day, the update has become crucial to strive in today’s world as a technology.

So update support is needed, provided by the WP Rocket for their customers to have up to date features for working.

WP Rocket Coupon Code Conclusion

WP Rocket is proven to be the best caching plugin for WordPress built websites. If you are looking for a performance and loading speed boost for your website and are ready to pay the price, WP Rocket is there for you. WP Rocket enhances the performance of your website by a considerable amount.

The better your website’s performance, the better the user experience will get, thus increasing customer satisfaction, overall creating a nice impression, thus increasing the business.

WP Rocket plugin is always a great choice for working professionals. 

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